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Join 50,000+ people across the U.S. working full-time and part-time flexible jobs with MyWorkChoice.

< Choose True Flexibility >

Whether you’re a parent, a college student, or semi-retiree, everyone should have the flexibility to choose their work schedule. That’s why at MyWorkChoice you choose the shifts you want to work on a weekly basis through our app. And if you can’t make it that day – no worries – you can always drop and reschedule your shift. No questions asked!

< Shorter Shifts >

Tired of working mandatory overtime or long 10-12 hour shifts? With MyWorkChoice you’ll get the choice to work shifts as short as 4-hours.

< Benefits for Everyone >

You don’t have to choose between a flexible work schedule and health benefits. We offer affordable health benefits for you and the entire family.

Download the app and start searching for a flex job in your area.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.0.35 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:MyWorkChoice

User Reviews


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Kaestazia Middleton 2020-11-12

I keep having to reinstall it because it automatically logs me out. When I try to get back in.... the circle will keep spinning as of its having issues reaching the server. It took me 2 hours to login today. Not sure what\'s going on.
Leah Black 2020-11-15

I keep getting logged out. When I try to log in it takes too long or never goes through. I\'ve been having to uninstall and reinstall this app so many times now. I\'m gonna scream.
Priscilla Cheek 2020-11-05

App is not as efficient as older version. I have had to uninstall and install 4x. Have not been able to open on several occasion. The original app was much better.
Christopher Setzer 2020-09-02

The app crashes as soon as I attempt to complete the \'Get Hired By MyWorkChoice\' section, I can\'t complete a thing because of it.
Triandrea Walker 2020-11-03

This app constantly crashes. In order to get it to work I have to uninstall it every other day just to get it to work. Please fix it
Curtis Von Roue 2020-11-08

It constantly freezes. I have to keep uninstalling and installing to sign up for work. And it will never let me check in. Just horrible I hope the job finds another way bc this app is a waste of time.
Johnson Love 2020-10-04

To start with they\'re sucks, for a reason that you can repost a schedule within 24hrs and more but they still cut your 🌟 rating down just a way to cut you off the app, if you reposted less than 6hrs that\'s understandable but not within 12, 24, or 40+hours before the start of your shift. At first I thought they were a very good company but they\'re not at all and I will never recommend this company to nobody a friend or anybody. Is just a f...ing way to get your work experience dirty.
xX6Ha6des6Xx Gaming 2021-01-17

The app was working fine before but now it won\'t load for me or my fiance, it keeps saying \"an error has occurred\" with options to either \"retry\" or \"cancel\" but every time we click retry it brings it back up almost instantly. We uninstalled and reinstalled the app but now it brings it up every time we try to log in, my fiance can\'t even log in to the website. Not sure if maybe servers are down or something?
Damien Makiya 2020-11-16

My usual business is that I have to uninstall this app, then install for me to log into my account. Bring back the older version.
Cheryl Moore 2020-11-24

I\'m experiencing a bad connection with this app keeps telling me a error has occurred