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Description of NAVICA

NAVICA allows you to receive and store your encrypted BinaxNOW antigen test results and manage your NAVICA Pass. The NAVICA app will display a digital NAVICA Pass via a QR code, similar to an airline boarding pass, for anyone who has received a negative result using the BinaxNOW antigen test. Sharing your pass with NAVICA-enabled organizations such as employers and schools verifies authenticity of your negative test results.


- Show your NAVICA ID at a NAVICA-enabled test center

- View current and historical test results at any time

- Receive a NAVICA Pass once the test site submits a negative test result

- Validator to scan other individuals’ NAVICA Entry Passes to confirm their status and authenticity

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.33.0-prod Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Abbott

User Reviews


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Ian Manion 2020-10-13

Bug report: If you initially deny camera permissions for the \"verify passes\" function, and you decide to go back to the\"verify passes\" section of the app later, the app does not ask for camera permissions again. Instead, it repeatedly and rapidly tries to force start the camera and is subsequently denied by the system in an endless loop. This loop freezes the app and makes it unusable. Force close from task changer is the only way to solve the issue and use the app again.
russell stenseng 2020-09-02

Many reviews i read stated that entering your birthdate was a pain...all you have to do is click on 2020 and it will give a list to scroll to your birth year. Easy peasy! Not sure if the rest of the app is going to work or not just want to leave this review to help others with the frustration of the birthdate!
Michael Tibbs 2021-01-01

Can\'t create an account. States that the system is temporarily unavailable. Update: after talking to support, they think it\'s something on my work phone that is interfering with Navica app. It worked ok on my personal phone which is the same model, Samsung S8. They said they could not help any further with diagnostics.
Ko t 2021-01-07

I dunno what update they did, but it\'s causing me problems having to sign in and then use my finger sensor. My supervisor doesn\'t like it when we have to write our names on paper to get in the front door due to the app not letting us in on time. Please just go back to having the app up and ready to go your wasting valuable time.
James Clin E 2020-12-22

Good Lord!! A test that can save lives run by an app that won\'t open. I\'m sorry, but if they can\'t figure out how to run an app, I have serious doubts about the test results.
Dana Sexton 2021-01-29

Terrible! Got this to do the rapid covid test so I could travel. The results are still not showing in the app 8 hrs later and I just get bounced around between Abbott & emed trying to get a copy of my results. I\'ve spent so much time on the phone that I should\'ve just gone to a rapid test center and spent the extra money. I took another test and had the results show up immediately. My boyfriend on the other hand has taken 3 tests, no results & zero help when we call. We may have to cancel trip.
Tetsuothecat 2020-08-27

Seems promising so far!
Jason Spradlin 2020-12-29

Getting an account on this MOBILE app is ridiculous. When you open your email to get the verification code the app starts over so your code is no good. I will have to get to a computer to open my email for the code.
Emmett Turner 2020-09-03

Can\'t fill out any info after making a password when signing up. The dude blaming users for not tapping \"2020\" is wrong because that isn\'t the issue others have. All fields are blank, no element responds to touch other than aborting, and there is no \"2020\" anywhere on the screen. When you back out and try to log in again you get a spinner that never loads. Also, the password field does not trigger Android\'s \"Suggest strong password\" function forcing users to make a less random one. Please fix.
pauline breeding 2021-01-12

Love that it was easy to fill out application and love the privacy.and that its quick.