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Description of MyShake

Now issuing earthquake early warning alerts in California, Oregon, and Washington!

Key Benefits:

-- Prepare, survive, recover with earthquake alerts for large damaging quakes

-- Set a default alert location using HomeBase

-- Set up custom notifications to know when loved ones are affected by a quake

-- Be a citizen scientist and help measure earthquake motion

-- Safety tips

-- Get earthquake ready and help your community.

-- Share your experience with others after a quake

-- Available in English and Spanish

The MyShake app -- developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab, sponsored by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services -- was the first app powered by ShakeAlert® to provide statewide earthquake early warning alerts in California. The app is one of the delivery modes of the California Earthquake Early Warning System.

MyShake provides earthquake early warnings in California, Oregon, and Washington for estimated magnitude 4.5 earthquakes and higher to phones in the light- heavy shaking areas. Alerts will not go out for all felt events, just damaging ones.

Learn more at http://myshake.berkeley.edu

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

User Reviews


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JUX 77 2019-09-30

this is a good app, it\'s so nice to help peoples warning from natural disasters..
LY TAYLOR 2020-06-04

If you live in an earthquake zone, you need to download this app. It seems to give you a few seconds of heads-up before the shaking starts. There was a M5.5 earthquake in Ridgecrest yesterday, I felt it in LA. A voice from the app screamed at me \"Shaking Imminent! Stop drop and cover!\" Not a notification bell. A HUMAN VOICE. Got my attention fast. I got under my coffee table, then 5 seconds later the shaking started. This few seconds warning may come in handy when a bigger earthquake hits.
Angela Norris 2019-10-12

Edited to take it down to 1 star. I hate the new visuals. Staff said they were looking into changes again but I never use the app anymore. It\'s ugly and far less informative. Only keeping app for the limited info available.
Akemi Mokoto 2020-08-13

This app is absolutely genius and it\'s shameful it took so long for anybody to make and release such a great yet basic idea. I\'m unsure how reliable it is, yet but I hope it works and remains active for years and years to come. An idea that would be nice is to allow users to be noticed when shaking is detected within a set radius or state with a threshold(require shaking from at least x number of users before notifications go out)
jacques fracchia 2019-10-18

So happy UCB made this earthquake app!! Every Californian should have it. Loved seeing a visual map of where earthquakes happen. Great UI and was impressed with the safety tab on the left. I think it\'s a great idea to have the app check our phones for quakes, very impressed.
R G 2021-02-18

It\'s 2021 and you still have not deactivated battery saver while charging! You\'re wasting precious opportunities to collect a lot of data and help save lives.
Tom Donahue 2020-10-16

This app is not ready for prime time. I\'m running a Pixel4 XL and no earthquake app has ever been accurate or consistent yet. This one least of all. If I have to open the app to read that there was an earthquake because the app will not notify me or make a sound or even flash an icon, it\'s useless- Uninstalled.
CJ Brickhouse 2019-10-21

Glad the app exists, but even on a Google Pixel 3XL this app is almost 15% of my phone\'s battery use. It eats up more battery in the background than my foreground apps use. With this running in the background my phone\'s battery barely lasts 6 hours, so I\'ve had to stop it running in the background which delays notifications and makes the app pretty useless as an early warning system.
Sally Davis 2019-10-01

I LOVED the MyShake app when I first got it. So fascinating and helpful to understand our geologic world that I used it often when talking about the California fault system, in relation to tectonic plates around us while leading naturalist hikes for the San Diego Natural History Museum. It was so easy to understand by everyone. But then came the update. What happened? Those yellow blobs and the pop up notices with only GPS coordinates make this app almost useless. Pls bring back the old one!
Spam can 2020-07-27

Gave me early warnings about 2 earthquakes! This app actually gave me an early warning about 2 earthquakes about a minute or so before they hit. Thankfully the earthquake wasn\'t that stong and the second one wasn\'t felt by me at all. Still, we had Time to try and find some cover. I wish you could set your location so you don\'t need the GPS on all the time but I love this app and definitely recommend. As a Californian, thanks. I\'m definitely keeping this installed.