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Take on the role of a druid clan and use your blessings to heal the Valley of Life. This task doesn’t come easy though, it requires courage and caution as it can be easy to overwhelm the land if you’re careless or wield too much power.

Based on the Origins award-winning board game from AEG, get ready for an all-new deck-building experience in Mystic Vale. With the innovate Card Crafting System, you can keep improving and building your cards to create a diverse and effective deck.

Free Expansion with the base game:

The first expansion, Vale of Magic comes completely free with the base game of Mystic Vale on mobile.


Play local games with friends and family.

Innovative Card Crafting System:

Create your own powerful cards and uncover amazing combos!

Beautiful artwork and graphics:

Discover a stunning world filled with fantastical creatures.

Deep gaming experience:

Make tactical choices and spend your resources wisely.

Tremendous replay value:

Explore thousands of possible card combinations, with more added via expansions!

Are you ready for a new deck-building adventure?

Languages supported:


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More Information Of Mystic Vale

lable: Card - Games Current Version:4.0.2 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Nomad Games

User Reviews


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Lazer Weiss 2019-08-19

undoubtedly one of the worst games I\'ve ever played on a phone. This game reminds me of Monopoly in terms of how much of a role luck plays except that it\'s also worse since the computer actually obviously and openly cheats on the hardest setting. The AI is so bad that beating it on any other difficulty besides for hard is just Cakewalk. so the developers decided that the computer can just cheat on hard. strategies are predictable and repeatable, too bad I can\'t get a refund anymore.
Walker Lindley 2019-06-28

Fun game, but pretty much unplayable without a save and continue option for single player. i wouldn\'t recommend this game until that feature is added.
Javier Alonso 2019-07-25

I think this is one of the most interesting and innovative digital cardgames I have ever played. The mechanics are very interesting, specially the possibility of combining advances to tune your cards. Graphics and animations are neat, the music nicely accompanies the whole thematic, and the AI is challenging enough for solo play. The learning curve was a little bit steep for me, but after a few games I managed to get the hold of it :) And yes, in case you are wondering, the expansions available are really worth it, since they further supprot the original mechanics and introduce new ones, overall giving more variety to the game.
Archon Basileus 2019-08-20

Even though the experience is close enough to games like Magic, there\'s a very interesting twist: you play with sleeves rather than cards, and ypu can complete each of them with three distinct stages, wich will be drawn in future turns. Basically you\'ll spend the game building your deck and cards, finding ways to harness resources and points as you build your way towards victory. The art and theme are great (as a Christian I\'m glad to see a game that won\'t resort to demons as game elements).
Jonathan Walker 2019-06-19

Such a fantastic implementation of one of my favorite deck builders. I have no real complaints in terms of the gameplay itself. 2 stars because solo play is unusable without a \"save and continue later\" feature. I like to take my time when I play but this means that I need 20-30+ minutes of uninterrupted phone use or all of my progress is lost. Even the tabletop version lets me put down the cards and take a break without penalty. This seems like such a basic feature, very disappointing.
Shaea Bernard 2019-11-28

This game can be played alone (against the AI), or be played online with other players. I love the concept of building up your cards to make a strong deck, and due to the placement of the additions, the replayability of this game is endless. Fantastic electronoc adaptation of a tabletop game.
James Meadows 2019-11-09

I am a fan of deck building games and have played just about all of them. This is one of the more unique and creative ones I\'ve encountered. The game does a good job of combining luck with strategy - just the way deck builders are supposed to. Plus, there is such a wide and interesting collection of skills, cards and features that no two games are ever alike. I recommend this game highly to any fans of deckbuilders.
Jane Thompson 2020-05-07

Great game and one particularly suited to digital because of the card crafting element. Don\'t like the dark background though which doesn\'t seem to fit the theme of healing and regrowth. It\'s trying to look like combative games with armour and damage but it should be appealing to people who don\'t like that. And the darkness makes it harder to see. Prefer playing it on Yucata.
Howard Jones 2020-09-25

This is a beautiful game that is challenging and quite different to other deck-building games, because of the \"card-building\" side of it. The AI is quite competent, and so far I\'ve not experienced any bugs or crashes. It scales nicely on larger tablets or desktops. The devs have done a fine job with this game, it has become my favorite deck builder.
Rob Cripps 2019-06-16

Well implemented game. Beautiful, great controls, great tutorial, great single player. I\'m marking it down though because of the state of the multiplayer. In a world where Star Realms and Ascension exist, apps need to do better. I need a friends list of people I can challenge. I need to be able to open a room and walk away, so someone can join me later, and then play asynchronously. 5 star game with these features, and I\'ll probably never play it without them.