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Description of My Tamagotchi Forever

The official Tamagotchi game has hatched on mobiles! 🥚

Rediscover your favorite retro virtual pet in this whole new take on the classic game. Adopt your very own Tamagotchi characters, along with them enjoy diverse minigames and puzzles ⚽🏀. If you like to take care of pets, it is time to try a new alternative in the simulator genre.

💕 Take good care of your Tamagotchi characters and watch them grow! Play together, make friends, explore their unusual town and customize your companion with “kawai” (cute) outfits for memorable moments.

Depending on the care you provide and the things you do, they will evolve into different Tamagotchi characters as they grow.

⭐ RAISE Your Tamagotchi character: make sure you feed, wash, clean up after it and they will soon evolve!

⭐ PLAY Minigames and explore Tamatown: the Tamagotchi’s home!

⭐ COLLECT All the available Tamagotchi! From babies to adults, don’t let one out of your collection

⭐ SHARE Your favorite moments with your friends

⭐ UNLOCK Delicious food, cute costumes and colorful items to decorate Tamatown

Strengthen your bond with those little monsters made in Japan and watch them evolve by your side. Soon enough they will be full grown adults and will have to choose their own path in life.

My Tamagotchi Forever is bursting with delights and surprises waiting just for you to discover!

📌 PLEASE NOTE: My Tamagotchi Forever is free to download and play, however some game items are available for purchase. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings

📌 SUPPORT: Having problems? Let us know at https://service-en.bandainamcoent.eu/app/list/st/4/p/7547

📌 PRIVACY POLICY: http://bnent.eu/mprivacy

📌 TERMS OF USE: http://bnent.eu/mterms

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More Information Of My Tamagotchi Forever

lable: Casual - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-09-10 Developer:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

User Reviews


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Haziq Muhammad 2021-02-03

This game is great but can be greater. Why not add features so that players can interact with each other using their Tama, increase the playability and thus would enhance the experience from playing this game. You can also try to make this game as similar as the past Tamagotchi vpets, not identical, similar with more interactive features. I would love to see Tamagotchi\'s community grow much bigger. This game can be a platform to pull other people to get into Tamagotchi.
Ashlee Smith 2021-02-04

💟💓🐣💓💟 HEY DEVS, there\'s a slight error! The Barista outfit for Orenetchi has temporarily been changed to the new Smartotchi tama. Its just the one outfit as far as I\'m aware. I tried to send an email but it just sent me an auto reply telling me to contact support if I have a problem. Its not solely a me problem, so I was just informing someone, I guess.
A Google user 2019-04-01

Was a really cute game, but then they reduced the prizes on the flower wheel by a substantial amount. Making a minor purchase to get rid of ads was worth it, but not anymore. And to get a variety of tamagotchi to hatch, you are going to have to spend either a LOT of time or money to unlock a bunch of items in the game to encourage different evolutions. It got really boring and tedious after a couple of weeks after getting repetitive evolutions and I just have better things to do.
Meg Anderson 2019-10-06

Edit: Tried the updated app, was exactly where it was last time, not fixed, just new features. Don\'t bother. The newest update crashed the app (wouldn\'t open), so I deleted/reloaded the game and lost 32 levels, half the characters I\'d opened, 500 diamonds, 100,000 coins, and most of the things I\'d bought in the game (outfits, decorations, outdoor things). Costumer service just told me \"sorry\". Deleted. Don\'t put any time into this game, it\'ll burn you in the end.
çammiêwolf camm 2019-10-02

In My down time, this game is very very fun and enjoyable to play. The first character I had was so cute and made so many little noises! It made Me giggle so many times! An I just evolved My Baby Tamagotchi into a Toddler, and then I was looking at it and saw it resembles alot like A panda XD it was a good surprise going on to check on the Tamagotchis, to find that the Baby is ready to grow, but having it look alike to a panda~ is so much more a good surprise ~ (: graphically amazing -
Nature Imposter 2019-05-12

love this game a lot! its very well developed game. I WISH they would add more mini games and CHARACTERS! AND maybe have a event or something like that then it would be a whole lot better. im not saying its bad its great just needs to be added too. then ill give it a 5 star. js
Isabella rai Maquera 2021-01-30

This is the cutest!!.. I really like how it is made is really adorable you can make you house so nice there\'s a lot of things to do! The problem is.. Is really lot of my... But is still nice! Five star recommended! 👍o(〃^▽^〃)o
praetorianus65 2019-03-28

A great and very cute Tama game. You can pay some real money but don\'t have to. It seems this Tamagotchi is forever since they don\'t seem to die or leave when neglected. You also can play anytime since they need some sleep but don\'t switch off for the night. The outdoor features can be a bit tricky (which can be played, can you choose placing? ) but the minigames are entertaining. Definitely a five star game.
Melissa Shorts 2020-04-06

I love this game!! But! I think it keeps glitching and I\'ve started over a couple times now and the same thing keeps happening... this time it wont take a picture at the swings even though I\'ve selected it multiple times. Even when the think bubble comes up and I click on it to take me to the swings, it still wont take a picture. Help?!?! I dont want to have to start over again!!!
Nedine Du Toit 2021-02-12

Absolutely loves this game. It is so much fun and the different tamagotchies are so cute!!!!! I think there is potential to make it an even greater game. Add a bit of fun stuff to do, a bit more interactive than just taking pictures of new items and add more items to buy in town . Overall i am inlove with this game