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Neon Flytron: Cyberpunk Racer

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Description of Neon Flytron: Cyberpunk Racer

Dive into this fascinating neon world! Dodge traffic and moving bridges, fly between trains, and through giant fans. Use a shield to avoid obstacles. Watch neon signs passing by your side, while you rush forward.

Many dangers lie ahead, but you can do it! Prove yourself and become the best pilot in cyberpunk city!


🔸Amazing graphics immerse you in that neon world of cyberpunk.

🔸Dynamic and unpredictable gameplay won’t let you get bored.

🔸 Customizing your car allows you to express your individuality.

🔸 Smooth steering with just one finger provides comfortable playing for anyone.

🔸 Fascinating electronic music makes you feel in the future.

🔸 Music rhythm game with a choice of your own music.

🔸 Fight unique bosses and show your agility.

🔸 First-person view for complete immersion.

The game is in development, your feedback is really important for me!

I’ll be happy to hear your opinion.

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Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mobyzay/

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More Information Of Neon Flytron: Cyberpunk Racer

lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.9.3 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Mobyzay

User Reviews


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Alex Rivera 2020-11-10

Absolutely wonderful game, so far I\'ve only played til the first boss, let me tell ya what, one if the most complicated yet funniest level I\'ve seen. Great job! Overall a wonderful game with magnificent soundtracks! Chief, you\'ve achieved perfection, a spectacular game, with an even better developer. Thank you for not letting this game die.
Mon Dagdagan 2020-09-18

This game is one of the best game that have a neon theme. I suggest to the developer to improve this game in the future like adding more content ( daily quest, gacha items, more power ups and upgrade to power ups ) this game is going to be a hit if the developer is a hard working we will be grateful, this is like a premium game for me and also the U.I. in the front page of your game made me dizzy a little bit maybe you can remove/fade the second layer of the neon.
Mate Bagi 2020-10-09

pretty damn good game overall, ill name some quick points due to 500 char limit: great graphics & gui, looks incredible for mobile. sounds decent, menu sound is good, but gets repetitive, coin sound is a bit generic. music is pretty good. add engine sounds, itd help gameplay. in-game coins are basically worthless compared to bonus levels are too easy, try raise difficulty by speed and not just smaller gaps try more controls, eg move same as finger, not by joystick. amazing game still, thanks
Prayosha Vora 2020-10-04

Wow! Amazing update. Now it is even more interesting to play and I am really engrossed in playing it. Thank You
Azamat Umirzakov 2021-01-22

Now, I can finally choose custom songs. Thanks! Now, it would be cool if the lights on the walls were highlighted to the beat. Maybe I am asking too much... Anyway, game is cool!
Gaus Saraf Murady 2021-01-24

Thanks! I was finally able to play a music from my device. It was awesome. Though I\'d rather if there was something like \"Synced Music\" option for dynamic lighting, meaning your progress is not needed for them to change (tho you wouldn\'t notice much difference) . Musics and beat parts seem Ok but in lyrics, it gets a bit messy. Going through tiles could use sfx, bass needs work. It\'d also be nice to have camera shake effect : ) PS: feels nice to know a developer actually cared my opinions :D
Kavin Vardhan 2020-06-25

I came here from r/Unity3D, as the sneak peeks you gave were very interesting. Honestly, everything is on point, the gameplay, the UI, it was all very professional and likeable. I enjoyed playing it. Well done bro!
3 Hit Points 2020-08-30

Excellent. This game isn\'t what I expected it to be... IT WAS MORE, WAY MORE. Everything is amazing. I thought it would be like a subway surfers type game, not really. I love it! But I have noticed that when using the shield you can clip out of bounds. Seems like that should be patched.
Jovienne Claudius Ruizol 2020-10-01

such an awesome game! ya have good reviews and ya deserve it! love the graphics and game optimization. keep it that way, am looking forward for awesome additions and settings. and by the way, am a real gamer and we want it to have cloud save like fb or google play. thank you! am loyal to this game now.
Paduo Padua 2020-09-01

1st time to write a game review.The visuals and controls are so smooth. 100% no lags. I love the theme it reminds me the neon lights of the 80s. One of the greatest game i EVER played on my phone! Im saying the truth. But the game sound SO low (i almost cant hear anything even at max vol). PLEASE improve this. I also suggest different iterior designs for every car cause they are all the same in 1st person view. I also suggest better music,weapon and enemies and tilt controls. Thanks to developer