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Description of Nebulous.io

Grow your blobs by collecting dots placed throughout the game or gobbling up smaller players. Avoid bigger players attempting to do the same. Compete with other players to become the biggest blob.


☆ Find Groups, Play With Friends, and Join a Clan!

☆ NEW: Squid Game mode!

☆ Over 750 skins with unique ways to unlock them!

☆ Tournament Mode! Compete for massive plasma rewards!

☆ Upload your own custom skin for other players to see!

☆ Online Multiplayer (up to 32 players per game)

☆ Offline Single-player

☆ New Battle Royale (Duo) Mode!!

☆ FFA, Timed FFA, FFA ULTRA, FFA Classic, Teams, Timed Teams, Capture the Flag, Survival, Soccer and Domination Modes!

☆ Mayhem Mode!

☆ XP, Achievements, and Stats!

☆ Clan System with Clan Wars!

☆ If you are feeling competitive try the Arenas!

☆ Space or Grid Theme

☆ Multiple Control Schemes

☆ Server Leader Boards

☆ No Internet? No Problem! Play with nearby friends via Bluetooth


☆ Touch the control pad to move

☆ Split Button - launches some of your mass in the direction you are moving

☆ Eject Button - ejects some of your mass in your current direction. Tip: Use this to move black holes!


☆ Eject mass into a black hole to move it

☆ After some time passes your blobs will recombine

☆ Seek refuge from large players inside black holes if you are small

☆ Black holes will break up or shrink your blobs if you are large

☆ Split up when being chased for a small speed boost

Multiplayer Connection Tips:

☆ For multiplayer you need at least a 3G cellular connection or high quality Wi-Fi

☆ Select the nearest server

☆ Try several different internet connections (if available)

☆ Close applications in the background that might use the internet or slow down your device

New features and improvements coming soon.

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More Information Of Nebulous.io

lable: Action - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-10-22 Developer:Simplicial Software, LLC

User Reviews


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Brandon Kabamba 2019-06-10

Very addictive and fun game with nearly no flaws compared to Agar.io. I have an idea that might seem radical. It\'s similar to multiboxing in Agar.io, in which you can play as two cells at once by switching between them. To keep the flow of the two controlled blobs the last directional input made on a blob you\'ve previously controlled will be the automatic direction of that blob when it\'s not being controlled. It might sound a bit hard to understand and you don\'t have to add it if it\'s too much.
雨Rain 2021-01-31

The game idea is good, a lot of modes, skins, and more. I don\'t usually talk bad about games, but this is different! This game is honestly the worst I\'ve played! Moderators banning innocent people and ignoring toxic or abusive players. No chat restrictions or monitoring for insults and bad language. Players send me abusive mails, and when I report to & contact a moderator with proof, they don\'t do a thing! This game is honestly bad and I certainly recommend playing a game like Bleach BS Instead.
Kyroz Seth Branford Xola 2020-11-19

Unique game I love it I played for 5+ years and still playing it\'s one of those games you can just go on it and don\'t wait for a download. I love this game very unique game. Sometimes you can rage quit because of the try hards. Random teaming. It can be very annoying at times, but a good game. Just watch out for the random teaming.
Weirdest- POTATO 2019-05-17

I have been playing the game for four years, I think, and It\'s awesome. There is a lot of quests to complete and many game mods. Despite the toxic people you\'ll find on there it\'s still amazing. The only thing that\'s sad to see is how little people play it now but that is expected considering how long this game has been around. I hope this game stays active and around for a little while longer.
Kurome Chan 2019-09-08

I\'ll just try to win more tournaments then It worked so I apologize for the reaction to it My mind isn\'t good on time so it must have been a little bit beforehand on winning the tournament Thank you Voice chat still lags a lot though, for me my voice comes through a few minutes after already saying that It isn\'t a big deal though, I\'ll just use discord to call
Rayyan Najam 2020-10-28

Haven\'t been able to play the game due to huge amounts of lag, hopefully the next update can fix this problem.
Corona Virus 2019-08-05

Amazing game with nice amazing features though I honestly feel like you should make the graphics somewhat better and probably make the game play alot more smoother anyways I totally love your game it\'s addicting and highly enjoyable you earned my 5 stars I wish you all the best!
Jam Bajalla 2019-09-13

I put 1 stars because i discovered the worse glitch in Nebulous... When i deleted Nebulous for a week...i decided if i will downlaod it back... I was schocked because i went back to level 38...I was level 328...Please help me my ID is 9921215....
Camile Enciso 2019-07-05

I\'ve been playing since 2015/16 and the app keeps getting better and better! There are so many different ways to play, many which are both solo and cooperative. My personal favorite is Campaign mode because of the skills, tricks, and teamwork needed to play. You\'ll find yourself addicted!!! Deffiently my favorite app
Kyle Driver 2020-10-10

I am still enjoying this game almost 5 years later for me. A thing the developers can add is possibly a custom background, example being that you can use your custom skins as a background in your profile. I don\'t have many complaints about the game other than it lagging sometimes, but it\'s not always the game\'s fault for it.