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Description of MyWallSt: Stock Investing

Stock Investing Made EasyMyWallSt makes it easier for you to invest in the stock market with confidence. Get insights on your favorite stocks from the NASDAQ stock market.

The MyWallSt investment app is backed by a team of renowned investing experts and stock market thought leaders who use the same long-term investing philosophy handed down by history’s greatest stock investors. These experts handpick the top 1% of U.S. listed companies to feature in the MyWallSt app as investing guidance.

The Top 1% of the Stock MarketBy hand-picking the top 1% of stocks on the market and pairing them with unparalleled investment research from our team of analysts, it’s never been easier to invest in stocks poised to grow for the long-term.

With over 4,000 companies on the NASDAQ U.S. stock market, building an investment portfolio can feel overwhelming. But with MyWallSt, you’ll get the market movers, tools, guidance, and analysis you need to research companies, pick stocks and make intelligent investing decisions with the tap of a finger.

EXCLUSIVE STOCK ANALYSIS TO LEARN STOCKS- Exclusive investment research, stock market news and updates from our team of stock analysts.

- Transparent, timely insights and opinions on each stock we feature to help you discover the key attributes that make it a great investment and build your personal wealth.

- Stock Tracker: build a stock watchlist of companies you’re interested in and track their growth in real-time.

- Find the valuation, price history, margins, and technical analysis on our handpicked stocks while you trade in real-time.


- MyWallSt’s stock research and insights come a team of expert analysts headed by our co-founder, and market-beating Chief Investor, Emmet Savage.

- Emmet’s personal investing track record has been independently audited by KPMG. Over the past 10 years, his average annual return is 30.08%. Over the past twenty years, his personal stock picks have beaten the market nearly four-to-one every single year.

- MyWallSt is Emmet’s way of sharing his passion for investing with anyone who wants to create long-term, generational wealth through the stock market.

Register with us to start investing with unmatched guidance and expertise in your corner.

Download MyWallSt today!

For more information please visit www.MyWallSt.com

Subscriptions to MyWallSt start at $39.99.

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User Reviews


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Sirchucky247 2018-12-23

automated responces from customer support team. took me 2 days just to get accepted asked them what they had to offer that acorn investment didnt chat support said I should have answer within a couple hours. it\'s been 8 hours no reply. I would not put your money in this app
Daniel Burns 2020-03-09

Installed and immediately uninstalled. There\'s no way to maneuver through the app to get a feel of it before you 1. Setup an account and 2. Link bank/google account to it and/or start a free trial. I\'ll stick with Robinhood for my investing and MyStocks portfolio for in depth coverage of my stocks.
jason stargel 2020-05-21

So easy to learn and setup your account very pleased this is how I started my investment journey has taken the anxiety out of investing with the access to all the essential information highly recommend this app to anyone looking to invest
richard grandson 2020-07-10

Happy i was able to subscribe on mywallst Very easy and understanding to use
Lisa Lee 2019-02-07

I\'m new to this but I\'m feeling like following what I\'m reading i think i can take the risks
Ushank Khanna 2020-03-26

Worst app - doesn\'t during the worst times. All recommendation lost 50% value. the company started offering another service(horizon) at additional cost. They should have helped the existing members to manage the risk rather than trying to sell new service to investors who lost 50% in the portfolio.. Don\'t use the crappy app.
Gabriel Gotaway 2019-06-15

I could have never imagined how much fun I would have dipping my toes into investing without MyWallSt. I\'m a newborn in this world, and with the amount of attention, care, patience, thoughtfulness, and education I\'ve thus far received from Emmet, Meabh, and Luke, I feel that I\'ll soon grow up to be a responsible and contributing member of market society. They clearly love to teach, but they love to learn as well; as a student, both are paramount! Simply put: I feel heard. Many thanks!
Saray Ortiz 2019-04-17

Excellent app! I didn\'t know a thing about investing, and their app has helped inform me. Along with my own research, investing in my favorite star stocks bit by bit has brought good returns. The info they provide has been priceless. Their subscription (along with my humble portfolio) is one I see myself holding on to throughout many years. The great thing is you can start out with little $$ and keep adding bit by bit.
Samuel Mullaney 2019-01-24

i\'m new to this app and investing, but this app makes it fun and is very informative. I really like the insight they give with not only the current values, but a background with the companies and the direction they\'re going.
Iván Herrera 2018-06-01

Great App for the couple of months I have used it. They provide stocks recommendation, so you can read their analysis and decide by yourself if you are interested or not. Beware, they are not a broker, nevertheless, you can link your broker and execute stock buys/sells within the app, they have a friendly and simple interface.