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Description of Myty AR

Did you ever wish you could see how your favorite furniture products would look like in your home? With Myty app, you can try before you buy! Myty is a powerful interior design tool that enables you to explore products in your own home in real time, thanks to Augmented Reality technology. And that’s not all! You can try new colors for your walls, and even create a new room from your existing one to see how it would look like with new floors, walls and new furniture. Designing your perfect home has never been easier!

PLAY & DECORATE is innovative Augmented Reality concept. With this feature, you can:

- Test furniture products in your own home. Move and rotate to find perfect position.

- Test new wall colors. Tap on the wall to check it out with the new color.

- Create new room from your existing one to get idea for redecoration

- Detect existing furniture to find new, better models from our catalog.

- Take photos of designs that you made and share with friends.

With INSPIRATION feature, you can search through thousands of beautiful interior design photos with ’’get the look’’ information. Filtered search is there to help you find your favorite styles, colors and much more!

With BRANDS & DESIGNERS feature, you can check out catalogues from your favorite brands and explore new projects from the best furniture designers.

3D FURNITURE is reserved for 3D furniture catalogue where you can search for the best furniture products and test them in your home in only few clicks.

There is also a FAVORITES feature, where you can store all your favorite ideas – inspiration posts, brands, designers, furniture models...

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More Information Of Myty AR

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:9.28706 Publish Date:2021-08-08 Developer:Ar-ty

User Reviews


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OOF XD 2020-03-26

Great idea, but ar is still a very buggy, and I\'m sure it\'s not a problem with the app, just a problem with the ar and my camera, but I\'m sure that soon enough the ar will be much less glitchy and this app will be very easy, comfortable and fun to use. Also, please add a rotation option please! It\'s really hard to set the right rotation of items just with the camera.
Yaneli Martinez 2020-02-27

Omg this is unreal they are buildimg my house and its a small home not sure if some sofas are gonna fit in the living room this solved my problem im amazed completely amazed and in love with this app😍
Manmohan Metha 2020-05-11

Hang Up While \'Unpacking Model\'. Waited for 7 or 8 minutes, restarted few times yet not moving forward. Concept is Very Good, but My experience wasn\'t satisfactory..
Kyle Raman 2020-08-28

Absolutely amazing app. So easy to use and the AR tech is out of this world- for a cellphone atleast. Perfect for visualizing furniture colors! I\'d only recommend a high powered phone though, my Samsung S10e just managed to run it.
Nenad Dugic 2018-11-23

My favorite AR app, love it!
Curvy Essentials 2020-07-13

Frozen multiple times on unpacking then my battery got extremely hot. My phone is the samsung s10e.
shivam Kumar 7 b 2020-11-08

After I uptudate Ar zone the option of home decor is not available 😑 so I downlod this app if in ar zone home decor options is available 😀 I Uninstall this app Ok
Filippo Piggici 2019-07-03

please continue update it and work on it. it is an incredible app, dont abandon it, please!!
Pallavi Sinkar 2019-02-13

its not scanning my room
Yuvrajpratap Gurjar 2021-01-11