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Description of NAVER Mail

※ The new NAVER Mail app(v2.2.4) can only be used on Android OS 4.1 version and up.

[Key Features]

1. Shifting the 'View Type'

You can view the mails collected in chronological order using various view types including 'Interactive View' or 'View by Person'.

Tap the icon on the right side of the list and change to the most comfortable view type of your choice.

2. Find Faster with 'Quick Filter

If you want to view only desired mails, use 'Quick Filter.'

With a single touch, you can quickly view only unread mails/ important mail/mail with attachment/VIP mail.

3. View by 'Sender'

The mail list will be organized based on the 'Sender' if you tap the person icon in the view shifting menu.

Quickly check mails from important people and bind unimportant mails to handle at once.

4. Swipe to Delete

You can directly send the unnecessary mails by swiping the list of mails to left.

You can also swipe-right the list to change the status of already viewed mail as 'unread.'

5. Add to VIP

Add important person to you as VIP.

If you change to 'View by Person,' mails from VIP will appear at the top of the list and you can also filter to view only the VIP mails.

6. Preview Attachment

When checking received mails with attachment or double-checking if file has been properly added before sending, manage your attachments at once with 'Attachment List' unfolding in front of you all at once.

7. Receipt Confirmation and Transmission Cancellation

You can directly check whether the mail I had sent has arrived well or if the receiver has read my mail. If the receiver uses NAVER mails, you can also cancel already transmitted mail.

8. Import External Mail

Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and more,...

Set frequently used mailing accounts to be viewed in NAVER Mail app all at a glance for an easier management.

9. Sync with Naver Cloud

You can attach large files when sending mails and save attachments in received mail using Naver Cloud.

10. Password

Are you worried about other people peeping into your mail? Use the password lock.

You can safeguard your mails even when your phone is lost.

11. Support screen optimized for Pad

Mail optimized for tablet environment, View more pleasantly with wider screen!

Please contact NAVER Customer Service Center ( http://naver.me/5j7M4G2y ) for inquiries while using this app.

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More Information Of NAVER Mail

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-08-13 Developer:NAVER Corp.

User Reviews


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Travelling Mac 2020-05-03

I can\'t write an email address because when I try, the app tells me it\'s necessary to give them an access to my contacts!!! I don\'t want to give you my phone contacts. Are you kidding? I loved this app but I can\'t use it now because I\'m not going to give you my contacts. What\'s the matter with you?
Walter Parker Jr. 2017-12-27

Great! I needed a Gmail alternative and Naver fit the bill perfectly. Naver\'s site is mostly in Korean but the important info for signing up and verifying your account are mainly in English, and this Mail app has Korean to English translation built-in. The app is easy to use, reliable and works great. The only thing missing is an option to archive messages but manually moving emails from the inbox to other folders isn\'t really much of a hassle. I\'ll be sticking with it!
Andrew Thai 2016-12-09

So everything was alright until it suspended my account. I don\'t really understand what happens but it was alright and even better than Gmail before it said that it was on a suspicious network or something. I have T-Mobile and I live in the US so I\'m really confused as to what happened. Hope you can fix this problem.
Da Eun Seo 2020-02-28

I don\'t want the app to access my contacts. But if I don\'t give them the permission, you literally cannot manually type someone\'s email address to the recipient\'s field. What the hell?! My keyboard disappears and it\'s impossible to send an email! Please fix this ASAP. This has rendered the app unusable.
loraine park 2018-06-11

Can u make more interesting emoticons ?
Emi x 2017-08-24

I find the app terrible sometimes to use because doesn\'t let you recover your password at all. It says that it doesn\'t exist so what in the heck I\'m logging into if it doesn\'t exist. Hopefully you will fix this for international users
Yuna 2016-10-10

Was great but then... My account was suspended for no reason? I can\'t recover it either. I really loved this app too.
Christina Namkung 2018-11-15

error. Always saying network not connected though phone is connected to network.
Anu Tuyi 2020-06-28

I absolutely love the features on this mail, especially the mail tracking feature. But the UI leaves much to be desired in terms of aesthetics and ease of use. For instance I can\'t find how to add my other email accounts, and the UI is quite boring with no animations or colors- everything is white and green🤦‍♀️
Giga Prakosa Hikmata 2017-04-26

My account was suspended with the caution of \"suspicious network\". I\'m using Telkom network in Indonesia. How can it be suspicious? I love Naver mail, but if you don\'t fix this problem I won\'t use it anymore and 1 star for you. Thanks.