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Description of myFrequency - Vibration Analysis

It's time to conduct vibration measurements with the easiest smartphone application for vibration analysis and measurements - made in Germany.

You can use this userfriendly and mighty app as an accelerometer to detect vibrations / oscillation, natural frequencies / eigenfrequencies and damping values of objects, machines and structures. Furthermore you can detect cable forces of cablelike elements like hanger of bridges. The tension force / prestressed force of a rope or wire will be calculated due to the first natural frequency of the cable.

Main features:

- Real time measurement of accelerations in all three axes (X,Y und Z)

- Real time frequency spectrum during measurement

- Storage/Reloading of all your measurement files on your device as .txt files

(transmission by e-mail)

- FFT-analysis of signal - generation of frequency spectra

- Userfriendly interaction with frequency spectrum

- Determination of damping values out of decay processes

- Detection of natural frequencies of structures

- Detection of cable force due to vibration measurement

- Detection of maximum accelerations and RMS-values

How to use the app:

Simply place your smartphone with the myFrequency app as an adequate alternative to a professional vibration meter ( vibrometer ) on any vibrating object and determine the relevant natural frequencies/ eigenfrequencies in just a few seconds. You can use this app also as seismometer to detect earthquakes.

The acceleration sensor records the vibration in all three axes and stores the signals in a text file on the device for direct analysis on the smartphone or for subsequent processing on the computer. The data can either be transferred via USB cable or directly in the app with an e-mail to the computer.

In addition to the frequency with the maximum acceleration amplitude, all other excited frequencies can be individually selected by swiping your finger over a detailed view of the spectrum.

We hope to offer you an application that you can use for all kind of vibration measurements, in structural health monitoring also.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us so that we can continue to develop the app.

See also: www.myfrequency.jimdo.com/english

Your APPtodate team

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:APPtodate

User Reviews


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Daddy O 2019-05-30

Awesome app! I\'m a vibe tech and this app turns my phone into an analyzer! I know the running speed of all the fans in my house, now! it\'s a cool app, if nothing else it was cool to show my family what I do for a living...very easy to use and dont hesitate to contact these guys, very mom and pop type feel to the customer service. Seems like they really care about there work!
HTK3 JP 2019-05-31

myFrequency is very wonderful, forward and cool applocation. I was carrying heavy laptop computer and accelerometer to measure many cable forces.This application brought me a big revolution. I just carry one mobile phone , the same work can be done!!! I have some requests... I\'d like to preset the specification of cables, before I go out to a site. I\'d like to customize the formula of cable force calculation.
Murat Ozturk 2019-11-26

Beyond expectations. Wonderful application that is a must have for everyone. I have not seen any negative side of the application. Tools are just what I needed to have. I must add that developers quickly respond when needed.
Chris Harper 2017-11-17

As a mechanical engineer whose job it is to diagnose vibration problems on machinery, piping and structures, this app is fantastic. This is a great tool to have to do spot checks when I don\'t have access to a vibration analyzer, or to coach customers to do their own spot checks and email me the results (of course this doesn\'t replace detailed audits on critical assets). I\'ve tried nearly all other vibration measurement apps, and this one is by far the best.
Mike Goodrich 2020-12-10

Excellent app. I am recommending that autogyro (gyrocopter) users use it to capture the spectra for the control column. They send me their files and I can compare them with my database and advise if their vibrations are reasonable or not. Excellent support from app developers, they answered all my questions.
Robert Steaples 2018-09-29

Very well written and easy to use without sacrificing functionality. Saves results to a file so you can do a detailed analysis later. Developers are extremely responsive and helpful.
Ryan Stabel 2020-09-18

I have tried over a half dozen vibration analysis apps and this is the most complete and professional one I\'ve found. This is the only app I\'ve tried that has the ability to calculate damping ratio. It has enough features to be useful while still being easy to use - perfect for quick analysis.
Jim Coade 2019-05-18

I use this app for audio isolation of amps, cd player etc. The app shows whats working , using different materials or combination of materials
Monfort Monfort 2018-08-23

Its a handy tool for measuring time and frequency domain. Accurate when compared to industrial equipment. Love the FFT function and save-email features. Not so often when I try to record and there\'s no graph displayed on the screen, what I did was to delete the cache and it resolved the issue.
Erik Runge 2018-04-12

Nice app. Also quick response to questions. Very useful.