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Description of My Vedic Astrology & Horoscope

Get Future predictions within few hours from Vedic Astrologer Gurus. Complimentary Weekly Horoscope update every Monday.

Lite Version of our popular Astro Veda app where you can login by using Astro Veda login credentials.

Why settle for those bulky, computer-generated artificial horoscopes when you can have an efficient authentic personal Vedic Astrologer at your service.

You could also get these monthly horoscopes on demand.

1. Aries Horoscope

2. Taurus Horoscope

3. Gemini Horoscope

4. Cancer Horoscope

5. Leo Horoscope

6. Virgo Horoscope

7. Libra Horoscope

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12. Pisces Horoscope

Ask about your love, work, money, day-to-day life, self, and health. Personal lucky numbers on demand.

Weekly horoscope for FREE and is available every Monday.

Astro Veda family.

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User Reviews


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Amber Cook 2020-12-05

Just wish there were opportunities for free questions because this is expensive. I was compensated for an inquiry getting cut off. I did not understand that I was given a free question, which I thought I was supposed to use to re-ask my quedtion in summary. 😕. I got the answer to the question I adsked about and inquired about compensation but because of the misunderstanding, I asked the same thing again 😔. I will know now in case this happens again 😂😂. Otherwise I have had great advice.
Amanda Merrill 2021-01-19

Real deal. Absolutely worth trying out. You cant beat a free question but chances are you will pay to use their service once you try it out for free. They give detailed responses tht are seem to be well thought out by a person and not AI. Thanks!
Bandhu Koirala 2020-12-23

Omg! Spot on. I cannot describe how accurate the app is. I was unsure about an important investment and then my Guru told me not to on December first week which I agreed. Alas, to the amusement, the investment didn\'t give any returns. I am glad that I came across the app.
Kassandra Kirby 2021-02-28

it was 3:30am i was in tears just randomly thinking about giving up or figuring out how hold on at this time a notification came through it being this early in the morning i tried to quiet my phone which opened app. I forgotten about my free question. I clicked on history & the response i got answered every delema i was just battling over and over in my head. Exactly what i needed to hear and be opened up to in order to face it. Im okay with the outcome give up or hang on. Its out of my hands.
Summer 2021-03-16

Astro Veda is a good app that provides one with thoughtful replies however, there are times when the guru will request information, after submitting their replies to your query, and there is no \"reply\" button for this as in other apps. Instead, Astro Veda requires that you pay again to respond to your guru\'s question, which I don\'t agree with. It\'s expensive as it is to ask a query, but then to expect the person to pay again to answer the guru\'s question is unfair.
Ayush Sharma 2020-07-02

A very honest app and a reliable platform for astrology. They go out of their way to provide a service that is gracious. They reply within few hours. They also determine results that target your general capabilities. I asked a very specific question and got a very specific answer as well as some other reassuring information which I didn\'t ask for. Will keep this app and use for guidance. That\'s great. Do it at least once. 🙂
Pratiksha Rai 2020-12-17

My personal experience is tremendous with them. I come to them for several occasions and reasons and they always manage to help me clear my confusions and also provide suggestions to deal with my problems. It has become a very handy app for me.
Kayti Decay 2020-10-01

5 stars isn\'t enough. For me this app has gone beyond the stars and given me so much more than I ever expected. It connects you to a real astrologer who is an expert as well as philosophical and creative, and an advisor of the quality that a king would clamour to have if they only knew. Thank you AstroVeda, and most of all thank you Samundra Guru. I will use this app to guide my life as long as I can!
Raunak Sharma 2020-09-03

Heavily disappointed in this app. I logged in from one ID, they made me ask the question, nand then said, a premium ID already exists, please continue on tht. And when i checked, my questions were not answered in any of the ID\'s. Moreover, when i complaint with the customer support they didn\'t reach back even after 24hrs This is highly disappointing.
Abhishek Karmacharya 2020-12-29

The weekly horoscope are interesting to look at and does feel genuine at the same time. The prediction from the app are quite relevant and sometimes pin point as well. Not only that but the answer themselves are motivating which injects positivity.