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Description of Namecheap VPN

Download our VPN software for Android to secure your mobile device today. Get secure, fast connections on up-to-five Android devices.

Introducing Namecheap VPN for Android Phones and Tablets

Namecheap’s new VPN service for Android is a secure, ultra-reliable VPN solution for your web privacy. With a VPN, you can stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, keep your passwords hidden, and stream your favorite shows wherever you travel. Our VPN software for Android operates in over 40 countries.

• Secure, Fast and Anonymous Browsing

• 24/7 Namecheap Support

•  No Logs

Privacy and Security Guaranteed

With our VPN for Android Phones and Tablets

Data Encryption

We care about your privacy and security. That’s why we provide best available AES 256 encryption on your VPN connection. Your ISP could be monitoring your data, selling it to advertisers, or selectively slowing it down. Our VPN software gives you private internet access for Android, protecting you from targeted and indiscriminate attacks intended to capture your sensitive data.

Practice Safe Wi-Fi

On unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, hackers can easily “scrape” a connection to obtain sensitive information like passwords, email addresses, and search data. A VPN tunnel (the link created with a virtual private network) lets you move undetected when you’re away from your home Wi-Fi network.

No Traffic Logs

We do not log any user activity (i.e., sites visited, DNS lookups, emails, etc.) For security and troubleshooting purposes, we do, however, monitor and collect errors so that we can improve the stability of the app.

DNS Leak Protection

When you connect to a website, the first query goes to a DNS. If your VPN does not support DNS Leak Protection, the question will go over an unsecured channel, ‘leaking’ information about your activity. Our integrated and secure DNS protects you from such leaks.

Keep your True IP Hidden

An IP address can be used to track your location, your browsing habits, even restrict the websites you use if you go abroad. Our VPN software assigns you a unique, random IP address to your Android device, masking your location and, therefore, keeping your real IP address hidden. We’ve got servers in over 40 countries worldwide, allowing you to browse freely in other countries.

Safely Unblock Sites & Content

Change your virtual location for secure and fast streaming, data transfers, and online gaming.

The Fastest VPN for Android

High-Speed Network

Thanks to high-quality servers, we can provide the best VPN for Android - one that's ideal for streaming, transferring data, and online gaming.

75+ Locations and 1000+ Servers

We have servers in over 75+ locations, so you can choose where you want to connect.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our VPN for Android is ideal for sharing large files or streaming your favorite content from the Google Play store.

Available On Multiple Devices

You can connect with five Apple devices at once with our app including smartphones and tablets. Our VPN is available with other operating systems.

Easy to Set Up

We’re renowned for our easy setups, and our Android VPN service is no exception. With our 24/7 customer support team, we’re on hand to answer your questions.

Avoid ISP Throttling

Don't let your ISP hold you back. By using a VPN, ISPs that use packet sniffing to restrict your browsing are no longer able to slow you down.

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More Information Of Namecheap VPN

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.3.6 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Namecheap, Inc

User Reviews


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Tyron 2020-12-23

Works well as VPN. Lacks common features like kill switch. Unfortunately all traffic goes through VPN, which means you can\'t access local resources likes printers or home automation. It would be much more useful to bypass VPN for local subnet.
David Guthrie 2020-06-10

Update: Developer seems to have fixed issues A VPN that doesn\'t work. I have paid for a subscription and the VPN does not connect to any of the listed servers. It just hangs and says connecting, without establishing a connection. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, I have tried it on WiFi and 4G, I have changed the connection protocol, I have changed the port number. Still the same result, no connection. I am using a flagship phone, other VPN\'s work that I have tried, this one doesn\'t.
LNCE WB 2020-12-21

Drop consistently when using multiple devices on one account. Android drops mostly. Then its time consuming to log in with a verification code! Drops when online. Drops when turn phone off. Drops.
Michael Carnohan 2021-02-01

App needs \"favorite location\" feature (especially since the big red button to connect to a random server rarely works). Aside from that, the protocol used is a bit dated (now that the service it\'s built on top of employs the faster \"Lightway\" protocol), and a number of services do not work with it–namely Netflix. BUT, on the whole, it\'s not a bad VPN service. It\'s cheap, it works most of the time... I just wish they\'d update things to add favorite location and work on increasing speed. 🙏
Rob 2020-06-18

I had some problems initially, where it just wouldn\'t connect at all right after install. But it seems to be working fine now. I think there\'s still a few app kinks to be worked out, and the design could be a little better, but there\'s definitely promise here, and the service is a great price. The actual servers themselves also seem pretty decent, and worked flawlessly for my router set up first time (though that\'s not the app, but their underlying network). So actually, not bad!
Thiam Hing Soh 2020-03-08

An option to turn on/off VPN for Wi-Fi connections would be good. Also, a Wi-Fi SSID whitelist is immensely useful for connections at public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Saif Ulislam 2020-10-26

This app is really buggy. Most of the time it doesn\'t work. Very low bandwidth. I couldn\'t find the best server is my own country. If I needed a VPN to use only my own location that doesn\'t make sense. Not user friendly at all. I think they should hire a UX designer to redesign the app. I am an app developer myself. Trust me I know what I am talking about.
Mustafa A. 2018-10-24

I\'ve gone through several VPN apps, and I don\'t normally leave a review but I felt the need to do so here. This is by far the easiest, most user friendly VPN app i\'ve installed to date. The best money i\'ve spent in a while, and I rarely buy apps. Thank you namecheap!!!!
Amir Storage 2020-08-26

Oh man, I just got the subscription. I think I made a mistake. on Android app, Mac app, it\'s just keep looking for location. For the first time I tried paid VPN, because I use namecheap domain, hosting from last 3 years.
Ros Mc Mandroid 2019-10-26

Clean interface and works well. Unfortunately you can\'t exclude apps from going thru VPN - e.g. for local printing, or access to local file shares, or Chromecast. This means I have to keep manually connecting and disconnecting the VPN. For this reason I will be moving back to another app for Android. I may continue to use the service on my home router...if I don\'t find a better VPN package.