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Description of New Home - Design Book

Welcome! Imagine the exiting Combination of match 3 games and design home games!! As a famous interior designer, your talent of home design are well-known by people. After beating the matching levels, you can help different people to renovate their rooms, houses, gardens, swimming pools, library ... and design a dream home for those good people.

The puzzles will sharpen your brain, and the home design will improve your aesthetic!

- express your individuality in thousands of design elements and embody your personal style!

- enjoy interesting and bright characters!

- play an incredible match 3 game with more than 1000 levels and several gaming modes. Take your challenge!

- get regular updates with the new furniture and match 3 levels!

- take your favourite game to play everywhere, even offline!

Try yourself as a designer and turn old houses into masterpieces of the modern interior! Design your dream house

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.0.5 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:candy bread

User Reviews


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debbie brown 2020-06-26

I absolutely love this game! Very relaxing to play and love the decorating. I just started playing yesterday and couldn\'t believe how easily I breezed through to level 41. I hope I can continue on like that. I appreciate the ability to watch an ad to get more moves if you are so close to beating a level but need another move or two. I also like being able to watch ads for extra coins and doubling your coins. Just wish the boosters weren\'t so expensive and you could earn more stars.
Barbara Baldauf 2020-07-28

No stupid story line. Graphics are great. Games not that hard. To good to be true, yes. Keeps freezing up have to exit. You did not give me my coins for 3 levels about 2000. Hope you fix the bugs or im gone. If not for the bad stuff I would give 5+ stars! I\'m so tired of this crashing. Used to do it after the ads now it does it in the middle of a game! Shame cuz it\'s a great game! Your gonna lose me! FIX IT!!!! Drop to 1 star!!!
Marilyn Trevino 2020-05-03

In the beginning the games were fun. As time goes on, to decorate just one item, went from about 900-1000 , now it gets higher and higher, 2000-2500, so you have to play multiple games just to get one item. It takes away the enjoyment of decorating the room. Some of the games are just too hard, this is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.
LeeLee Is Me 2021-01-05

I\'m on level 174, why does it cost almost 3,000 coins to paint a wall or to redo a floor? Everything is so expensive. Also why do you keep changing the name of this game? It makes it tough for people to find it when they want to leave a review but maybe that\'s the point. This game is fun but you need to make things a little cheaper and more attainable. If you do that I\'ll give it five stars and stop being sneaky with your name. That shows that you guys are doing something bad on the down low.
Terri Wiesemeyer 2020-08-02

Pretty good game so far. Ads aren\'t bad, you get something for them that makes it worth watching. Free ads are 5 seconds. 5 stars because I\'m able to go back to a completed room and change it for free! I love that! Havent had to spend yet but if what I need is reasonable I won\'t mind spending within my budget. Thanks!
Pamela Miller 2020-08-06

This game has several issues, one being that it takes the money you earned without giving you credit for the games you won. The game has booted me off while I was in the middle of a game, more than a few times. These issues need to be addressed. The furniture choices are nice and different from other games. I am leaving this game because it contains too many issues. Have been stuck on same level for days and it does not seem possible to beat. Not fun, too bad. Do not waste your time.
Cheryl Grant 2020-06-25

This has been one of the first games I\'ve enjoyed ,because you can decorate and not spend all your time playing those blasted blast games. This is still one of the best game that I found dating an older person it keeps my brain working plus I love the decorating all right of a games and what you get to choose from beautiful design thanks;
KATHY Courtney 2020-12-06

I suffer from lots of chronic pain and fatigue. This game has brought so much joy into my life. I\'m on level 100 and it\'s been one of the most enjoyable games I\'ve played in some time. Winning matches has so far been pretty easy. That in itself has been wonderful. When I\'m in alot of pain things can get frustrating and becomes hard to focus. You can win boosters easily and I\'ve got quite a stash. Please don\'t change anything about this game. I love it. Am getting closer to level 200.
Patricia Mask 2020-07-05

I\"m trying one more time !Really a nice game. Why do you designers want cluttered rooms?
Becky Burch 2020-07-08

I love the game but I don\'t like the fact that there is no way to get rid of the ads even through purchase which I would gladly pay for. Because when I started the game it was only 1 ad every 3 levels but once I got to level 50 I started seeing ads after every level which makes the game a less enjoyable experience. Plus the English is not very good which makes what the characters are saying impossible to understand and I speak fluent English! Fix this and I\'ll rerate to 5 stars.