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Whether you’re a student, parent, or borrower, Federal Student Aid’s official myStudentAid app has the tools and resources you need to apply for and manage financial aid for college or career school on the go. Complete the FAFSA® form, Master Promissory Note, and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment. Quickly view loan and grant information on your personalized dashboard. You can also get relevant account alerts, track your repayment progress, and get instant answers to your questions.

Apply for Aid

• Securely begin, complete, and submit a new or renewal FAFSA form.

• Electronically transfer your federal tax information into a FAFSA form using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT).

• Transfer parent information from a completed FAFSA form for one of your children into a new FAFSA form for another child.

• View and compare information about the schools selected on the FAFSA form.

• Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) conveniently in the app. The MPN is a legal document required to get a federal student loan.

Manage Your Aid

• Access a personalized dashboard that summarizes your aid information, highlights upcoming loan payments, and provides relevant content and checklists.

• Track your detailed loan and grant information, aid overpayments, remaining Direct Loan and Pell Grant eligibility, and more with the Aid Summary feature.

• Understand the cost of college, learn loan and borrowing basics, and see a snapshot of your loans in your Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment.

• View important paperwork and correspondence in My Documents.

Stay on Track

• Meet Aidan®, our virtual assistant that can answer questions about federal student aid. Whether you want to find out your current loan balance, get help answering questions about the FAFSA form, or reach your loan servicer, Aidan is here to help you find an answer.

• View customer service contact information and send emails from the app.

• Track the status of your Feedback Center cases and borrower defense applications, view details, and upload documents.

• Get important account updates within the Notification Center.

• Receive push notifications on your phone.

You can also share your feedback and ideas at any time through short customer surveys that you’ll find in the app’s menu and after completing certain forms.

Download the Federal Student Aid’s official myStudentAid app today for a personalized financial aid experience.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.6.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:U.S. Department of Education

User Reviews


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Scott Swanholm 2019-12-19

Great app, I prefer this method over PC. Quick and easy like my ex gf.
Vodka 2020-06-20

I was having so much trouble with the website and it was taking so long. I saw all the negative reviews for this app and almost didn\'t download it but the website froze again so I tried this, and I\'m SO GLAD I did! It took me like... 15 minutes to finish my application and submit it and it was sooo much easier. Before you give up, try this app🤘
kaley mrtnz 2019-02-16

This app is super quick and easy if you\'ve done the fafsa before. It auto-filled most of my information from the website and I had no problems with the IRS retrieval tool. I was able to finish my fafsa in less than 10 minutes. Thank you!
Jariel Jimenez 2019-10-03

The myStudentAid app worked exactly like it was supposed to and saved me a lot of time filling out the FAFSA 2020-21 form. It was very easy to use and provided a lot of helpful tools and information that made the process a breeze compared to what some others had said about it in previous years. The IRS Data Transfer tool was also very useful as it transferred almost all the information I needed from my returns.
A Google user 2018-12-24

This app is complete and utter garbage. The IRS DRT tool does not work at all and kept deleting my FAFSA. The app would always shutdown and not function and respond touches. The App would not even open at certain points. This app is so slow that i could get a phd and nobel prize before a single page could load. I would recommend everyone to avoid using this app and fill out thier FAFSA via the web on thier PC or through chrome on your phone (make sure chrome is updated). Overall please imporve!
A Google user 2019-02-15

it keeps saying that it won\'t run on a jailbroke phone or rooted phone. my phone is niether. Can you please fix this bug. i love using the app but there is a bug with the update It never happened before the update but after, its saying about jailbroke/rooted phone & mine isn\'t either one!!😢
Dani Smith 2020-12-20

Now that i am finally able to do the uodate, this app is VERY helpful. I was able to complete my application just using the app. It told me everything I needed to know. I can even pay on my student loans through it. Thats a big help!
Ryan D 2020-12-07

Works fine for me. I saw other people saying that it was garbage, and while it did give me some problems after I initially installed it, it has operated flawlessly since then. I still don\'t understand the loan section of it, but maybe thats just my destiny.
Shannon B. 2020-07-19

I have a oneplus phone, which is somewhat unusual, but it still runs on the android OS. This app considers my phone to be \'jailbroken or rooted\' and won\'t let me fill out the form. My phone isn\'t rooted, but even if it was, I don\'t see why I shouldn\'t be able to fill out a simple form. The website has been similarly impossible to use on my mobile device, which is why I downloaded this app in the first place.
Robin Broadwater 2019-12-28

Can\'t get registered. App keeps going randomly non-responsive/receptive: no keyboard available to enter info, or, no characters show up and cursor does not advance Choosing CLOSE on non-responsive keyboard shuts down application, saving nothing, and requiring all info to be entered again, as, apparently auto-complete also isn\'t functioning on this site. I\'m exhausted, and frustrated by this. Maybe I\'ll try again later.