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Description of NerdWallet: Personal Finance

Discover the insights you need to make the most of your money. Start with the big picture and see all your financial accounts on one screen. Or zoom in on the details of your cash flow, expenses, credit score and net worth. Plus, get Nerd-approved tips to build it all.

Here’s how our personal finance tracking app works:


- Track spending across multiple cards

- Get detailed spending insights

- Track your bills, expenses and more

- Discover ways to cut back or save

- Compare spending month-to-month

- See your top spending categories and trends


- See how your income, debts, investments, and home value all add up

- Follow the history of your net worth

- Zoom into the details of your net worth and track individual accounts over time


- Access your credit score and credit report any time

- Get score change notifications

- Understand the factors that affect your score

- Learn ways to keep building – whether it’s increasing your credit utilization or paying your bills earlier, and more


- Quickly find and compare more rewarding credit cards, better loan rates, and higher-earning bank accounts

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:9.22.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:NerdWallet

User Reviews


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Ryan Castillo 2019-11-08

I love this app! I am a notoriously bad spender/ budget-er, and this app has helped me save more money than I ever had in a long time! It just takes a few moments to input your bills and such and then its thought-free from there! Thank you NerdWallet! Edit: I see a lot of low reviews for this application. I haven\'t had a bad experience with this app so far, and for being one of the only free budgeting applications available, I\'d say this is wher it is at!
Tristan Iser 2019-04-16

fantastic idea, but, the app hardly works. poor optimization. no structure. messy format. wont let me add more bills. no longer displays the bills i added upon making the account. doesnt display my actual spending even with a bank account linked. i originally got this so that i would be able to view all my bills in one place and get reminders for them. it says it does both but i have yet to see it do either. it displays 2 bills i paid weeks ago only. has potential but horrid to navigate.
Amanda Nestrud 2019-12-20

Yeah it\'s nice to have stuff in one place, but good luck if you and your husband have the same credit card company, or if you want to delete a bill that\'s not supposed to be a bill!! I have tried like 30 times to delete the same bill and it won\'t delete!! Tried adding 2 discover accounts like you can with Bank accounts and you can\'t! Ugh all I\'ve gotten is a migraine after 3 hours of this!!!!
Rachel 2019-05-01

I have come to like this app as it shows almost all the info I need in a clean manner. The only things I wish this app had was a +/- number showing spending vs income next to the graph. Sometimes my income is more than my expected monthly paychecks. Also I wish there was a simple widget that showed this as well, or a simple way to keep track of spending at a quick glance.
Lyric Roberts 2019-09-28

Great app. This is the ONLY money monitoring app I have found that actually can connect to my bank! I\'ve tried so many different apps but none of them supported my bank. I am so happy to have tried this now. So far so good! My only complaint is I cant seem to find a way to see a breakdown of my income, only my outgoing payments.
Donna Parsons 2019-11-23

I love NerdWallet , it tells you alot about your credit score and what your doing wrong ! Great app . and if you need help they will reach out to you . trust Me 💐 if you need a Great place to get your credit score + extras please go to Nerdwallet . DonnaMarie today\'s Date 11-23-19 I\'ve learned a lot more from nerdwallet . I trust them and I really believe that.. Thank you Nerdwallet for helping me . Donna Parsons
Joe Tro 2019-03-20

the app is nice enough but i gave 5 stars bc ive been looking for a secured card to rebuild my credit for two years - none would approve me bc of student loans. i installed nerd wallet, got my credit score, and it reccommended a card i couod be approved for. i applied. i got approved. Nerd Wallet is why i can finaly start rebuilding my credit after having fraud destroy it ten years ago <3
Jay Gudger 2020-01-26

Thought it\'d be neat to have all money stuff in one place. But the app barely works. Took me weeks to get it to sync with my bank account because it would never accept my password. Had to reset my bank account password several times, since my bank forces a password reset. Once I did get it to accept. I had to put in my password and security code every single time I used the app. I had the same problem syncing my investment app. I also thought this would come with a handy widget but it doesn\'t.
Lydia King 2019-04-14

It\'s a great starting point to get a single view of all your finances. All spending can be categorized. I wish there were more subcategories and I wish there was a calendar to show what\'s coming up. For example, I just plotted out on my own that I have so many bills due in one week. It also shows how to pay down debt effectively. I use it all day and I\'ve recommended it to friends.
Naomi & Wendy 2019-08-10

Completely useless app. I can\'t even connect my bank accounts to it, it tells me that some information was incorrect after loading for several minutes. I\'ve tried this with two different bank accounts (three times each) and it continues to give me error messages.