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Description of myTNB

Track your energy consumption, pay bills at your fingertips and explore exclusive in-app features – it’s never been easier.

• A refreshed design and improved user experience: Get an overview of information that matters most to you at one glance, on a personalised dashboard.

• Track your energy consumption: View and compare your monthly usage with the interactive usage graph.

• Manage multiple TNB accounts: Link and manage all your TNB accounts on one platform.

• Pay your bills: Faster in-app payment with the option to save your credit card for seamless transactions.

• Notifications: Get notified of your new bills and much more.

• View History: Keep track of your bill and payment history in a single view.

• Promotions: Stay up to date with the latest promotions from TNB.

• Find Us: Need to locate a Kedai Tenaga? Use our handy locator to find one near you.

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More Information Of myTNB

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:v2.3.4 Publish Date:2021-10-17 Developer:Tenaga Nasional

User Reviews


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Vivien Chew 2020-04-04

This is my second time to install the app, last experienced made me feel annoyed because of the password and login code and else. I try again to install today, luckily the login problem solve, but another problem come up, that\'s I couldn\'t registered my account, always show a notification saying that my ID number is not match with my tnb account.... Haizzz! What should I do now? My aim is to pay the amount of my electricity bill.....Any of the related people can help?
Ananda Segaran 2020-04-10

Same goes to me, after trying a couple of times it ends up dead end. So the easiest method, I paid online through my local bank pay bills account. What I have learnt lately from Social Media that there will not be any TNB Meter Reading until further notice. Users are advised to pay according to your last TNB Bill statement. That shoul solve the problem. We are already stressed with Covid 19 and please don\'t stress unnecessarily with this issue. Take care guys, Stay indoor , Wash your hands often. Eat well and sleep well. God is great for sure.
Jalvin Ph\'ng 2020-04-01

Whenever I do for account registration or log in to my account, it always taking long time to load and hitting the error of \"Something went wrong, please try again later.\" No matter how many attempts I tried, it\'s still the same. I don\'t even can successfully log into my own account for once after I downloaded this apps.
eunice Oz 2020-05-13

It has nice UI design but it is practically useless. This my first time being so disappointed with TNB. My only motive is to check my bill, but it takes so so so long(still not able to check). I have to relaunch the apps for a couple times, since it won\'t refresh itself and keeps showing error message. TNB should at least support website app, if mobile app is still unstable. User experience is bad. Very. Gonna revert back to call the customer service instead, just to check the bills.
John 2020-03-09

It took a very long time to register because I had to make several attempts. It told me that \"something went wrong, try again later\". The 4 number pin took too long to reach my phone. Then I discovered that in fact registration had worked. But when I tried to log in, several times, it again said \"something went wrong, try again later\". I keep trying, but it doesn\'t work. I guess TNB doesn\'t really want customers to pay their bills online. It\'s easier to go to 7-11 or the post office!
Asnizam Sahudin 2020-07-23

Superb!! Perfectly matched what i needed. All in one. Everything is here. View, pay, promotion, bulletin, its make me happy to use it again and again. Pay your beloved bills..? They called it \"cinta tidak mengenal jarak\" U can pay & manage up to 10 bills in here. Facing problem with this app? Nooo.. if u got so thats call never ending human error i think..🤭 Congrats TNB. Applause to the builder. I wonder my water bills also could have such a great apps like this one day..🤭
Ahmad Taib Abd Wahab 2020-07-05

\'The Identification Number you entered does not match this account number. Please check and try again.\' Need to download form. Need to print PDF. Need to fill up. Need to scan. Need to email back. Wait personal info update....
Bella Shirota 2020-04-30

Hi team. Really appreciate when you guys decided to came up with an apps like this. But personally, as a developer as well, you guys has alot of things to improved. 1st the UTP code. Able to received but unable to use it. Why? 2nd the login session. Correct email and password but prompt an error. Why? 3rd the loading progress when user try to login. Should minimize the time taken. Can prepare some test cases and test the system based on that before release to user. Login pun sangkut, frust tau.
Ct Raeyhannah 2020-04-29

Hi. I\'m having issue to login with my previous account. Error : something went wrong,please try again Backend,i\'m able to login without errors. But,after i reinstalled this application,i am now having trouble to login. I tried with forgot password,register new email, still getting the same error. (But i do received email for the verification and temporary login password) Kindly take a look for this issue as soonest,as i would be prefer to use this application instead of online banking. Thanks
Ismail Ibrahim 2020-06-07

Had to do a review due to the latest update is a total TRASH. Come on now, if the new update is not stable and hangs alot, rollback! This trash code is making the app load slow like crazy and using my data alot! And still fail to update the information. Unable to view bill most of the time. Take your time to review and dry run the app before releasing it. Am not happy!