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Description of MyZio

MyZio™ is the perfect companion app to the Zio® monitor. Use the app to enter your symptoms while wearing your Zio® monitor.

Key Features:

◦ Seamlessly register your Zio monitor and start logging symptoms immediately.

◦ Enter your symptoms. View and edit symptoms as needed.

◦ Access information about the Zio service and MyZio app. Instructional videos are included to help you throughout your Zio experience.

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More Information Of MyZio

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.5.1 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:iRhythm Technologies, Inc.

User Reviews


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Dawn Curtis 2020-02-14

The privacy policy for the app states that information is shared for marketing purposes, but also says you can opt out. I contacted the company to opt out, and it was clear that they don\'t actually have a working protocol for opting out of information sharing. My concerns were referred to the privacy department, which never got back to me.
JB Tech 2020-02-23

The app is a great replacement for pen and paper but is missing one vital feature. The app does not link to the heart monitor, button presses on the device do not generate log entries in the app. This could easily be accomplished with a BLE connection. The button presses should initiate a log entry in the app and the app should use notifications to remind the user to finish the generated log entries. Without this integration the times you enter in the app will not coincide with button presses.
Dave Waggoner 2020-02-14

App is too inconvenient and tedious to use. It\'s easier and less time consuming for me to use a free-form note taking app instead. Also the privacy agreement and TOS is way too much in their favor. Now after this app has my email I\'ve received an email from another company to keep track of my health history. We are each a set of data points to be exploited for maximum profit.
george Pardos 2018-11-30

In fairness, i didn\'t use it, uninstalled it after reading their privacy policy. Don\'t understand why they need to be personally intrusive and monitor one\'s phone use when the sole reason to use the ap is to record events on your phone instead of the paper \"diary\" provided with the monitor. I do understand, they can sell your info. What they make on the very well designed event monitor is not enough. I would have liked to have used it otherwise. Disappointing from a med device company that should know better. Getting around HIPPA?
Douglas Little 2019-05-07

The privacy policy is invasive and beyond what is needed for the service offered. When iRhythm explains the medical need for all of the permissions they ask for, I will have more confidence in their policies. Now they have to prove they or whomever they sell \"anonymized\" data to create profiles of people with heart problems to eventually allow a basis for higher health insurance rates.
Jessica Barbeau 2019-10-03

So much easier then carrying a booklet around to log my symptoms! This App has been great, very easy to use. The customer support has been amazing, super quick response to the two emails I\'ve sent. They fixed my total day count right after I sent the first email regarding that, and answered my questions perfectly in my second email. I absolutely recommend downloading this if you are wearing the Zio patch! Good luck!
Jessica Avery 2020-08-14

App keeps crashing, ive uninstalled and reinstalled twice in 2 days. Customer service over the phone is awesome, and ot seems like app does keep previous records, but really annoying when you need this to track whats going on with ypur heart
Tiffany Mitchell 2019-08-16

So the 1st review I wrote, as a nurse, I gave it 5 stars & a RANTING, over the top review about how wonderful, easy, convenient, etc... this device is, as qell as the App, especially compared to earlier Holter Monitors that u had to carry around in the fanny pack with leads all over u. HOWEVER... Upon seeing the comments about how intrusive they are into your personal phone & u have to give permission for them to pretty much see ALL your personal info just to use an app, I edited & deleted App!
Richard Wieger 2020-08-19

Does not provide me with any access to my own data. Does not allow me to see if the device is collecting data. These are the only functions this app would be needed for. Without them it serves no purpose.
Amanda Montemayor 2020-10-19

Mix of Love, sprinkle of frustration - SO EASY to input your symptoms without having to fully open the app and if when typing your activities, you make a mistake you can click where to edit instead of having to start over. FRUSTRATING when inputting a symptom, if app closes (call, text, switch apps), you CAN\'T resume/save a draft!! Need to allow MORE characters in describing activities/symptoms? Integrate a timeline/log of Button Pushes to allow user to log later when not by phone (ie, driving)