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Description of myPhonak

The myPhonak app offers you a remote control functionality which allows you to adjust not only the volume and program but other advanced hearing aid settings such as noise reduction and microphone directionality. You can also have access to the Enhanced Speech Focus* slider, which allows you to change the strength of the new noise canceller.

* Only available in Phonak Audéo™ P90 (Paradise) devices

The app also enables you to communicate with your HCP and have your hearing aids adjusted remotely and in real-time through Remote Support**. Your HCP can also test your hearing directly through your hearing aids ***. Not only this but your HCP can also send you listening tasks to complete and provide feedback to help you get acclimatized to your hearing aids through Hearing Diary**. Your HCP can also make adjustments to the hearing aids based off the received feedback. Tap Control settings can be configured in the app and other information such as access status like state of the battery charge, wearing time and more.

** Speak to your HCP to see if this service is offered in your country

*** This doesn’t replace a diagnostic audiological test

The myPhonak app empowers you to:

- adjust the volume, change program or ambient balance while streaming or tinnitus noiser intensity of your hearing aids

- personalize and customize your hearing programs by making adjustments to the sounds of your hearing aids

- access the Enhanced Speech Focus where adjustments to the new noise canceller can be made

- save your adjustments in the app so you can use them at any time

- access to status information like battery state of charge and wearing time for rechargeable hearing aids

- configure Auto On when out of charger for rechargeable hearing aids

- change Bluetooth Codec configuration for HFP calls

- configure Tap Control settings for Paradise hearing aids

- get your hearing aids adjusted by your hearing care professional in real-time and remotely

- see and talk with your hearing care professional during your remote fitting session

- have your hearing tested remotely via your hearing aids

- experience your new adjustments and give immediate feedback during the remote session

- send feedback and communicate via messages with your hearing care professional about your listening experience

- complete listening tasks with and without your hearing aids to help acclimatize to your hearing aids

Compatible models:

- Phonak Audéo™ P (Paradise) ****

- Phonak Audéo™ M (Marvel)

- Phonak Bolero™ M (Marvel)

- Phonak Virto™ M (Marvel)

- Phonak Naida™ M-SP (Marvel)

- Phonak Naida™ Link M (Marvel)

- Phonak Brio™ 4

- Phonak Brio™ 3 R-C *****

- Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct *****

**** Release dates vary by country. Contact your hearing care professional (HCP) for availability.

***** without advanced remote control features.

Device compatibility:

myPhonak app can be used on Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified AndroidTM devices supporting Bluetooth® 4.2 and Android OS 7.0 or newer.

If you want to check if your smartphone is compatible, please visit our compatibility checker: https://www.phonak.com/com/en/support/product-support/compatibility.html

The myPhonak app is compatible with Phonak hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity.

Android™ is a trademark of Google, Inc.

Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Sonova AG is under license.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:4.0.6 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Sonova AG

User Reviews


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Lester Bernell 2019-12-23

The app must reconnect with the hearing aids every time you go to the remote control screen. It takes several seconds every time. Worse yet, it doesn\'t always reconnect, so it\'s necessary to to delete the devices, reboot them, and relink. If you use the remote control to set options (ie TV), then use your phone for something else; it defaults to original settings. I\'ve spent time with customer service, and it improved a little, but they can\'t fix a poorly written app, only make apologies.
William Dolton 2021-01-19

If I select preloaded Sonova installed program (not custom) when I get a notification sound or audible alert from phone it reverts back to Autosense. After 30 secs or so app reverts hearing aids back to Autosense. I contacted developer 4 times (have emails) They say are aware of the issue and are working it. App 3 years old and still not fixed. I recommend the Phonak hearing aids, I cannot recommend the Sonova app. Do not buy the hearing aids based on the app, it is useless.
J\'aime O\'Neill 2021-03-02

Can SOMEONE from Phonak tell me, how on God\'s green Earth, you could manage to make such a horrifically under-performing app that constantly disconnects, takes way too long to connect (when it actually DOES connect), and customer service\'s only solutions EVER are to uninstall the app and reinstall?! Hearing aids are expensive, and we\'re stuck with this absolute garbage app to use, with no other options. I am switching hearing aid brands. This company has truly shown it doesn\'t care.
Steve R 2020-11-17

The hearing aids work well. It\'s the app that is disappointing. When it fails to connect, you have to uninstall and reinstall. When you get the settings just right, other random apps or nearby BT devices interfere. Settings go back to default. When using an external BT speaker and cellphone and you leave the room, when you come back it switches to the hearing aids. Less hassles without the app.
David Bennett 2020-06-26

I have had hearing aids for almost 10 years. I just got the Costco KS9.0 hearing aids 2 days ago and they set me up with this app. It is the worst app I have ever used. There is literally nothing that works as it should. Within 12 hours it would not connect to my right aid. I set a custom program and it continuously disconnects and reverts back to the default program whenever I get a notification, text, or call on my phone. There is more, but this website will not allow me to add more.
Sami Hoxie 2019-03-20

I love this app because it allows me to adjust the sound on my hearing aids (An example would be turning the sound waayyy down when I am visiting our local animal shelter.) without having to turn them off manually. On a couple of occasions, I\'ve accidentally turned one of the hearing aids off and have used the myPhonak to confirm that fact. Then I can fix the problem and double check the fact on the myPhonak that once again the aids are both working.
Fred B 2021-01-26

The app works fine in general, however the ability to define your own settings is not useful due to the app constantly switching to Bluetooth every time your phone gets a notification, text, phone call etc. Unfortunately the app then resets to the default \"Automatic\" setting. So if you want to use your own settings, you must constantly have the app open and reset from Automatic to your custom settings. Also there are some settings in the built-in settings (such as Bluetooth streaming + mic) that cannot be changed even by the Hearing Aid specialist. It would be nice to allow these to be modified also.
Marc Martin 2020-07-05

Extremely frustrating! Anything on this app That works is unstable. At the very least there should be an option to view the strength of the batteries. Read the other reviews because all that is mentioned has happened with me as well. When using them to talk by phone, the person on the other end consistently complains about static and difficulty in hearing me. Please, I beg of you to make this app work properly!
Marty P 2020-06-05

I need to update my review, although I still think. Myphonak app is a great bit of software, when I set up my hearing aids manually and received a phone call on them, the software goes back to basic settings, I\'m still giving it 5 stars, but maybe that could be something you could work on for your next update, I must say I\'m waiting in anticipation for the next amazing things you have in mind for these truly incredible hearing aids, thank you guys for your support, your doing a great job.
Steen Olsen 2021-01-25

In Dec 2020 I bought the top of the range Phonak Paradise 90 Premium hearing aids here in South Australia with the Autosense OS 4.0 app. The hearing aids are settling in, but the app is hopeless. It is very unstable, won\'t lock in settings, reverts to autosense in a short period of time and now it can\'t seem to find the right hearing aid. Previously when that happened I would need to reboot my Samsung Galaxy S8. Now even that doesn\'t work. I see from other reviews that I am not alone in having these problems. The aids are very expensive and I would have thought that Phonak valued their reputation and respected Australian consumer law and so would have fixed the app by now. Please advise when this will be done.