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Description of Myndlift

Myndlift senses and retrains your brain activity.


The Myndlift app can be used if you're connected to a Myndlift Provider or if you have an Access Code through our Remote Program. For more information, visit this page:


How it works?

The Muse EEG headset measures brain activity while the app helps in learning to regulate it, resulting in improved brain performance.

Once available only in highly specialized clinics, neurofeedback is now available to everyone, at home.

Step 1: Getting to know you

Myndlift’s assessment provides a detailed snapshot of your unique brain activity.

Step 2: Remote care

Your professional neurofeedback expert will devise a personalized training plan and monitor your progress remotely so that you achieve the best results.

Step 3: Get unlimited training

You can choose your favorite training routine - games or videos.

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More Information Of Myndlift

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User Reviews


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Alice Smith 2020-01-21

Downloaded it. It didn\'t give me an option to create an account. Just asked for my e-mail and password and would tell me I didn\'t have an account. Wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to create an account. It was an exercise in frustration.
Blue Color 2020-09-26

Makes neurofeedback more affordable and accessible than ever before. (Note that you have to buy access to the program through their website). The app\'s not perfect but it sure beats having to go to a clinic every time or try to figure out how to place a huge number of goopy electrodes every time.
Robert Reiner 2019-09-24

This app has changed my life, thanks
Paul Cheek 2020-02-14

1. This app requires location and Bluetooth to be on. I get the Bluetooth because of the headset. The required location setting is creepy. They say it\'s for logging in. We should be able to login without being connected to the internet and load our data to our provider on our own schedule. Having my location tracked is not okay. It\'s one thing to require an internet connection another to track us by forcing the location to be on. 2. Bad communication about major changes when the app is updated
Mikael berg 2020-02-18

Just the upgrade to muse I\'ve been looking for!
Andrew Tytskov 2020-06-15

Not give possiblity create account
Andres Medina 2020-09-21

The app does its job but wish there were better videos. Even some of the videos that are listed you can\'t play. Frustrating
S Kerby 2019-08-24

The app stopped working frequently
Joseph Buffington 2020-09-23

This app has done more to reduce my overall anxiety than any other intervention. Would definitely rexommend.
Mark Wilson 2020-09-29

This app is simpler than the original software that I was using. It is great that it is portable. I can train anywhere and at anytime. At first I didn\'t like the games, but now I only use them because I can see how my thoughts affect each game differently. The games give me immediate feedback, so I am getting the most out of my training.