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Use the free mydlink™ Home app to control and monitor all your mydlink connected home devices with your smartphone or tablet. With its intuitive user interface, you can instantly see the status of all your mydlink connected home products and set up rules for interaction between multiple devices, such as PIR motion sensors and smart plugs or window sensors and sirens. You can turn lights and other devices on and off remotely with the tap of a button or with simple voice commands using Amazon Echo. The mydlink connected home devices are also compatible with IFTTT (If This Then That), so you can pair these devices with other IFTTT-enabled products and associated apps to customize your smart home even further.

This app is compatible with the following models: DSP-W110, DSP-W215, DCH-S150, DCH-S160, DCH-S220, DCH-G020, DCH-Z110, DCH-Z120, DCH-Z310, DCH-Z510, DCH-107KT, DCH-T100KT, DCH-201KT, DCS-935L, DCS-5010L,DCS-5025L, DCS-935LH, and DCS-8200LH.

This app is not compatible with other D-Link Cloud cameras, routers and storage. Please refer to the mydlink Lite app for a listing of these other products.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:D-Link Corporation

User Reviews


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Michael Andrew 2017-11-10

It works most of the time but both the app and the devices require constant updates. So, far too often it won\'t work till you update everything. Then you have to sign in again. This makes this system far less reliable than other similar and cheaper products from other manufacturers. Also web interface only works on 32 bit Win. Does not work on Linux. Does not work with MS Edge. Great idea great product verry poor support!
Radi Baldzhiyski 2017-11-09

Hello, I have DSP-W215 smart wifi plug. firmware 2.22. at first it works fine, but after 2-3 weeks of usage, it stops allowing me to view schedule and to amend schedule. I just click on the schedule button on the application for android and nothing happens. Just nothing. I have to play the whole reset plug game for another 2 weeks of working and then again stuck. I login to the webpage and it says no devices registered. I wish at least I can setup schedule from web page. at this state of the service , I would recommend not buying this. If schedule part worked, it would be really nice investment. It is not cheap!
Mat Schliebs 2017-04-21

App simply does not work. Cannot update my devices or occasionally i can after 5 or 20 minutes of continously trying to refresh. Submitted support request and just got generic reply after a long time. Terrible. Is this being discontinued or something? Is that why this is so awful?
Mark Groot 2016-12-05

This app is soooo slow to retrieve device data (status, etc). I don\'t understand why, by comparison the TP-Link Kasa app is a rocket. Latest update says better user interface....but I don\'t see any change. The advanced scheduling mode puts a cap on the number of \"blocks\" you can have in your schedule...why? This leaves a big gap between the basic & advanced scheduling modes. Would be nice if they offered some of the options the TP Link Kasa app has, like minute-by-minute scheduling and sunrise/sunset scheduling.
Valentinas Pranskunas 2017-12-25

Dear D\'link team, Could you please stop asking people for feedback and give us an answer in reply. Most people seem to have the same issue (mobile app doesn\'t connect to the motion sensor/not found/, although the light is green and it\'s paired with the router by wps) Please give me stright answer if you\'re going to update an app or have other solution? Your support is greatly appreciated…
Mich Krizan 2018-08-07

Bought the smart plug, setup was laggy, took longer than it should have. Couldn\'t find my device initially then after a restart of the app and device it connected almost immediately. Approximately 1 second delay of the switch in the app triggers my space heater. Love it, it\'s fantastic. Once the setup is complete, works flawlessly. Interface could be a little easier to navigate.
Jeremy Figgins 2016-11-15

Extremely bloated app The app itself is extremely bloated at over 50MB - why so much for something that is nothing more than a glorified light switch? The initial setup for the devices is way too complicated. But once everything is setup and running, it\'s not too bad.
Marius Eikenes 2016-01-27

Smart plug. Not really that smart? Where is the timer function? E.g i want the device to stay on for x hours from now. This is a normal use case for other outlet devices. I bought it assuming this was possible... But it is nowhere to be found.
John Humbert 2020-09-26

UPDATE 9/25/2020: Reducing my review from 2 to 1 star. DLink is dropping IFTTT support completely for older products including my Siren. So my siren is just garbage now. Thanks DLink! On second thought, it never worked well anyway, so whatever. I am only using this app to control the DCH-S220 Siren. The only \"Duration\" options are 3-sec, 10-sec, 30-sec, 1-minute, and Infinite Loop. Why the jump from only 1-minute to infinity? Why not a 5-minute setting? Why not let the user choose a custom duration (of any user specified length)? Also, the app is buggy and why does it need (and force) \"Contact\" permissions? Unrelated to the app, there needs to be more IFTTT control for the siren (such as being able to control the Volume and Duration via IFTTT.
James Bigham 2016-01-18

Good app Ran into a problem after camera had been functioning properly for a month it set a password on itself and not having the Wi-Fi router connected to a network makes it unable to be accessed now. Will rate 5 stars when the camera doesn\'t have to connect to the website I don\'t want my house to be watched by strangers and that\'s what they want is to spy on you!