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Description of Netspend Skylight ONE

You are always on the go. Get the app that helps make sure your money keeps up with you!

The Skylight Mobile App gives you the power to manage your account on the move. Managing your money wherever, whenever. With ease and speed you can:

- Check your account balance and transaction history

- Find surcharge free ATMs

- Get direct deposit information

It’s secure, fast, and free.

Note: If you are a Brink's Money Paycard cardholder, please use the Brink's Money Paycard mobile app which can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netspend.mobileapp.brinkspaycard.

Plus, the app is optimized for Android devices, so it integrates seamlessly

Now supports all versions of Android greater than 4.4.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.2.2 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:NetSpend

User Reviews


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jessi shimp 2015-08-08

Skylight Paycard App Everyone is hating on this app , saying it \"isn\'t secure\" for not remembering their password ? Like , are you absolutely RETARDED??? If it remembered your password every time , practically anyone you let use your phone for the most innocent of reasons could have access to your account & money . By asking for your password every time , its ensuring that it\'s actually YOU trying to access your account. I\'m 17 years old , and if I can understand this reasoning and you CAN\'T, then you need to go back to school
Greg Esten 2020-11-27

I hope u guys change the way u figure out purchases when getting gas \"pay at the pump\" style. It puts $75.00 on hold, even if I only get $10.00 in gas, which I get, but after the purchase is complete, there should be another text sent showing my actual purchase and balance... Please fix the mobile check deposit!! It is charging us too much!! It has been charging us 6% for every check and your supposed to be charging 2%. I can\'t make a 30 min call to u guys every week when I deposit my check!!!
Kujo Church 2019-03-30

does everything a bank should, without the bank bs, even was able to get enough cash out to buy a truck, had one bank make it a little difficult at first but the next one did it no problem in n out in 5 minutes with 6 grand
Donna Hartshorn 2020-12-27

Up until Christmas Eve I had no problems. I have used your photo check cashing before with no problems. Christmas Eve I get my check, I go through everything, I do the photo deposit & it\'s not my account. While you guys keep trying to blame indigo for it, your company is the one that is not accepting it. I have already done this with a check for the company that I work for with no issue. we even went through a three-way call between you & indigo You said you would fix it. Now you deny it.
erich miller 2020-07-21

The app is ok, works well and has an easy to navigate menu and just about all the services you\'d expect from any bank.... Terrible customer service, not even considered a real bank by many, many, other companies or banks or apps and will not work for almost anything other than simple in-store, or online, product purchases. And with the fees these guys charge and awful customer service I can see no reason to even consider using them. .
JaNaya Neither 2015-09-03

💯💯💯💯 Safe && Secure let\'s you see everything!!!! People complain it doesn\'t remember you. It does that so if someone tries to see or do something it logs you out to be safe. I have no complaints, or bugs. ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ love this app. You have to register and set up your card before trying to log in 😣😒😒 not hard. 💯💁
Nox Aeterna 2020-11-27

Good app. Annoying that I have to enter my username and password every time to see my balance -- many other apps have quicker ways to view your balance. Other than that, it\'s a well-designed and easy to use application.
Da Juicman 2016-03-25

Great banking app Ive seen that some of you said it would be more secure if it remembered your password... But think about that anyone could pick up your phone or tablet log into your acc and steal your money because they didnt need your password because its already saved in the phone.... And i love the flash pay option
BroadwayGaming 2016-05-06

To Set the Record Straight Any app that saves information such as your password or any other information is vulnerable to information theft, so it\'s good that this app requires your password for each login. Second, if you want exact information on your paycheck status, that is your employer\'s responsibility. This bank only receives the deposit/ transfer made by your employer\'s bank, therefore it cannot be aware of any adjustments made to your wages.
Marcus Solis 2020-09-02

The layout of the app is actually convenient, very easy to move around and getting new cards or shutting some off are easy as just a simple click. The actual bank itself is awful, literally any other card company would be better to get. The fees are awful, they dont even tell you until it actually pops up and its after that its just simply your problem to them, my card information had been stolen and I was told that the decline fees were there and that I should handle them. Thanks Netspend