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Description of MyUPMC

Manage your health information anywhere, anytime, with MyUPMC. With the MyUPMC app, you can easily communicate with your UPMC doctors, access family medical records, and manage your appointments, all from your mobile device.

With MyUPMC, you can:

• Send a message directly to your doctor’s office anytime

• Schedule appointments with UPMC providers

• Access your medical records and doctors' notes

• Conveniently manage your family's health

• See your test results, medications, immunization history, and more

• Manage your appointments and save to your calendar

• Renew prescriptions without calling your doctor’s office

• Quickly view and pay your bills

• Find a UPMC doctor, including primary, pediatric, and specialty care providers, and request to schedule an appointment.

Access is convenient, free, and secure!

For the best experience, please update your mobile device and tablet to the latest operating system. If you experience issues, completely close the app, restart your device and open the application.

Encounter a problem? Need to ask a question? Please call the MyUPMC Support line at 1-866-884-8579, option 2. Have a suggestion or feedback? Email MyUPMC_Feedback@upmc.edu. Thank you!

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.26.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:UPMC

User Reviews


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Sarah Bratek 2020-07-15

Very easy, I don\'t miss appointments because I forget anymore!! Especially now that I have my 4 month old, && am 11 weeks pregnant, it makes it so much easier to keep track of all my OB appts && my son\'s appts! I do wish there was like a page you could write your own notes down to remember questions to ask, or even to write down things the doctor says during the appointment, to look over afterwards!
Cindy Strickenberger 2020-06-16

I\'ve always liked the my UPMC app in the past. But since they\'ve changed it I can\'t find my doctor visit follow-up notes. They apparently took that out; I am very disappointed in that. Also. When I go to the help section and trying to click on a link it takes me to PayPal! I even uninstalled the my UPMC app and reinstalled it, but it\'s still doing it. How do I fix that?
John Warren 2020-06-28

Doesn\'t work half the time. I did however find that you have better success using your data connection as opposed to the wifi connection. Sucks that you have to burn data but I would imagine they are working on it in some dimly lit room, wearing hoodies.
Eric Gaughan 2020-11-19

It works, very convenient especially in times like these. The virtual doctor visits have been flawless, it also reminds me of upcoming appointments. It also enables you too contact your doctors via text which is nice. 5 stars all the way!!
Kathy Meals 2020-12-01

This is the best information app. About your own health care and results of tests, appointment status, and being able to message your PCP or any Doctor that might have ordered any procedure for you and get the results all in one place. Thank you for this app. Getting my results of tests and trying to find out what they showed has always been pet peeve of mine. No more waiting for the office to call you and tell you what\'s going on. Being able to just log in and read what the test revealed.
Stephanie Kazan 2019-10-02

Truly an exceptional, amazing, and easy to use app. The fastest and most detailed way to access medical records, stay in contact with physician, and direct test results at your finger tips. Has made it easy to stay interactive and in the loop with my medical history. Excellent app!
MaryEllen Collins-Ferguson 2020-04-01

Easy to use. A great communication tool for me. Reliable. Better than waiting for call backs. Follow through quick. I recieved a call back from the Nurse in minutes of a text I left. She wanted to check in with me . I was not only impressed, I am 66 yo, just relocated to Pittsbugh from Massachusetts. With the Coronavirus being isolated is concerning. Dr. Wasa n and his team are working hard to actually \"Care\" about their patients! Thank You . Stay well! You are much APPRECIATED UPMC TEAM !
George O\'Hara 2020-10-10

After slamming the app. for removing the ability to add an appointment to my calendar I was pleasantly surprised to find that capability has been restored. Thankyou. Now if the developer can find an easy way to clear meds we no longer take i will be back to rating the app. a five.
Chris Bailey 2020-10-27

Similar to at least one other reviewer from June, the app doesn\'t like to work on Wi-Fi. Switched to data and it worked. Switched back to Wi-Fi, nope. I like the app when I can access it.
shall 5867 2020-10-06

I hate the way this annoying app will not let me take screenshots due to their security policy. It is on my phone, my information, secured by my password, and McAfee, but I need go fire up my laptop to print or copy anything. 🤨 And also the loss of the add to my calendar is limiting, frustrating, and makes it not easy.