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Description of MyASUS - Service Center

Try it for yourself! Exclusive support software created with the utmost care by ASUS just for you

Want to buy ASUS products, but can’t find your nearest retail outlet?

You have bought an ASUS product, and want to streamline the registration process?

Problems using your ASUS product, and need a simple, reliable and quick way to contact our customer service department?

Download MyASUS now!

MyASUS enables you to receive new product information at any time, wherever you are, and check for nearby service locations. You can quickly register your product simply by taking a photo of it, and access services such as repair status inquiries, customer service hotlines, and product usage instructions. MyASUS provides the answer to any ASUS-related issue, big or small.

Brand new MyASUS services!

* Get what you want immediately. Purchase online and enjoy fast delivery!

* Enjoy outstanding customer service. Customer service staff are available at any time to help you resolve issues on a one-on-one basis!

Key features:

* Even faster product registration! Scan the product bar-code for quick and easy registration of your ASUS product.

* Even faster connection to customer service! Capture a photograph and send it to our customer service department for immediate identification of the problem.

* Map look-up function! Quickly find your nearest ASUS retail outlet.

* Latest product news! Get the latest breaking news about product launches, special offers and exclusive discounts.

* Problems using a product? Ask us! Use the Tech Help feature to get quick answers from our customer service department about using your ASUS products.

Supporting Languages:

Traditional Chinese, English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, German, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, Arabic, Hebrew

Recommended Models:

For the best experience, we recommend using devices running Android OS 6 or later.

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More Information Of MyASUS - Service Center

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.4.1 Publish Date:2022-02-16 Developer:ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Gopal Singh 2020-04-29

UPDATE: App was updated today, but still not seen in app drawer and still not opening. As stated in an earlier review: the app does appear in the app drawer and there is no option to open it from the Play Store in ROG Phone II. Please fix ASAP. ALSO, my camera app has stopped opening the Wide angle and Selfie cameras. Fix that too. Update the camera app please.
S. K 2020-07-11

Where is this app? It\'s strange because you can\'t revert to an older version because it\'ll force update you and when you do update, it disappears from the app drawer and you can\'t open it from the play store either. I\'d assume that this is an important app to have... Shouldn\'t this be fixed? UPDATE: Strange... I managed to get it to work by going to Support under Settings and tapped on myASUS. Now it can be opened via the play store and app drawer. Bumping rating to a 3 until further notice.
Hannah 2020-06-25

Paid for positive reviews? All 5 star reviews are \"good\", \"super\", \"top\". I just factory reset my phone as was advised to fix \"SIM not provisioned\" error on my ZenFone 6. SIM cards still aren\'t working in this phone and now I can\'t even open this app to request a repair under my warranty. I\'m seeing owners of older phones no longer have access and I\'m wondering if it\'s to avoid having access to our warranties at our phones\' end of life. Pretty disgusting if that\'s how it is.
Aibel Joseph 2020-05-02

This app does not exist. I had been trying to contact asus for 2 years for their faulty asus zenfone 5z. They have never contacted me back. I loved this phone, but the camera are all having issues. There was first a kind of a scratch in the photos but nothing in the lens. I didn\'t see this till 6 months after purchase. I let it go as I could adjust with it, but then after the warranty period the camera is having unfocused lens and only wide angle work but now it has the same issue.
extercy x 2020-03-04

Update : What is the point of updating this app when it is always the same error \" Server not available. Please try later.\" Useless in Android 10 Asus Zenfone 5z. Not working after latest update. Restarted phone and still not working. \"Server not responding. Please retry later.\" error message.
Ashish kanere 2020-12-24

We are waiting for android 10 for max pro m1 since it was said in launch event that this phone will get the update. Asus released android 10 beta in January 2020 but it\'s December 2020 but still they didn\'t release stable update and worst part is they have no information about stable update. And this customer support app is worst. It disconnect automatically and customer support take too much time to reply.
Fe Aileen Cayetano 2020-08-04

I need help... my return button and recent button are not working anymore. What\'s with the update? I even refreshed my CP using the reset and I lost a lot of my files but still the problem exist... only the home button is working. HELP!!!
Ripon Riswa 2019-05-15

After a long times i am fall in love with this application... ASUS device related all of this available here... Thanks Asus for the application
Xenomorph 34 2019-06-13

asus you suck. you let your customers down with absolutely no service offered. tablet won\'t register server is always busy. you don\'t reply on forums, tablet won\'t receive updates. your a terrible company and your service is terrible. I\'m disgusted and embarrassed to own one of your products. and its all down to zero product support and faulty sytem
Kamalakar M B 2019-10-09

Its very good usefulness, and good quality of the product.