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Description of myWisely: Financial Wellness

Enjoy the convenience of digital banking without the hassles and hidden fees* with Wisely® Pay and Wisely® Direct. Download the myWisely app** so you can take full advantage of everything your account offers.

See what makes Wisely so great!



with direct deposit for your pay^,^^ and other sources of income at no cost to you


in store, online, in-app or by phone everywhere Visa® or Mastercard® is accepted^^^


Put aside money for rainy days§


from fraud if the card is lost or stolen — and is FDIC insured§§



- Check your balance 24/7 anywhere

- Find surcharge-free ATMs near you

- Lock and unlock your card any time for added security

- Add cash to your card at major retailers

- Get money tips


- Get real-time transaction and balance alerts*

- View your transaction history in real time


- Save at your own pace

- Make savings automatic so you don’t have to think about it

QUESTIONS? Visit mywisely.com.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram at @myWisely for updates and helpful money tips.


*Please see the LIST OF ALL FEES for applicable fees.

**Standard text message fees and data rates may apply from your carrier.

***You will not have an overdraft fee because your card is prepaid, and you can only spend what is on your card.

^You must opt-in to early direct deposit on mywisely.com or mywisely mobile app. Early direct deposit of funds is not guaranteed and is subject to payor’s support and the timing of payor’s payment instruction. Faster funding claim is based on a comparison of our policy of making funds available upon our receipt of payment instruction with the typical banking practice of posting funds at settlement. Please see full disclosures on mywisely.com or mywisely app. Please allow up to 3 weeks for funds to be loaded to the card after initial setup of direct deposit to your card.

^^Upgrade required for Wisely Pay. You must first pass an additional verification process.

^^^Additional terms and third-party fees may apply.

§ Amounts transferred to your savings envelope will no longer appear in your available balance

§§You must notify us immediately and assist us in our investigation if your card is lost or stolen or you believe someone is using your card without your permission. See your Cardholder Agreement for details.

The Wisely Pay card is issued by Fifth Third Bank N.A ., Member FDIC, or MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC. The Wisely Pay Mastercard® is pursuant to a license from Mastercard International. The Wisely Pay Visa® is pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. ADP is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank N.A, or MetaBank, N.A. The Wisely Direct card is issued by Fifth Third Bank, N.A. Member FDIC, pursuant to a license by Mastercard International. The Wisely Pay Visa card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The Wisely Pay and Wisely Direct Mastercard can be used everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted. Visa and the Visa logo are registered trademarks of Visa International Service Association. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. ADP, the ADP logo, Wisely, myWisely, and the Wisely logo are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. Copyright © 2020 ADP, Inc. All rights reserved.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.7.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:ADP, INC.

User Reviews


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The Unknown Known 2020-02-28

Right now my main complaint is that your app is chunky. It takes forever to load. Its not very responsive. Its a lot like my wife because it tries to control my money but when i touch it i get nothing. Needs lots of fixing. So does the app. Oh and one other thing. The sms doesnt tell me my remaining amount on my card after use. Another thing my wife and it has in common.
Wildtiger Lex 2019-08-05

I loved the old ADP Aline card, but was moved to this one without my consent. All the great features have been taken away and new fees have been added. Also dont like the remarkes that the app gives me on how i spend my money. It\'s none of ADP business. Can\'t buy using paypal without a fee. When it come to money keeping it simple is best. It wasn\'t broken until they fixed it. Not wisely doon. getting text from other people purcases and having to waste time checking on my money. Shame APD Shame!!
Bruce Morataya 2020-08-07

A very great app for money transfer and usage! If there was a problem I ran into, the call center staff are very helpful and quick to reslove any issues. It does take a while for the money to get transferred to your personal account, but that doesn\'t take away at how useful this app/card is. (at least for me it\'s not a problem) I use this card for online shopping and to buy food, as I only leave $100 every paycheck for any small spending. This is my preferred card to spend money online with!!
rere queen 2020-03-01

Having nothing but problems. Can never log in to the app. The adp use to text me my balance and what was being use as soon as I used it. All I have had is problems with this new way. I also think if it continues to be like this I\'ll also go to direct deposit if I can\'t get into my app at all or get the texts like I use to.
Kevin Doolittle 2020-10-17

Only 2 complaints so far (minor). First, I can\'t select the time I receive my balance notifications on my phone. Doesn\'t really help if you tell me my balance THREE HOURS after I start my day. Second, no way to download my transactions so I can update my financial software easily.
Keven U.J. 2020-07-24

Very modern interface, a lot of helpful features, in terms of the app. The service itself, I got it through my employer cause they pay onto the ADP card by default when I first signed up. I think it\'s an amazing perk, cause you can use this as a backup card or even like an emergency card for your family/yourself. The only thing preventing me from using it all the time is that it takes 2 days sometimes to transfer money into my main bank account. Other than that, love the app and the service.
Jacob Landry 2020-09-28

Round 2 with this app and it is still the worst way to get paid. I was adding a new card to my account and it canceled my old chipless card without my consent let alone warning me that it would happen and now, even after contacting customer service, this app can\'t even locate my account. Avoid at all costs
Samuel Harris 2020-02-18

I had the ADP app, but they were baught out. Anytime the app has issues, & you have to call, they tell you to download the mywisely app. Then when I do, it has the same issues. If you let them know how terrible the app is on their survey, it tells you they will let wisely & my employer know...like I want to give an honest survey if they are going to tell my employer how bad of a job I think they\'re doing. I\'m going to do away with my Wisely card and just do direct deposit with my bank.
Chris Banks 2019-05-22

I\'m reporting ADP, Wisely, and any affiliates to the BBB. Ever since the transition this service has been nothing but a headache. Hours of wait time, incompetent and rude customer service, no access to account or funds, and the list goes on. I reported my initial Aline card lost six months and got a replacement, and for reason unknown my direct deposits are being loaded to my lost card and have to call customer service EVERY TIME to transfer my funds and can barely get hold on anyone. NONSENSE!
Emily Glass 2019-11-02

It will never let me login to be able to look at any of my stuff. I have to keep closing it and trying over and over until it will finally let me in. It usually will just always show a circle at the login screen like it\'s going to load but then never does and that\'s if I can even get to the login screen! Most of the time I can\'t and it will just stay on the screen that says ADP and never goes to the login screen! It\'s very frustrating!PLEASE PLEASE FIX or at least tell me how too do it myself!