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Description of NFT Game - NinjaFT

Mint and buy NFT collectibles with NinjaFT! Upload your artwork and have it minted in seconds. Then, transfer your new NFT to your crypto wallet.

Start your collection with NFT packs, and receive three randomly selected items. Purchase a rare pack for exclusive NFTs, playable in the upcoming NinjaVerse.

Check in every day for free NFT giveaways! Check the Airdrops feature for these exclusive items.

NinjaFT makes designing your own trading cards simple and fun! 🙌 Create quality cards with hundreds of templates and thousands of high quality graphics.

A card creator for every sport: soccer, basketball, baseball, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, golf, MMA, music, poke, yugioh, — NinjaFT is the ultimate card maker app.

Design your card in 30 seconds and have it ready to post on any social network: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Make cards for your friends and family, or your favorite athletes!

Stay on brand with our Team Kit feature - upload your images and have them available to use anytime, anywhere.

How to Use NinjaFT

1. Quick Create

Choose a photo, choose a sport, and bam! We generate your card! Polish it up with a few extra details and you're good to go.

2. Curated Templates

Pick from our gallery of sports stars, then modify the template to suit your needs. Use Google Image Search to get 4K quality images, wallpapers, and custom graphics to use on your cards!

3. Make once, get all designs

Add your card information once, and view your card in every style - no fiddling around with text boxes and alignment - we will generate a polished card, every time.

4. Edit pictures like a pro

Use our image editor to crop and resize your images to fit the card perfectly.

5. Show it off to the world

Share designs directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, email, or simply save to your device.

NinjaFT Cards Are Digital Trading Cards

• Recreate trading card designs

• Capture sports memories with an animated GIF trading card

• Exchange cards with your friends

• Upload your best designs to Trophy Case and get a shareable link

Create Designs Quickly

Use Search to find templates faster. Tap the search bar to immediately see a list of all the templates available on the app.

NinjaFT = Quality

Use NinjaFT to make trading cards for any sport. A one stop shop to make your awesome designs come to life!


Got feedback? Email mystaats[at]gmail.com


NinjaFT claims no affiliation to official organizations or sports leagues, including but not limited to: NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, FIFA, UFC, IPL, Pokémon, Yugioh

Images displayed in the app are for demonstrative purposes only.

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More Information Of NFT Game - NinjaFT

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:205.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Staats Customs Inc.

User Reviews


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Ollie Lau 2020-11-14

Kind of like Canva for trading cards/playing cards - super easy to pickup, and definitely not just for sports. I was recommended by a friend to make some Magic cards for this and it worked like a charm. Love it, and looking forward to more designs and categories being uploaded in future.
Ahrenn Sivananthan 2020-11-09

This app is awesome to use, with an easy & intuitive interface for card design. Templates are well polished and cover a variety of categories. Highly recommend.
RSQ 2020-10-22

Wow. This is the best trading card maker app ive used. Particularly because its so easy to choose one (of many) templates then tweak it. 5 stars well deserved
Mobile Team 2020-11-22

The best app so far when it comes to making trading cards. The templates are really awesome, lots to choose from. Modern user interface is really nice!
Mike Soulodre 2020-10-13

Super fun and easy to use! Lots of templates to choose from, and those physical cards look like they\'d make great gifts.
Gunther Taborga 2020-10-09

Gets it done with style! Making your own custom cards has never been easier! Thanks for giving me innovative approach to creating stat cards! Love the options!
Bob Baiy 2020-08-25

The end result of these cards is amazing. Very professional and not too hard to make when using a template from n the main screen
Mohammed Zurkiyeh 2020-11-07

Unique and Creative application. Highly recommend for anyone that wants to create their own cards.
Fernando Roque 2020-11-17

Rigid, limited, uncreative, and shows little promise. Everything is preset and you only have the option to change the pictures and the texts, but not the card backgrounds, colors, levels, stars, or anything else. Basically everything that make a trading card a trading card, you are not allowed to modify. 👎🏻
Simon Wellberg 2020-11-24

Finally a card designer with more than one sport, saves time. Is routinely updated with great new stuff.