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Description of Nevada COVID Trace

Nevada's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) COVID Trace app helps reduce the spread of coronavirus in Nevada helping everyone stay safe. COVID Trace doesn’t require personal information helping protect your privacy.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:minted1200005 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health

User Reviews


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Kristine Grimes 2020-10-26

Update: Its fixed. I hope people use this as a great tool to assist 7s in fighting COVID-19. The app will not let me go beyond the 3rd page. It doesnt work. My bluetooth and location are on. The \"exposure notification\" will not let me turn it on as it says \"I need to finish setting up the app\" others instructions say the \"exposure notification\" must be on to finish the app. ????? I am stuck in a loop.
Renee Halm 2020-08-25

I really want to use this app, but it won\'t let me go beyond the third page in setup. The \"Continue\" button is transparent and doesn\'t seem to work. Please help. Edit - I changed my rating up to 5 stars! When O had trouble setting it up the developers contacted me immediately and I was able to fix the problem. Excellent support, and a potentially valuable app for curbing the spread of Covid.
Nathan Conrad-Forrest 2020-11-16

Downloaded the app about two weeks ago worked fine, I assume the first couple days. Now it will never reload information (it has a little time last updated at the top) it\'s been stuck at the same time no matter what I do. I like the idea of this but it\'s basically an app that is a website with tracking permissions. All the clickable stuff in the app just take you to a webpage through your internet app.
Tara Luning 2020-08-31

This app is such an awesome start. It has never updated exposure on it\'s own. I have to refresh it every time. I have gone a day with no auto updates like it said it would, so I just refresh at least once a day. I wish it showed how many ids you have encountered or something cause it feels like the app isn\'t doing anything. It would be nice to know that it has read # nearby users and is now checking that many every refresh. It kinda feels like just an info about covid app, not a tracker.
Loreen Killip-Marvosh 2020-12-26

Absolutely useless if you don\'t have a specific 8 digit code to confirm the test results. The lab my husband got tested at used code numbers longer than 8 digits. When his test came back positive, there was no way to report it to this app. I don\'t know if this app is limited to NV Health dept tests or what.
Ken Harroun 2020-12-25

I now understand why I never got an alert even though I live in a hotspot. I tested positive and tried to notify, but it requires a diagnosis code that is never given. There is no workaround, so no way it can be activated.
A D 2020-11-14

\"Reload\" Ineffective It\'s 08:00, and I have been out in public for an hour, but it last checked exposures at 3:15 yesterday. I do not normally leave Bluetooth on, so I have been turning off my Bluetooth at bedtime at night, and back on in the morning. Today I turned it back on before 06:00, and have tried to \"reload\" but it still won\'t re-check. I saw some others with the same issue; maybe it\'s Android, maybe it\'s Bluetooth but doesn\'t seem to work well.
Stanley McPartland 2020-11-20

Doesn\'t appear to work. Last checked time is the time of day of when I installed it several weeks ago. Manual refresh doesn\'t do anything.
Crystal Roberts 2020-12-26

When I downloaded the App I assumed it would notify me of exposures. It never did. The App does not update and no matter where I go store, mall, movies, etc it doesn\'t connect or work. There is a serious flaw.
Michael Foley 2020-12-16

I\'ve been carrying this around for 3 months and to date NO NOTIFICATION that I\'ve come close to Covid. Then I caught the coronavirus and it was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to report a covid positive. You have to have a verification code to report your covid diagnosis and the clinics have NO CLUE on how to give you the code. I had to call the Nevada State DHHS and thankfully a really nice guy called back and gave me a code, and my roommate a code too BUT the app STILL isn\'t reporting Covid encounters!!