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*Requires paid service*

90% of top lenders use FICO® Scores– do you know yours? Get your FICO Score, from FICO. And don’t worry– checking your own credit will not hurt your score. Compare your FICO Scores and credit reports from all 3 bureaus—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax—side-by-side and get the right credit score for your goal.

Although they may look the same, other credit scores can vary as much as 100 points from your FICO Score. With myFICO, you can view and monitor your FICO Scores and credit reports right from your fingertips. You'll get alerts on your Android device when changes are detected.


• FICO® Scores – Check your FICO Scores while on the go, including versions used in mortgage, auto and credit card lending

• Insights – Learn how your credit history affects your FICO Scores

• FICO Score Simulator – Explore how different actions could affect your FICO Scores

• Alerts – Monitor your credit and identity

• Reports – Instantly access your credit reports and credit data

• Score History Graph – Track your FICO Score 8 over time

• Credit Education – Explore videos and educational content to learn about credit and FICO Scores

• Fast and secure login with fingerprint, face or other biometric (on supported devices) plus 2-Step Verification option

Certain features are available only with eligible myFICO subscriptions. Learn more at www.myfico.com.

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User Reviews


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Marcus Wood 2019-11-12

$30 recurring subscription is an absolute joke for a technically flawed piece of junk like this. There are so many careless institutions with your information out there that you can get this subscription for free. Don\'t be foolish and pay for something that belongs to you in the first place.
Mr. Nighthawk 2020-06-14

Last month I got a notification saying that my info was found in some unsafe areas. Of course I immediately opened the app to see what the notification was, but was greeted by a blank error screen. I have been trying to login to this app for over a month and keep getting a blank error screen saying \"Network error unable to connect to server. Please try again later.\" I am on the monthly plan. I don\'t think it\'s fair for me to be charged each month for an app that doesn\'t work over half the time.
James Ball 2020-04-29

I love what this provides: continuous credit monitoring, a credit score that is more likely used by lenders than other models, full reports for each bureau in a refined consolidated format, wonderful simulators, and various educational resources. The content is great. The app is horrible. Frequent freezing, crashing, and unresponsiveness plague what would otherwise be a perfect app. (I am using a Pixel 4 XL on a gigabit bandwidth . I can only imagine what some older phones may experience.
Danny Elliott 2020-03-30

Save your device space & don\'t download! It\'s $29.95 month which could be used to pay a credit card bill or another bill. This app will give you no information at all for free. Atleast Credit Karma & the Experian app will give you free scores & reports. I would only consider this app if your credit is on edge, & your about to apply for a big loan for auto, or home mortgage.
Melinda Clark 2020-07-11

Very helpful. If you\'re investigating mortgage rates, this is for you! Mortgage rates are based on you MORTGAGE score which is NOT your regular score... we us this app when negotiating rates. Total clarity and makes your bank/broker have to communicate with transparency too. Rates fluctuate daily... also why we love the app. We do the quarterly reports, and if you need to pull your credit, you get a discount on a complete 3 anyway... so we just order if we need a newer report. App always works.
Cedar Lamb 2019-02-04

A complete waste of money. If you pay for this service in order to clean up your Experian rating, save yourself the hardship. Experian is inept as they come. It is next to impossible to get any result whatsoever in any form of communication through them. Never ending phone holds, unanswered emails and snail mail, links on their website that go nowhere. An organization as inept as Experian should never be allowed to have this much control over the lives of private citizens.
Carlotta Herrod 2020-07-18

I have had this App for two months. I am learning more about my credit in terms of what financial decisions are beneficial to my credit and what is not. I log on almost daily to educate myself. So far, my credit score has increased by 8 points by consolidating one account. I can\'t wait to see how much my score has increased this month! Great App and affordable!
Tim Ziemba 2020-05-24

This is the best way to get your complete fico score picture, by comparison the free vantage sites out there are garbage. If you want to know where you stand for getting a mortgage buying a car, or some other larger ticket item, this is the most complete site to check. My only knock is you pay per month but the site updates every quarter. So you\'re effectively paying 3 months per update. I would like to see monthly updates if paying monthly.
Nick Wendrych 2020-09-21

A little expensive but does do its job keeping you up to date on any changes to your credit score. It will regularly give you updates on any changes (credit balances, accounts closed, etc.) and show you the impact on all of your scores. Because the scores are all different and based on changes in your accounts over time you\'ll get a better idea of how any credit transactions affect your score short and long term (buy a house, buy a car, hard credit pulls, new credit card, etc.)
Frank Baffa 2020-09-08

It\'s ok. It will give you a summary of all 3 of the credit bureaus and their fico. There won\'t be reports, just thier scores. The login is annoying as there is no ability to remember you on your device, and there is no option for biometric login either. Better remember that password by heart or write it down. It ok but could be better.