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Our Synchrony HOME™ and Synchrony Car Care™ apps will be going away at the end of December, however account holders using those apps can still access all the great features in the MySynchrony app. Make the move today using the same login credentials!

Download the MySynchrony App today to securely manage the same private label credit card accounts that you manage on MySynchrony.com quickly and conveniently!*

You cannot access Synchrony Bank Savings accounts and some private label national brand credit cards on this app.

With this mobile app you will be able to:

• Log in securely using TouchID/Fingerprint Authentication

• Make payments to your account

• Check your balance and credit limit anytime, anywhere

• Review your transaction and payment history

• Make changes to scheduled payments

• Securely add multiple bank accounts that you’d like to use to pay your bill

• Provide us feedback on your mobile app experience

*Private label credit cards issued by Synchrony Bank.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.15.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Synchrony

User Reviews


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Armoni 2021-02-17

Stay away from this app at all cost . It will wind up costing you more in the long run . Everytime I\'ve tried to pay off my bill in full somehow the payment doesn\'t go through for a week and you will get late charges. But every other payment goes through within two days. You do the math . That\'s twice now. I will never use this app nor Mathis Brothers again!
Brian Kendall 2021-02-01

serious issue with last update. I have 3 accounts listed to pay my bills with. I chose the second one but the app selected the third one which is incorrect. I had to cancel and then I tried again to be sure I hadn\'t made a mistake and the same thing happened. I had to login to my synchrony through a browser on my laptop to properly pay my bill from the correct bank account . I called and reported this issue to customer service as this is a very serious issue!
Lori Tilman 2021-02-26

This app is super easy to use and shows both my cards in one place. Both care credit and car credit. It\'s cool. And the time they give you to pay off your transactions before interest accrues is awesome. You get plenty of time. These are definently my favorite credit cards. I have emergency back up for medical needs for me and my pets and emergency for my tires. Peace of mind with these. Thank you so much
Avalońn Rôthschild 2021-01-29

Stay away from any credit card that uses synchrony. They do not care if you had a set no interest agreement with eBay or paypal ans do all they can to get full amount then when you refuse to pay bogus amount they report and room your credit. I\'m dialed and amazon and ebay with paypal tried dosing to them but they wanted money... Well I\'m so glad i saved all my screenshots and Amazon and PayPal are sticking with me. Plus they say they have. Bank has little time left.
Ann Sewell 2021-02-24

I like that both of my accounts are in this app. However, I always have to update or download the new app every time I open it. Also I really wish it paid it immediately like every other app like this does. I go to check my bank account the next day and it\'s not there so I go to this app to see if it\'s gone through or at least scheduled and it is not shown anywhere. So I go to pay it again thinking I must not have pressed the submit button or something THEN it says I already have a payment sch
Nancy Glavens 2021-02-01

Took 45 minutes to get registered, very frustrating. Just wanted to make a payment and was instructed to call it in...that was the purpose of registering. App does not always send you to the next screen.
Patti DeMatteo 2021-03-08

I\'m having the same problem as everyone else. Can\'t log in to my acct at all and can\'t uninstall the app. Works great with one account, but still unable to load my others. I\'ve had to phone in my payments last couple months since they changed the app. No one seems able to solve the problem. So it looks like I\'ll be phoning in payments from now on, which I hate doing.
Daniel Sarrett 2021-03-01

Sychrony is rude, not customer oriented, all around not helpful.. Synchrony might possibly the worst managed banks for credit. They are slow and unreliable. It takes as much as 4 months for them to process items, maybe even longer. It\'s impossible to read a statement that has charges and fees from 3 different months. I even have a statement with a fee charge future in the future. How is that possible? Customer service can\'t make any changes or give answers, they just say it\'s all automated.
Error G 2021-02-23

SYNCHRONY BANK IS A JOKE. I have never missed one payment in over 10 years. We have received 11 inches of snow here and I cannot pay any bills at the moment. A $72 missed payment and they have called over 20 times, 7 emails and countless notifications. All this after I called one day after my missed payment to tell them why. Here they are still calling and calling and calling. This bank is a joke run run run don\'t look back. Just don\'t
Toni Tillie 2021-02-02

This app makes payments quick and easy. I am able to review credit line availability, payments history and more within minutes. Technology stays up-to-date. For example, I am able to use fingerprint login, which assists in the quick/easy experience mentioned previously.