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Naver Whale Browser

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Description of Naver Whale Browser

Searching in easy and fast, Syncing to every devices, Blocking abusive ads!

Here is Naver Whale browser!


- Without making a new tab, you can search and use website on instant panel.


- Swipe on bottom toolbar. QuickBar is like a bookmark bar on desktop browser.


- You can save the website, images you want into Whale.

- Scrapbook is the most easy way to save and re-visit the website.


- When you sign in Whale, you can sync your data like history, bookmarks on every devices.


- Whale blocks abusive ads to make a fast and clean usage a web.

Learn more about Naver Whale

- Contact us through whaleteam@naver.com

- Please visit us : https://whale.naver.com

- This is the from for whale, let us know your opinion : https://forum.whale.naver.com/forum/25/

※ Required Permission Info

- Microphone : Use for voice input and searching

- Location : Share location with a website when you want only. Whale never use, collect, share your location information without your permission

- Storage : Use for download the file from website or upload to website

- Call : Use for call through the website when you want

- Camera, photos : Use for image search, and download photos for website

Privacy Policy

You can read privacy policy of Whale browser : https://whale.naver.com/legal/privacy/

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More Information Of Naver Whale Browser

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-12-18 Developer:NAVER Corp.

User Reviews


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Mohamed Elewa 2020-12-22

At all its good, but :1- ads block never worked 2-The undo message for each tab close is very annoying 3- can\'t change app language from mobile system arabic to be in english language.. 4-can\'t open my default router page and some sites, with a message said (your connection is not private)... 5- while using Arabic language, the search button on the top be over the x(cancel sign), also the buttons shortcut below aren\'t in correct preview
Michael Marcon 2020-10-25

You completely slipped under my radar. I am no tech junkie but I compared your browser side by side against Samsung Internet Beta and your rendering is impeccable! Images are brighter, speed is either at par or faster, I now even use this app to go about my Facebook. The DESIGN MAKES SENSE! Access to Facebook, Youtube and Google is just a swipe away! And everything loads quick and accurately so you can confidently abandon using the actual app! 👏👏👏
Deepak Patel 2020-12-04

Despite claiming to provide clean web experience naver whale is not able to block any ad.a lot of ad in the browser. It is not a recommended browser if someone wants a browser with good inbuilt ad blocker.
Ravi 2020-10-28

Please fix the ad blocker. It\'s not blocking any ads even ad blocking is switched on. It\'s showing ads in every sites I visit then what\'s the purpose of having ad blocker if does not get the job done. So please make it more powerful
Jagadeesan R 2021-03-17

Using it as daily drive and fell in love with the browser. Please add these features. 1. Ad blocker and malicious content blocker needed like brave browser. 2. Needed audio only playback for playing video contents.
Cousin Benson 2020-07-13

This is the best overall. The only one that automatically clears all browsing traces when closing the app. The 2 improvements needed are: 1. A way of exporting/importing saved bookmark links. 2. When we go to put our own picture as a background, show the search in the groups on the phone instead of 1 long list of every picture in the phone.
Sooraj S Vinod 2020-11-25

Please fix the adblock feature. I turned on the adblock toggle but it does not block or change any ads on any website. Please fix this
Vitto Po 2019-07-26

Guys, the same issue persists. When I select a text to be translated, it highlights the words either above or below the selected one. This glitch reappeared with the latest update. It was fixed in the previous one, but it has come back unfortunately. Please, fix the problem.
Saul Armendariz 2021-01-08

This browser makes excellent use of the LG Dual Screen. Features such as Dual Search introduce new funtionality and productivity to the Dual Screen. Unfortunately, this browser only has 4 search engines to choose from: Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, and Twitter. I would like to see reddit search added to the list, or the ability to enter any custom search engine.
Jon Rickell 2020-10-08

Can\'t find a way to import saved passwords from Chrome. I want to use this app instead of chrome, but don\'t see a way to import my saved passwords. Browser looks awesome though, will use it exclusively if I can import passwords.