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Description of My Turn: Infinite Magic Duel

Download the most interesting card duel game for free! Play with ease, and have an exciting matchup with players worldwide!

"My Turn" is an innovative card duel game, TCG + MOBA?! Unexpected combination! What kind of spark it will burst if we put them together?! During our six-month testing, we continuously improved gameplay and balance of the mechanism and received unanimous praise from hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world.

Finally, we’re ready! My Turn Tavern is opening for everyone now!

Game features:

★ Get started quickly, set your line-up with ease!

No need to remember long description of cards, just choose 4 heroes, equip gear cards with them then you can easily make your exclusive deck! We offer nearly 100 heroes and equipment cards to let you display your fantastic strategies!

★Fast-paced duel, crazy and fun!

As short as 7 minutes of matchup time, a brainpower competition, strategy contest... Let us bring you the most enjoyable card experience!

★Reverse the desperate situation and overturn the table!

In a strategy game, I'm at a disadvantage, what should I do...

Come on! In My Turn tavern, if you use your ingenuity to the fullest, there will be unexpected results! There are numerous heroes to help you reverse the whole situation!

★Strong balance - a fair game!

Say bye-bye to pay-to-win! Our game has a strong balance of its mechanism, which means you just need to use smart strategies and exert endless imagination, you can climb to the top of the ladder! Our Tavern is always welcome you all to come in and have a free drink ~

★Climb to the top of the world and win glory!

Play with worldwide players on the same server! We have a perfect ladder ranking mechanism and irregular competitions, come to drink with the global players in My Turn Tavern!

If you encounter any issue in-game, kindly follow our official Facebook Fanpgae and leave your message for your puzzle, and you will get immediate reply.

My Turn Official Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/MyTurnGlobal

Our official Website: https://myturn.feiyuglobal.com/



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More Information Of My Turn: Infinite Magic Duel

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Feiyu Technology HK Limited

User Reviews


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Ryan Brothers 2021-01-10

Fun game and good to kill time. I like the card leveling up aspect. However, the game has many flaws. There aren\'t many new players so new players get matched against experienced ones with better and higher level cards. Another big issue is some things aren\'t explained well or at all and many things have poor english. I want to rate this higher but I can\'t at the time. The game needs more new players or options for new players, and needs better English translations and explanations.
Dolax Sidoran 2020-12-14

So update really helped revive this game. Daily check in along with updated characters helped alot and now one of my favs again still can\'t wait for story mode but can wait a little longer now ;)
Ahnaf Abid Millat Srijon 2020-07-15

The game itself is really fun and addicting. Definitely not a pay to win game. The gameplay mechanic caught my eye the most. With ton of random cards, building a deck lands with an almost endless combinations and possibilities for various strategies. For those who love strategy, deck-building, fantasy-based card-battle games... Maybe they should give it a try.
Mus Kaşot 2020-10-30

Aside from the obvious noobs who have no idea how card games work, this is by far the best card game I\'ve ever played on mobile. Nice graphics, perfect variety and unlockables. Theres always a way to counter even the strongest and \"broken\" decks, which there is none. Even the combo decks require certain card to be played in order. Give this gem a chance, its perfect.
Ben Wilson 2020-10-09

Almost there. The mechanics to the game are fun and the graphics look nice. The connection during matches is also stable. Pretty much everything you need for a solid mobile game. The one BIG downside: card acquisition is horrendous. Easily one of the worst. There has to be more ways for players to obtain cards, especially when starting out. Hard to see the game surviving without a f2p base
Alka Vonstra 2020-08-04

1 week in and I am NOT disappointed. I am loving this game. Mind you, it\'s still a little early on development, but it is getting there. If you have been looking for a fun and enchanting card game to pass the time in Lockdown, this is one of the best out there right now. It has its own unique additions that make it slightly more than just a card game, that being the heros and the abilities, but it\'s a very welcome change. Play with it for a few days and I can almost guarantee you\'ll love it!
Ray Lee Zhe 2020-07-06

This is a very good game, new gameplay let me so interested in this game, and also this is not a p2w game, only with good strategic and good iq will make u pro in this game. This game has a wonderful and developable future. I hope this game will nvr die, because it is too wonder for me. (too sad I cannot comment in Chinese because someone ask me do comment in English) But this is not the problem, language is not the way that can stop us from praising a very good game
Vince Ma 2020-08-23

I love the strategic gameplay and style. There are multiple potential synergies and counters. It\'s far from p2w. Heck, leveling up barely helps, and there are only 3 tiers of rarity, where best synergies require a mix of rarities. The game is also generous with packs. I really hope this community builds up! Love the core, but game should expand with more heros/synergies and community (global chat, clans, etc).
Jogin 2020-07-04

People who talk that is p2w game, you lie. Casual, standard and draft mode are for f2p players, peak mode is for ppl who playing for long time and builded their decks. Game is fun, there are some tournaments made by players, if you will play and grind, you can get everything for free :)
Ha10_8r3ak3r 2021-01-25

I\'ve been playing My Turn since the beta was released for the public to play and I feel like it\'s a pretty good game however I do have some critics and or nitpicks to state. You\'re not really rewarded that much gold, I know this is to incentivize players into buying more gold with real money but still, c\'mon guys There\'s no more of the English voice acting. There was in the beta but not now. I loved the performance of those actors/actresses and they should be brought back and not be wasted.