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Description of NCLEX RN Q&A Tutoring Saunders

Practice makes perfect with Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 7th Edition. This popular review offers more than 5,800+ test questions, giving you all the Q&A practice you need to pass the NCLEX-RN® examination!


Skyscape's App is based on the print edition Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination

7th Edition provides everything you need to prepare for the NCLEX exam 5,800+ NCLEX examination-style questions.

"Try before you buy" - Download the FREE App, includes ~400 practice question

App Features

- Study Mode (Attempt a question, see answer and the rationale)

- Create Quiz (Select topic, number of questions - Pause and resume anytime)

- Time Mode (Answer as many questions as possible in a set time to improve your speed)

- QOD (Attempt a random question(s) every day)

- Stats (View details on topics mastered so you can focus on weak areas)

- Bookmark tricky questions and add notes - Creating flashcards

- ASK-AN-EXPERT - Nurse educators are on standby. Free service from Skyscape, response within 24 hours.

In-app purchase unlocks:

* Over 5,800+ practice questions

* Question categorized by:

- Client needs

- Cognitive level

- Integrated process

- Content area

- Priority concepts

* UNIQUE! A detailed test-taking strategy and rationale

* All alternate item question types are represented, including

- Multiple response

- Prioritizing [ordered response]

- Fill-in-the-blank

- Figure/illustration [hot spot]

- Chart/exhibit video

- Audio questions

* A detailed test-taking strategy is included for each question, providing clues for analyzing and selecting the correct answer

* Chapters organized by Client Needs simplify review and reflect the question mix in the NCLEX-RN test plan blueprint.

* Rationales are provided for both correct and incorrect answer options.

*.A Priority Nursing Tip is included with each question, highlighting need-to-know patient care information.

Educators - Make NCLEX prep part of the curriculum with hundreds of example questions

The Skyscape App/Platform includes a Web Dashboard

- Filter question bank

- Content area for "Content based" curriculum

- Priority concepts for "Concept based" curriculum

- Cognitive level

- Client needs

- Integrated Process

Set assignments and view students progress - Contact Sales@skyscape.com for a no obligation demonstration

Students - Prepare for NCLEX "Anytime - Anywhere" with 6000+ practice questions

- The app tracks metrics on attempted questions so you can focus on your "Knowledge" gaps

- Correct answer after first attempt

- Correct answer after multiple attempts

- Bookmarked questions with notes

After the Exam - Candidate Performance Report gives summary of how you performed in and description of the content area with a list of topics related to it. Your performance in each area is described in one of the following ways

- Above the Passing Standard

- Near the Passing Standard

- Below the Passing Standard

Use the report and filters questions to brush-up on weak areas

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User Reviews


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Toni Morris 2020-11-03

It\'s very helpful for lecture test too. The app doesn\'t fail to load that much.
mikaela winston 2020-07-08

This app tests your knowledge while also acting as a great refresher for past information learned in class. Great rationale is provided as to why answers are correct and why others are not, and it\'s explained in a very simple yet informative way. I\'m so glad I downloaded this app and highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the NCLEX or for those just wanting to refresh their knowledge.
rose oguzie 2020-03-24

I love this apps because it is comprehensive in totallity (all one needs to know about each topic). It is very educative. Thanks a lot for this oppportunity to take part in the study.
Tara Boddie 2020-07-31

This is a great study tool. I use it when i wake up and before I go to bed. I challenge myself like this: I have to get 5 questions correct in a row to close the app. Sounds simple but is sometimes harder than it seems. I wish all of the catagories were unlocked but only the physiologic category is available without a charge thats why only 4 stars. Exceptional tool with rationales!!
Synel DPT 2018-02-10

Why the bad reviews? I love this app sooo much, I have downloaded almost every app out there to study for the nclex and this has been THE BEST of all of them. In each question it gives you rationale, test taking tips, priority and references from where they found the content. I can\'t believe how good this app is. Oh and tons of free questions. I LOVE IT. THANKS.
Keona Littlejohn 2018-02-15

Was never able to get to questions. Took forever to download. Has to have permission to access calls to even work.
Pip O 2019-01-23

Advertised as free app. Must pay for remaining 5600 questions.
Aimee Rose Doce 2020-04-15

It helps me a lot. I always used it when i am in travel and after i finished the 400 free questions, i reset it and repeat the q&a. I passed my NCLEX!
Diana Gilbert 2018-02-12

This app want to have access to call on my cell and make changes. I do not think that study questions related to my calls. This ad is preventing to me study if I am not agree to give access to all calls. Well, it is mean I will just uninstalled that app..
jennen mongaya-dumayaca 2020-04-21

Quite easy to follow,less hassles upon signing in/logging in.I would recommend this app for NCLEX reviewees.This is helpful. Hope audio-visual lectures ,or presentation would be available in the future whether online or offline mode.