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Description of Mystery Word Puzzle

There is a new challenge of mystery puzzles waiting to be discovered & solved. Are you on it? Mystery Word Puzzle is a new game of crossword puzzles, where you need to arrange the letters and find the hidden words. The game seems easy & all-simple at first, but as you level up, it gets incomparably challenging. Very soon, you will find yourself addicted to the game, impatiently waiting for new mystery puzzles to be solved.

Do you take pride in your puzzle-solving skills and logic, you language whizz? If so, look no further, as you’ve found the perfect crossword brain game to prove your mastery! Mystery Word Puzzle is both challenging & relaxing, the perfect balance that’s so hard to find.

Get your vocabulary skills activated and start your challenging puzzle journey with this brand new game! Everyone can play this brain game, but the very few special puzzle pros can beat it. Finding words seems easy-breezy at first, but you have no clue how challenging it can get! But don’t worry, it couldn’t be more fun.

Tap and swipe your way through the game, search for familiar words, and arrange the letters to form them. As you search and find the hidden words, you get a clue to the next one. Unlock new words and follow the trail of clues to victory. As you level up, you unlock beautiful new backgrounds that make the game even more exciting and addicting. Moreover, your word hunt journey is accompanied by relaxing music to make the experience more fun.

Relax your brain & put your vocabulary power to work. No need to stress out, you have unlimited tries & clues to unlock the challenging puzzle levels, just search & find the hidden words to beat the game.

Mystery Word Puzzle Features

● Mystery Word Puzzle is FREE to play, just put your brain to work & have fun!

● A LOT of puzzle levels to play, you’ll never run out of new challenges, promised!

● No time limit, try as many times as you want to level up!

● Beat levels & unlock beautiful new backgrounds

● Get bonus points for finding extra words

● Use boosters and clues to help out when you get stuck

Mystery Word Puzzle is brought to you by PeopleFun. Fun, challenging, exciting, relaxing, the list just goes on & on. Well, the Mystery Word Puzzle is the perfect brain game. Download now & see for yourself.

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More Information Of Mystery Word Puzzle

lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:PeopleFun

User Reviews


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Lorna Peck 2021-01-04

I am totally addicted! I get to take as much time as I want without being penalized in any way. It pushes my little grey cells just the right amount without tiring them. And ... I am sooo not complaining, mind you ... but why am I not seing any ads? At all! Other reviewers commented on the ads, so did I just get lucky or what?! Anyway, this game is delightfully different from any other game I have come across. Congrats to developers.
Craig Barnes 2020-09-24

I really like this puzzle, word game!!!! It is challenging without being impossible to figure out, and also relaxing. I like that it is different, It\'s not the same old word game!! I highly recommend this game!! The only complaint I have, is that 5.99 is a bit excessive to get rid of ads, you don\'t even get any coins for that price!! 😊 👍👍👍👍👍
Nikki Murray 2020-11-05

It\'s a really neat game to be honest, it\'s not the normal word game. It has the main objective which is fun itself but then the way it handles the bonus stuff, to assist you with the main objective by subtracting irrelevant letters. Yes, I really enjoy it and if you like any kind of word games at all, you will love this game.
Julie Alicea 2021-01-08

What a great game!!! Saw an ad for it while playing another game so I figured I would download it and give it a try. It is an addicting game. This word game is a really good idea. Easy to get extra points. Nice graphics. All positive review by me. Different and very enjoyable!! Thank you for a wonderful game!!
pearl florida 2020-10-11

I like this game but I cannot believe you charge 100 coins for a one letter clue. I don\'t think this is fair. You charge 25 coins to begin with and jump to the 100 coins. I may have to uninstall the game. Just too high for my taste. Too bad because I really like the game.
Laura Sugimoto 2020-09-19

Pretty interesting, and very, very different. Really makes you THINK. It\'s fun finding all the connections, and not always easy. Makes me feel--new. Fresh. Alive. I know that sounds overly dramatic, 😳 but I can\'t think of how else to explain. TYVM, PeopleFun!! 👍😀❤
Debra Finley 2020-04-15

it was fun at first ,but it cost to much for hints
Daniel Inman 2020-12-07

Still Love the game...but it looks like you have run out of pictures! They keep repeating. Hope you get some new ones. Thank you.
Raffield\'s Refuge 2021-01-26

I think this is a fun game. I like the touch word method better than swiping. Fare play with ads but not annoying like most games. This word game is different from others I have played. I have only been playing for a few hours and so far I really am liking it. Graphics are so pretty!
Jane Barron 2020-08-20

It\'s a fun game, but the thing that won points with me is the fact that it was pretty much as advertised. I hardly ever download word games, no matter how great they may sound because I\'m tired of getting what i think is a fun new game only to find out it\'s just like a lot of others out there and not at all like what\'s advertised. For the record, I have several word games from this developer and not one has disappointed. Thanks so much developers!