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Description of Next Spaceflight - Rocket Launch Schedule

Stay up to date with the latest in spaceflight. This app features all the key players including SpaceX, NASA, Roscosmos, ULA, Blue Origin, ISRO, Rocket Lab, and more. From Falcon Heavy launches to Starship hops to Soyuz landings, Next Spaceflight covers everything spaceflight!


- A rocket launch schedule with all the orbital missions

- Dedicated section for tracking Starship activity in Boca Chica

- A catalog with hundreds of past orbital rocket launches.

- Live rocket launch tracking! Get live updates as the key events unfold.

- Latest news

- Upcoming events (Dockings, landings, announcements, etc)

- Reuse and core history for SpaceX missions

- Commercial and government launch vehicles from across the globe.

- Historic images of rockets and launch complexes.

- Detailed satellite maps of launch pads.

- Links to live streams of upcoming launches and videos of past launches.

- A description for each mission.

- Notifications for upcoming launches (toggle in settings).

- Ad free! Seriously, who wants ads?

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:3.2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Michael Baylor

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-01-12

you are asked to agree to a privacy policy which you can\'t read. no, thanks.
Ted Castle 2019-03-26

I love this app, I\'m on the go and we all have a ton of apps on our phones and a lot to keep up with, but for someone who is fascinated with space and rockets, this app more than does it\'s job. The notifications are top knotch, especially since they include the links to track/watch live. The schedule is great as I get an idea of what\'s launching in the future and they include past launches too. Only thing I\'d suggest is maybe a \"slick\" UI, it\'s not bad, but more futuristic look would be great.
Jim Silsby 2020-12-12

A brilliant little app for keeping track of announced rocket launches, which is something that I\'ve always needed as I hate finding out about launches after the event. I love its links to live feeds and videos. EDIT: I originally gave this 4 stars for missing certain flights from the \"Previous Launches\" section, but I\'ve looked back over it and this has been corrected. Well done, developers! Even better if you can add an alarm feature rather than relying on easily-missed notifications.
Matt Houghton 2020-03-27

If you like space, rockets, and the worlds ideas on how to get there. This is the best free app. Notifications are great, links to live YouTube, Wikipedia, and others.
Johan Windh 2019-12-06

I get the push notifications, but when I get into the launch list , it will not update.. stuck on October\'s launches.
Scott Kalb 2020-12-07

This app is fantastic for fans of any spaceflight! Excellent source of information on rocket launches around the world. It has a customizable favorites list for the types of launches you want to track. It also gives you launch notifications before launch time complete with a link to YouTube to watch the launch and a countdown timer. A huge thank you to the app developer(s)!
Rom Solene 2020-07-31

Overall, a really great app that lets a space enthusiast ensure they never miss a rocket launch or major space-related event (e.g., ISS dockings, undockings, spacewalks, etc.). It lists upcoming space events, as well as prior ones. And it also lets you tap on prior events and watch them in case you missed them. The only reason I didn\'t give it a 5-star rating is because unless you open the app on a regular basis, it won\'t show the most current event automatically when you open it, and you have to pull the screen downward to manually load the most current event. And while that is not really an issue, it takes, literally, minutes for the app to download the most current event. So, for example, I got a notification that a rocket launch was about to happen in 10 minutes, but when I opened the app it was showing only the last event I had watched from 11 days prior and it took me up until 2 minutes before launch before I was able to finally view the current rocket launch.
Michael J 2019-02-28

Very cool app. Provides timely notices of upcoming launches -- I\'ve caught several launches in real time because of this. It also offers access to recordings if you missed the live launch. I never realized there were so many launches going on!
Aman Kumar 2020-05-28

Really love the app, especially it\'s live countdown for every scheduled launch. Would definitely recommend for every space geek. Having said that, I wish the app could sync and update it\'s schedule for future launches and events in the background, without me having wait a minute or two every time I start it up so it could successfully update it\'s schedule. But regardless of all that, it\'s still an awesome app!
J. K. 2021-02-03

Great app! It does an excellent job of keeping me aware of upcoming launches and other space flight events from around the world. App filter options however, allow the user to narrow down the scope of launch alert interest as they choose. The authors do a fantastic job at keeping up with fast changing launch schedules. The app also has links to more in-depth and historic information about spacecraft and space flight topics. I highly recommend this app!