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Description of MyScouting

MyScouting Tool gives the ability to access your training resources and take courses including YPT; track training completions; download or send by email your completed training certificate; communicate with members within your organization level and below; manage your profile; manage announcements and calendar events for your organization; and access to Commissioner Tools.

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More Information Of MyScouting

lable: Social - Apps Current Version:6.3.10 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Boy Scouts of America Official

User Reviews


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Gavin Faulkner 2020-08-25

Some problems have been fixed, but an ongoing problem is that it does not differentiate between our girls and boys troops that have the same number...despite this being mentioned as a fix several years ago. Also, the last entry in the organization list is almost completely hidden by the bottom \"toolbar\".
Benjamin Fritz 2019-06-04

Can\'t actually do training in the app. Trying to do YPT in the app sends me to the website instead, which is full of white text on white background, with buttons that have black text an black background. Completely unusable for training. At least I could get my member ID out of the app. Those were the only two reasons I installed the app for.
Dylan Morse 2019-03-03

Poorly laid out, and almost completely unnavigable. How can you expect VOLUNTEERS to take or renew the required training, when you completely missed the boat with a workable user interface. We already give the orginization what time we can spare for the sake of the youth. Many do not have an abundance of FREE time to try to blindly train themselves to use this poorly designed digital system.
Josh Rice 2019-09-18

This is just bad. It throws errors all over the place, if you can do any of the items in the description besides look at your account they are impossible to find. Lastly, there are style guides for a reason and different ones for iOS and Android that should really be read by every mobile developer and not following them should be the exception. That said since the website hardly works why would the mobile app be any better. Sooo frustrated!
Andy Meyer 2020-05-13

Your security for this app/website is crazy! I have to reset my password (if it let\'s me reset it at all) every time I log on to the app if its been more than a month or so. I have a whole sheet on password keeper dedicated to just this app. It is so frustrating. My finger/face can open every single password protected app on my phone. Why am I having to reset my password every time? Oh and the reset password link....answer security questions that doesn\'t recognize or accept my answers. W2G!
Colleen Morgan 2019-03-29

Terrible! Only works 50% of the time, but website isnt much better!! Two weeks after taking my YPT, it has disappeared and said it had expired. Fortunately, I had heard nightmare stories and printed certificates to verify I still had 2 years before expiration. BSA needs to invest in their website and their app!!!
Brian Atwood 2019-08-27

Useless. Can\'t view or add anything. Api errors and server errors galore.
Jeffrey Greenly 2018-11-14

Your app is seriously brain damaged. If it does anything at all, it sends you to an even more brain damaged mobile website that is so dysfunctional, it can\'t be read, much less used in any meaningful way. If you\'re not going to bother to do it right, please don\'t do it at all.
Rocky Mills 2018-09-27

Need to be able to see status of trained leaders and who are expiring soon. Finally found how, but I wouldnt have trusted the results if I hadn\'t already pulled the info off the website. Tried submitting feedback and my phone wanted me to setup a new email account. 3 click rule clearly not followed, difficult navigation.
Philip Symmonds 2019-06-28

Can\'t add contact for units that are not assigned to me. Can\'t figure out how to find which Commissioner is assigned to a specific unit. Overall, poor usability for anything but the most basic tasks.