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Description of MyHRMS

All employees of SBI can access HRMS application through their mobile device. They can apply 4in1 reimbursement request, Apply leave and Tour, Approve Leave and Tour and view their salary slip.

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More Information Of MyHRMS

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:4.2.0 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:State Bank of India

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-12-30

Very good app for touring staff. Never faced any problem in login. Many times this app works even when the website is down. If the mobile is having enough ram say 2gb & above & you are connected to 3G & more, it works in lightening speed. True that all features of website are not available. For leave,4in1,tour,cds score this can be used.
aqua 1402 2021-01-17

What is the use of developing an app when the end users are not able to login? Since last one month or so only the message \"loading.....\" is displayed.If at all, by chance, you are able to enter the credentials, the captcha doesnt appear...If the same was the case with an application used by customers, it may have been taken care of...
uday kiran 2020-07-10

This issue is happening with all SBI apps. Earlier it was Yono, then SBI Cards and now MyHrms. It doesn\'t let me login. Say\'s: \"Couldn\'t connect to Server\". Kindly attend to these issues at the earliest. Regards, SBI OFFICIAL
Krishnamoorthy Ramaswamy 2020-12-18

The day I downloaded this new app it was easy and displayed all available options. But for the last one week, the response is \'unable to connect to server, try later. he old version is functioning. Any suggestions. I re-installed the app. and it is now functioning satisfactorily. Dec 17, 2020.
Praveen Kullu 2020-07-08

its been more than 3 weeks since i could login. unable to login. Everytime freezing in the login after giving id and password. Why force us to update if the updated version is even BITTER and not better. Unable to see anything in hrms
Abhishek Sinha 2019-05-16

Lots of improvement required in app. Application should be more user friendly so that staff should not wait for going to office and do their work in main HRMS site there. It takes too much time to open the app and open any link in app. Many links are not provided here as in main HRMS site e.g apply for reiumbursement of mobile bills, apply for reimbursement of medical bills etc . Please incorporate all those links in this app which are available in main HRMS site and make them operational.
neema s d 2020-04-13

The app was OK before the latest update. Now I can login but each time I access a service it will throw an error \"invalid user \". Why would any App allow an invalid user to login with a correct user ID and password for???
Suresh Gupta 2021-01-16

So horrible experience to open this filthy app. For the last 7 days I have been trying to open it, but everytime \'loading\' message is displayed for a while ; and at last \'unable to connect to server, pl try again later\' message is displayed. Better to use HRMS PORTAL at desktop in the branch . Why not this app is closed ??😢😢
N G R 2021-02-14

Not opening, most of the time getting errors
bhushan shelar 2020-03-08

The app isn\'t opening today. The option to apply for reimbursement of travel bills through app would be helpful along with a save draft option to avoid the loss of data due to any reason.