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Description of My Wild Pet: Online Animal Sim

KOKO the baby Zebra has been kidnapped! Embark on a multiplayer voyage to rescue a wild lion, tiger, wolf and other zoo animals in this adventure simulator game. Jam on, you're a star! Once you rescue them, they are all yours to role play with & adopt - your very own secret wild pets!

RESCUE LOTS OF CUTE ANIMALS: Rescue and roleplay as a wolf, lion, zebra, bear, cheetah, fox, eagle or even a saber tooth tiger! Also discover and adopt rare animals you will fall in love with - just play this fun simulator game and see! There is even a cat and a dog for you to rescue!

EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL 3D WORLD: Explore the secrets of Wonder Springs, a Savanna filled with secret areas and hiding spots and shelters! Wonder through the Jungle, Desert and If you're brave enough, take your wild pet from her home into the winter wonderland and explore the snow capped mountains with your online friends!

MEET FRIENDS & CHAT: You can even gossip to your online friends in chat as you role play!

JOIN AN ADVENTURE: Level up your animal by completing fun missions that bring you closer to rescuing baby Zebra Koko. Hunt for food, find a missing cat and dog, feed the animals, and find a way to release them from their cage!

PERSONALIZE AND CUSTOMIZE: Choose a name that shouts out what you are all about, and then choose cool effects for your pet!

UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots of stable updates to make the game even more fun. The world will get even bigger and there will be lots more animals to rescue, adopt and role play with!

PLAY FOR FREE! You can play through the whole game without paying any real money! However, like all our games, My Wild Pet is free to play, but it contains upgrades that can be purchased for real money.

Visit our official website at www.foxiegames.com

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.8 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Brain Vault

User Reviews


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Amanda Price 2019-06-22

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! I love that there\'s always other players. and there\'s usually no bugs and you can get new animals. and you make friends. but the only thing is that there should be a thing where there\'s a list of all of your friends even if there not playing and you can connect to the room their in and also there be different clans u can join. and also u can invite others to duels.
Z Z 2019-03-23

Ugh this game is horrible. Zoe the zebra...really? The graphics are terrible!!! Uh no no no no no DI NOT DOWNLOAD I accidentally pressed 12 or under and now I can not chat and there\'s no way of changing your age. 12 and under people can\'t chat? WHAT?! 5 year old are allowed to chat on other games! WHAT A STUPID RULE!!!!
SilentClown 2019-12-17

It\'s amazing. I really recommend it to anyone who hasn\'t played it. But I do recommend a way to earn crystals, just so people could have a chance to get an exotic animal. Otherwise, it\'s an amazing game. I absolutely love it. And I do learn new things when I\'m logging on bc Vet Viv says something useful to keep u o occupied while ur waiting
Evie Hadley 2020-06-29

Okay so I\'m gonna get straight to the point. It\'s an amazing game until you get to the end.It always says it will have an update with new quests,now this would be okay,but it\'s been saying this when I started playing at,1 YEARS ago.Also,what\'s the use for the ferry?Oh,let me guess it has no use,OR you have to pay for it?I know I\'m being rude,but it\'s just annoying.Then again,I haven\'t played this for months.So it could have changed.But I highly doubt it.Anyway,I\'m not rushing you/the team.
krystal gill 2019-09-24

Love it! You can unlock pets And can do lots of missions I love this game but one problem is why cant you just do All the missions And not have to Wait until you unlock The next Mission I Hope you fix the game And that\'s all I have for you And don\'t Ask me to Check out the website to comment down because I\'m not gonna do it have a lovely day!
wolves pack 2020-11-12

The game is really 5 stars but I have to write a report. There\'s a group of \"interesting \" role players that give their rooms \"interesting\" names. They attack and swear at people for every little thing and i- well. Have \"seen\" their role plays and its not very good. They sometimes name their rooms with inappropriate language and have took over this game the past week. One of the players name are thunder king. I will not forget that they told I was seeing bitc#.
Natasha Legarda 2020-08-10

Great game! Its a game thats for people who love animals even wild animals and thats how i like it! But you have to pay to get crystals and you don\'t win them so please make the game better by putting that we can win the crystals instead of paying because some kids like me don\'t know how to pay and don\'t have enough money so please. In otherways great game, thank you, and keep up the hard work.
Unicorn Star 2021-01-02

Nice game! But I think there should be more quests a day! 5 isn\'t much, maybe 12 or more? If you add more quests a day that would be nice and I might give it a 5 star review. Also maybe more animals? Half of them you can\'t unlock and have to buy. Maybe add some more animals to unlock? Like a lion cub? Or a Lynx? Or even crocodile! But besides those things it\'s a good game.
Emma Hamilton 2019-08-04

I love your app it is a very addictive app! but now that I have saved Koko I have to wait for more missions and I am fine with that. But this is an idea for your new update you could have to save Koko\'s mother and koko does all the missions and she/he will find new friends along the way to save Koko\'s mother :).
Delaure Hage 2020-10-18

I love this game and only have it on my dads phone, but I\'m at the max level, so please make more missions and make the max level 50 or 90! That would be more entertaining. Also, I used to have a dog and cat game made by you I think and uninstalled it and one day I wanted it again but I couldn\'t find it, so if you removed it, please re-add it! I miss it sooooo much! It\'s also because I\'m a dog person. The facts that pop-up whenever you load are so scientific and cool. Good work!