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Description of N Docs - Document Reader

N Docs allow you to view documents on Android. No internet connection is required.

* Supported file formats

- Microsoft Word(DOC, DOCX, support password protected DOCX file)

- Microsoft Excel(XLS, XLSX, supports password protected files)

- Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT, PPTX, supports password protected files)

- Open/Libre Writer(ODT, Open with third-party app)

- Open/Libre Calc(ODS, Open with third-party app)

- Open/Libre Impress(ODP, Open with third-party app)

- Hancom Hanword(Open with third-party app)

- Hancom Hancell(Open with third-party app)

- Hancom Hanshow(Open with third-party app)

- Portable Document Format(PDF, support password protected file)








* Creatable file formats:





* Editable file formats:





* Document Search

- Support all of the file formats except PDF format.

- PDF will be supported.

* Available cloud services

- Google Drive

- Microsoft One Drive

- Box

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More Information Of N Docs - Document Reader

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:5.5.1 Publish Date:2021-11-26 Developer:nTools

User Reviews


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Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Mir 2020-06-13

Deserves 5++. Works smoothly even on low configuration devices. Very impressive user interface. The best free office app, i have used since the birth of android.
Akash Das 2020-06-07

In the world of paid apps and in-app purchases, this is a very very nice app, just suiting the utility. Slicker UI and good to go interface. With cleaner features. Just loved it. Thanks for such an app. We\'d sure like to support you, love from India.
Slobodan Hajdin 2019-08-25

Bad: can not open files without another app, can not open RTF, tables have all sheets crammed in one Good: opens PDF, EPUB and ODF (with mentioned another app) correctly Suggested ToDo: solve Bad, enable background/text color selection (I am used to green text on black background)
Dave See 2020-02-22

Great app, with one large missing feature. The app is fast, clean, stable and no ads. Overall, very good. Except there is no search functionality! If you don\'t ever need to search through pdfs, then you will like this app. But I need the search feature.
Sylvester Harper 2020-03-19

Doesn\'t have placeholder for page, if I leave the app for a day on the last page I just read, it will go back to the beginning of the document by the next day. I have to keep looking at page index to get back to the last page. It is annoying, also the width of the page keeps flicking to the next sentence before I have read the above sentence, it is very sensitive at the end width of the page. Needs to improve on bookmark and needs tags to find category groups.
Shubh 2020-11-27

A basic option to Search words in the document is missing.
Saagar Soni 2018-07-11

Dear developer you are really working very hard to make application very handy. Keep it up.👍
Muhammad Azra 2020-11-07

This is the best app. I don\'t know how many app I tried before this. They usually bloated with something unnecessary, making their app sizes big. But this app is just awesome. Thank you so much.
Iolo Ultima 2019-10-01

Great. Lightweight, quick access to the common format office documents. No ads. Please keep the app to core function of loading fast for times when a quick and easy view of docs is required. There is already plenty of full-featured doc viewers/editors at Play Store.
Krishna Verma 2020-12-13

I\'ve been looking for an all-in-one app to view all sorts of docs. And this is it. *Smooth experience *No intrusive ads *Lots of features *Best compatibility. *Create/Scan PDF as a bonus. A big thanks to developers.