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Description of New York Mysteries 3

As a journalist, Laura James is again brought in to investigate a strange murder. What starts as a routine investigation quickly takes a dark turn.

New York Mysteries: The Lantern of Souls is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games. It tells about dangerous and mysterious investigation of a brave journalist Laura James.

A new chapter of the cold-blooded saga transports us to the New York of the late 1950s. The brutal murder of a rich lawyer's widow is not what it seems. On the instruction of the Secret Order Laura James, a reporter with the 'Daily News', is heading to the scene of the crime. At first thought it is an ordinary brigandage, but the deeper Laura digs, the darker it gets and a routine investigation quickly takes a dark turn. The results of the search are quite surprising and danger is awaiting for the journalist at her every step. Cunning traps and puzzles, dark secrets of the past and mysterious Darkness that is covering the city. Will she be able to manage the upcoming events to save not only New York but the world from the impending disaster?

Immerse yourself in the adventurous game and solve the mystery of a dangerous criminal!

Game features:

• Over 50 stunning locations

• Over 40 different mini-games

• Interactive hidden object scenes

• Collections, morphing objects and achievements

• Bonus chapter leads you up to the war bunker

• The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

Meet lots of old and new characters

Solve dozens of puzzles

Stir up against the evil forces

Save New York from the fateful darkness

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:FIVE-BN GAMES

User Reviews


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Bethany Long 2019-11-07

There is a major \"glitch\" in the last HOP that prevented from connecting wires to obtain a key. Without this key, one cannot finish the game. Strangely enough though, I was able to purchase coins to skip the puzzle and proceed. This seemed like a manipulative move to obtain cash. I\'m really disappointed in the developers for inserting a deliberate scam. I would\'ve given a five star rating but this ruined it. I will never recommend these games due to this.
Jordyn Gregory 2020-02-27

Really!?? I have read reviews from 3 months ago about not being able to pass the area with the bomb, not being able to connect wires. After 3 mos the developers still haven\'t fixed this issue!? So after all the time spent in this game and money spent on coins that I can not transfer to another game, I\'m stuck!? And the dev\'s have known about it for 3 months or more!!!? Screw you guys, this is the last one of your games I will play.
Gordon Dunlap 2020-07-12

Like most supposedly f2p games, it\'s all about making you buy your progress. The game requires you to solve puzzles by collection objects from various rooms, but there\'s no way you can do it without using clues. The clues tend to be useless, such as pointing out which puzzle you need to solve next, which you probably already know... And then, if you use another clue, the game shows you the exact same thing again. It\'s a rip off with decent graphics.
FairyGust 2020-05-12

Very entertaining, all of their games. The glitchy bomb puzzle is quite infuriating, but overall I was hooked. There is one thing though, which is hard in games like this and I get that, but also I hope there is a huge plot twist at the end - how do I keep finding objects in different locations from where they\'re used, if there is no connection between the heroes, who put those things there? I guess it needs to be revealed that the HQ guy is in cahoots with the villains, he is so sketchy... :D
Jess 2020-10-31

The connect the wires puzzle in one of the hidden object games doesn\'t work. I even looked at a YouTube walkthrough to make sure I did everything right and you add the lightbulb and the wires (after plugging in the machine with the papers on it to get the clue that shows how the wires are connected) and it just says to connect the wires but nothing happens when you click on the knobs, wires or on anything. Super disappointing. I\'m on Samsung Galaxy S7 active.
Gillian Pritchard 2020-05-19

To get round the bomb wire glitch, clear the cache for the app. Then when doing the puzzle keep your finger pressed on the connection point and drag to the new connection point. Don\'t click then lift your finger off as this doesn\'t work. It took me a number of tries but managed based on previous review comments. Hope this helps as great game otherwise.
Vania Metcalf 2020-08-25

I don\'t think you truly understand how awesome your games really are. I\'ve played every kind of game along these lines that you could imagine starting with Mist on a PC and your games by far are the best! Great story line, wonderful characters, love the puzzles, but most of all how they are series not just pointless like most games like this are. I\'d give 10 stars. You should also know I don\'t leave reviews hardly ever. Your games are worth taking time to leave a review tho. Keep it up!
AlexW 2020-05-02

I\'m about halfway through and I\'m really enjoying it. Challenging but doable, beautiful graphics, spooky bits in between. More varied and and interesting than many HOG adventures. And amazingly, it really is free, no buying after you\'ve played a trial chapter. You can buy hints if you want to but don\'t have too. Thank you, developers.
Jill Parks 2020-03-10

I really enjoy these. I got on the second to the last screen where you connect wires in order to get a key. I was going to report itand then I saw that this had been reported a long time ago. Come to find out that the way to connect the wires is to drag your finger from one post to another. I kept trying to grab the wires that were hanging and connect them to the Posts. So I was able to complete the game and enjoyed every minute. I especially like that there are screenshots for each location.
Jp Mcc 2020-01-31

So much more than the usual genre , from the cutscenes to longevity to sound effects , all amazing . Enjoyed every bit and the puzzles weren\'t too hard but the other reviews are right , for some reason you cannot complete the bomb towards the end which is a crying shame considering how long you\'ll have played it till then . It\'s hard to recommend a game that doesn\'t work.