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Description of myStrength by Teladoc Health

Emotional health support designed for you. Become the best version of you with personalized support from myStrength.

• Personalized plan to start getting support, customized to your preferences

• Connect with a licensed therapist 7 days a week from the comfort of home

• Recommended activities and content based on your ongoing needs

• 24/7 access online or via our mobile app

myStrength is a service provided to you as a benefit through your employer, health insurance or other organization. Therapy and certain services subject to availability.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.16.0 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:myStrength, Inc.

User Reviews


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Tali 2020-05-21

Sleep section doesnt allow for logging excessive sleep, and is framed only in terms of insomnia, not hypersomnia?? You cant even log sleep times beyond 16 hours or naps. Incredibly stupid for a mental health app not to include a major symptom of depression like this, I\'m disappointed. Narcoleptic patients treated like they don\'t exist.
Herschel D 2020-04-08

It\'s a well thought out app. It has helped with anxiety and stress in workplace. However it\'s always wise to seek professional help if your feeling depressed dont try to treat yourself alone doctors need doctors too. Be blessed!
Jamie Ojan 2019-05-28

i like this app because it helps me with my mental health issues and works with me on a one day at a time approach. which is what I need.
Sharon Daniels 2020-05-02

It\'s amazing to have help with the anxiety that this pandemic causes. I\'m working on my sleep patterns, depression, and anxiety. Its comforting to have help and contact.
Daniel Max 2020-11-22

This app was suggested to me by someone from my insurance company. After a couple weeks I still have not found anything useful on it. Several of the activities have names that sounds like it could be good but all it is is watch a video and answer a couple questions. As for mood/activity tracking, there are many apps that do a better job. I didn\'t use the \"coach\" because there wasn\'t enough information on the person that explained why they are a \"coach\" and what their qualifications are for that.
Shelly Woodruff 2020-06-28

This is a great tool for anyone in recovery or thinking about starting on the road to recovery! I am grateful for an app like this. Thank you so much❣ 🤗
Megan Ozeran 2020-10-07

Was using the app for a few days, seemed interesting and maybe useful. Now when I try to open it the app takes forever to log in (more than a minute) and sometimes crashes in trying. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Edit: a ~fun~ new thing is that on the occasions when I am able to log in, when I complete an activity, the app crashes while trying to save this progress 🙃
Lauren Mintz 2020-11-23

I like the app but it would be a lot more helpful if I could revisit activities I\'ve already completed that I didn\'t put in my library. I just get a green message that I\'ve already completed the activity.
Jess N 2019-02-27

I really can\'t give a review because it won\'t download for me. I keep getting an error even after I\'ve done everything it says to do.
Elvira Scruggs 2019-02-04

Clear suggestions and has helped my fears a lot. My anxiety about my husband has improved. I relate with him better because I don\'t look at him as my pain instead ,I turn the pain into a joyous situation. I changed my thoughts especially after the last surgery in Dec,2018. God allowed me to return and for that I\'m truly Blessed.