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Description of myPlan

Does your partner do things that make you feel scared or unsafe? Do you have a friend or family member whose relationship worries you? You are not alone. Relationship abuse is common. It not only affects someone’s health and wellbeing but can also put them in serious danger.

myPlan can help you see more clearly to make safety decisions by helping you assess the health and safety of your (or a loved one’s) relationship, get personalized information for your unique situation, and connect to resources.

- Choose a secure PIN

- Answer questions about you and your relationship so myPlan can provide you with personalized information

- Take the Danger Assessment to learn about your level of risk from a partner

- Rank your priorities to help determine what’s most important to you

- Explore safety strategies and local resources customized to you

- Bookmark what’s useful for later to create a safety plan that’s right for you

myPlan is backed by research with thousands of people experiencing abuse from a partner.

Safety features:

- No account set up required, myPlan use is completely anonymous

- Set your own secure PIN code to keep your information private

- “Dummy code” option will hide the contents of the app in case you are forced to enter a PIN by someone

- Quick lock button on every page

Safety Notes:

- If someone monitors your device activity, having an app about relationship abuse could put you at risk. If concerned about someone discovering the app, delete it when you are done with it, but know that on devices it’s not possible to delete the app completely from your purchase history.

- myPlan is not intended for use if you are in crisis, if in immediate danger call 911.

- Talking to trained advocates or counselors is the most helpful thing people can do to stay safe, but we know the vast majority of people experiencing abuse never access these services. myPlan expands access to safety information by providing a way to get to individualized safety information—with the ease of access and privacy of a device. However, myPlan is not intended to replace live trained service providers.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.0.8 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Mongoose Projects

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-10-21

Jemm Corona-Morris: Someone needs to say this to you--->\"It\'s not all on you but...\" Are you serious? How dare you tell people that have created a free resource, based off of research too, that they\'re not doing enough. They don\'t owe you or anybody else anything. They certainly don\'t have to work hard on something and then give it out for free. Everyone needs money to survive. Creating apps takes $, Conducting research takes $, Publishing research takes $, Having someone read reviews like yours takes $. So, instead, why not do something helpful? Please attach links to the research you\'re funding and giving out for free and then also coding and incorporating it into their app for free that involves significant findings on domestic abuse and genders other than female. I\'m sure everyone reading your review is eager to see how you\'re taking action. Also, you should know that domestic abuse does look different for different genders and they\'re being responsible by being upfront about who the resource is intended for. They\'re also being very responsible and incredibly generous with their time and money by basing this free resource off of science. And there\'s absolutely nothing wrong with making a free mental health app for a specific audience. If you want one for other genders, get up and do it yourself and stop criticizing those that have taken action. Besides, without their efforts, where would you have gotten your soap box?
D Kurtz 2019-05-26

This is a great app. The only suggestion I have for improvement is that when you log in to the safe screen you can click on the menu and it takes you to the original screen which can be dangerous for the survivor. Please change this to ensure safety.
J C-M 2017-08-03

This is a great start and I appreciate what you all have created but I have a lot of constructive feedback. I understand the basics or abuse 101 can be helpful but I think you are running a risk of a lot of young people giving up on this app if they feel like they have to go through tutorials before they can begin their safety plan. Why not allow the user to explore what they feel is needed vs making them go through all 6 steps in order? OneLove literally talks about the stats for men are 1 in 4 right above where this app is advertised. It feels incredibly hetero-normative, and like a cop out to only offer a hotline number as soon as we check \"male.\" It is 2017 yall... can we please get better gender identities listed other than \"other...\" I work with youth trying to prevent or reduce relationship violence. We have soo few resources to offer youth (across the gender spectrum since more men are reporting women being abusive as well), we could really use an app that also could plan alternative behaviors and resources for those who may be exhibiting abusive behaviors. What about strategies to end abusive behaviors? It\'s not all on you but these are current needs. Thank you.
Queen Audi 2017-07-18

This will save someone\'s life. If you are even unsure about it, download this app. It helped me and many women I know.
Liesl Nydegger 2020-05-03

It doesnt work, it just stays on the loading screen.
Cody Hayes 2017-11-25

Excellent Resource! I will make this app available to my family law clients.
Sharon York 2017-03-11

I think it will save someone life
chocolate* 2019-11-11

this app stopped working right in the middle of using it, useless
Alexis Kostich 2019-04-23

Awesome and very helpful!
Arielle Robinson 2020-11-06

Its helped me with a few assignments needed to remain eligible for service at the women\'s victim shelter and dpss benefit programs. also gave me clarity on my \"relationship\" issues.