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Description of New York Mysteries 2

Fearless journalist Laura is again brought in to investigate strange murders taking place in New York. Immerse yourself in an exciting crime story and solve the mystery of a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning!

New York Mysteries: High Voltage - an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells about mysterious events that took place in the 50s, New York.

New York City, sometime in the 1950s. A wave of mysterious murders has swept through the city. At each crime scene, only a pile of ash remains. Witnesses claim to have seen a ball of lightning. Could a human being be capable of such a thing? Who is behind the cryptic killings? Are they connected with a strange incident which took place during an execution at the Sing Sing penitentiary? The police are unable to answer any of these questions... and so the White Stone Order takes the reins. Fearless journalist Laura is again brought in to investigate murders nobody can explain!

Immerse yourself in an exciting crime story and visit uncharted locations from 1950s New York!

Game features:

• Explore over 50 stunning locations

• Complete over 40 different mini-games

• Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes

• Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements

• The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

Solve dozens of puzzles and learn more about the White Stone Order!

Create the one of a kind mechanism and stop the vicious criminal!

Meet the variety of characters, they won't leave you indifferent!

Look at things in a new light in the Bonus chapter!

Visit the numerous uncharted locations in New York of the 50s!

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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Ewa Marcol 2020-09-01

I never rated any game before, but seeing all the comments about some glitches just makes me angry. If you want to use the template for the Eagle puzzle, you need to put it on the tower and use chalk on it. You can find it in the nest by the ladder. And about the arrow game in the brown box - just fix one of the lamp (on left) in the main hall, where Bishop is. Then you can solve the puzzle. Everything is connected so if you\'re stuck you must have missed something.
Jacquie M 2020-10-18

Absolutely love this game!! Great, intriguing mystery. Love the challenge of finding the clues. Some scenes are tricky but never frustrating. Just when I think I\'ll have to use a hint, I look again & find the clue😁. Never gets boring, I could play for hours. And, NO ADS!!!!! Super job with this game. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to use their detecting skills & have some fun! Beats the usual mindless games a 100%. Many thanks to this game\'s developers!👍👍👍
James Campbell 2020-05-05

The game play is fun in the fact that you have to use your mind to figure out the clues. What sucks about the game is the touch sensitivity, and by this I mean you can touch an object or item or area like ten or more times and nothing happens. Then after you get frustrated enough and decide to use a clue, the clue lights up the area or item you were just tapping on.
Jannah Kewn 2019-10-21

There is a bug in the game where you have to do the constellation thing it keeps saying that the item is not for that when it clearly is and it\'s frustrating as I\'ve done everything up until then and now I can\'t do anymore because of it I even went as far as doin it with the walkthrough and I get exactly the same thing
May Nelson 2019-09-25

Love it, storyline is good, if a touch dark. The controls are very responsive, hints are good as they relate to the map. The graphics and videos are amazing, I haven\'t looked at the artwork yet. I\'m loving the puzzles, just right for me. Plenty of things to keep your brain in gear. Well done guys and gals I\'m playing on a Samsung Note perfect, no glitches.
Tanmay Prakash 2020-08-02

Awesome game. Interesting and intruiging. Amongst the best games I\'ve played in a long time. Will definitely recommend to people who enjoy mystery games. Amazing graphics and clarity of design. Nice game play experience and the best part, no ads! The only missing star is due to the fact that after some time, it becomes relatively easy and predictable. But still very much an enjoyable game play.
Holly Smith 2020-03-26

I really enjoy these games, I cannot find others that I enjoy as much (and I\'d like a change!) The story tends to be superfluous, be better if there were hints in the reading to make it more interesting. Also, you really need to take notes to remember where all the unfinished things are the bits are toomfar apart otherwise. To me they should be within one or two maptiles, forward or back. I really don\'t want to take notes. or, a task list that tracks open bits and as you finish they fall off
Danielle Cooney 2021-01-19

Loved this one, I\'m finding it hard to remember which ones I\'ve played and which I haven\'t by this developer, so I\'ll review each after completion then I\'ll know! Theyre all brilliant and theres no need to spend any money. I\'ve spent a little sometimes as I\'m impatient and want to see what\'s next /see the new area, but you get plenty of coins if you use them wisely and only for a clue should you really get stuck.
Me Me 2019-12-15

I just discovered the New York Mysteries games and I love them. They are challenging, but usually fairly intuitive. It\'s great that you get some free hints. I have only played the \"free to play\" versions and thus far have spent no money, which is really great. I wish I could turn off the character voices, but not a big deal. Overall, great games.
Dawn Tidball 2020-03-22

Very addictive game. The gameplay is intelligent and fun. It keeps you interested for hours. I love that it is not a hiddrn object game. I ahve beem waiting for a game that plays like this, so thank you. My only negayive is not having a way to earn coins or hints. They seem to be purchase only and I really wish it was integrated in the game play somehow.