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NCB Mobile

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Description of NCB Mobile

Bypass the lines and hours of waiting. Complete your routine banking transactions from anywhere in the world, any time you please with the bank that’s in your hands!

The NCB Mobile App makes it easy to:

- Check account balances

• View your Saving, Chequing, Loan, Deposit or Investment account (accounts must already be enabled on the web)

• View the last 50 Transactions

- Transfer funds

• Between own accounts

• To third-party NCB accounts

- Pay bills including credit cards

- Add beneficiaries and payee

- Manage Credit Cards

• View available and current balances

• View minimum balance and payment due date (to avoid those late charges)

• View Statement date and balances

• Credit Card Limit

- View conversion between Jamaican and Foreign exchange currencies

- Send feedback and report issues in real time

It’s sleek, intuitive and easy to use but don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself!


1. The NCB Mobile App is currently only available to customers who:

• Have an active NCB Online profile

• Are RSA token enabled

2. Users will be asked to allow location and other permissions for security purposes.

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More Information Of NCB Mobile

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited

User Reviews


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Nadine 2020-07-29

Not a bad app, bill payments and transfers across my personal are easy to do 1. App needs to give the ability to manage/ check beneficiary information. Right now I can only add. I was trying to check beneficiary information before doing transaction and I couldn\'t. 2. I couldn\'t process the transaction. The reason noted was that it was \"unable to process, I may have exceeded my transaction limit.\" I hadn\'t even done one transaction....so now I\'m in a bind. Not happy with this right now.
Shenada Donaldson 2020-07-14

It\'s really sad how you are promoting online banking etc and you can\'t even do a simple online transfer whether to another ncb account or to another bank. I tried the online banking via the website and also the app and it\'s the same issue. I keep getting the same error when trying to add a beneficiary. I called customer service and the technical team and still the issue persist. That needs to be sorted.
Terry swag 2020-10-05

I really dont like the set up of this app. I have do do too much to login from another device or to reset my password!!! It is really ridiculous I understand u are trying to be secure but this is TOO MUCH!! Every time I switch phone I have to call for them to set up RSA for me to get a code and it is very unnecessary and annoying! why cant you all just make it simple. the password is enough the RSA is unnecessary!! With so much \"security\" I should be able to do anything on the app but the atm machines are more useful than this app. I just want to be able to login without having to call come on man do better!
Sanjae Miller 2020-12-18

It\'s an ok App, not quite there as yet and could use some improvements. I find it inconvenient that it only allows you to view transactions within the month and not for previous months, I can\'t top up my phone using the app and I can\'t make third party transfer after certain hours of the day. As I said it\'s an ok app with the basic features and could use some improvements.
Davia Wilson 2020-12-19

I could not log in to my online account. It prompt me to update app. After did I realize that I still couldn\'t log in. I had to changed my password after successfully changing my password, still no access. I had to change it again. Now I change it and I am locked out. Really? I can\'t even go by the bank because I am not working so I don\'t have any money. This update is a complete waste of my time and energy. I even had the finger print sign in option, even that have been disabled. Kmt.
tasheka peterkin 2020-09-24

I thought this was supposed to be an easy alternative to going into the bank. The set up was painstaking, I eventually got to the security token section and realised I had to install another app!!! Then I tried to do so and the thing went right back to the very beginning of set up. I didn\'t even get to add the other app. And I was not about to start all over again.
Lorene Carr 2020-06-08

This is one of the best thing ever. I used to have frequent problems getting on the NCB platform which caused much frustration. Since I installed the app the experience using it is superb. I recommend that everyone download the NCB mobile app and enjoy stress free experiences. To date I haven\'t call one agent to assist me in solving any issue. Its user friendly and it\'s the best thing ever.
Petea-Gaye Watkins 2020-04-21

It\'s awesome! The only issue i have is i keep forgetting my pin+token🙈 i hate this part of it, but i know it\'s a security feature and we all want security especially when it comes to our money, it shows me almost everything I need on the online platform. If u\'re not signed up as yet ,it\'s worth the try. I have been using this for the past 8yrs and it is doing a good job.
T\'Ann Charlton 2019-03-27

This is just stupid... I\'ve been told to get a token and no matter how I try I cant log in to my account of whatever it is tht i need to get the token. I\'m a full time student and I cant be leaving school to go to a branch or atm everytime i want to check my bank account. im tempted to close my NCB account because all this inaccesiblity is frustrating.
dionn ashmeade 2021-02-27

I am loving this app.great app.sp convenient