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Description of NiceHash

NiceHash is the official mobile app for the NiceHash platform. You can manage your crypto wallets, account settings, and manage your mining rigs on the go thanks to our easy and intuitive app! Stay in control of your mining operations and earnings at all times.

NiceHash is the leading platform for cryptocurrency mining and trading and the largest hashpower marketplace in the world with over 1.2 million daily miners.

Mobile app features:

■ Rig Manager

Manage and monitor your mining rigs remotely, keep an eye on temperatures, start and stop mining, and change power settings easily on the go.

■ Crypto Wallets

Deposit or withdraw over 60 cryptocurrencies and check your wallet activities. Please note that this is not a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, no seed phrases are stored on your device. NiceHash provides a secure custodial wallet for all users.

■ Hashpower Marketplace

Check the status of your hashpower orders, place new orders, and manage or cancel existing orders easily on the go.

■ Notifications

Enable push notifications and get instant information and updates about your NiceHash activities and important news on our platform.

■ User profile

Manage your NiceHash profile or your organization profile settings and upgrade your account tiers by completing KYC inside the app.

Please note that this app is not a mobile mining app. Your smartphone is not used for mining with this app installed. In order to mine cryptocurrency with NiceHash, you must download our free mining software for your PC which can be found on our website www.nicehash.com

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:"4.3.4" Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:H-BIT d.o.o.

User Reviews


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Nick 2020-12-11

When it works, it\'s, ok....Unfortunately, for the last 12 hours I\'ve gotten the \"oops something went wrong\" error on the rigs page. As a result, all it\'s good for at the moment (for me at least), is seeing past payments, which means I\'m getting any relevant information in 4 hour increments....awesome....and there\'s conveniently been a block on submitting support messages through the app itself.....even more amazing....why did I give this 3 stars?
Oltjon Mema 2021-02-24

Very good when it works. Doesn\'t work well. I\'ll have to check the desktop app because so far on the Android app I am well short of what I am owed. By about 100 dollars. Every transaction is listed, it just doesn\'t add up correctly. I\'ve reach out to customer support but have yet to hear back. Lost a lot of trust in this already. Constantly running into blank screens. Try again errors. No connection and I don\'t see any movement on my ticket at all. No confirmation of receipt either.
Dylan Redacted 2021-02-09

Worked fine first couple of days then became bordline unusable. The rate of btc is always different from the desktop. Doesn\'t show what I have yet to transfer. Remote start doesn\'t work. Basicly only good to see total assets. And sometimes the whole app will be blank pages and say there\'s somthing wrong with internet when it\'s working perfectly fine. Hopefully these issues are resolved sooner than later.
Bernhard Wolf 2020-12-29

Nicehash is the best service for new cryptominers due to the amazing ease of use. Everyone who can use a PC can mine with Nicehash. It is a hashpower market place, not a pool, so it can give you better or worse results, depending on which coin is in demand. Nicehash will give you generally a more stable, income than pool mining. My only issue is that payout is in btc only, and I stack gwei, bot sats, so I would prefer to be paid in ETH. I use Nicehash for ASICS and HiveOS for ETH pool mining.
Carlos Carbonell 2020-11-22

It is nice because it gives you options to start and stop your rigs, look at your account and make use of your money. However, the rigs status is not accurate and it does not update unless you close and reopen the app.
David Šmíd 2021-03-04

I\'ve only had the app for three days and the first update breaks everything. New Terms and Conditions, but it\'s not possible to agree to them, both switches cannot be moved. So the app has been rendered completely useless. Nice betatesting before pushing the update.
Jamie Canning 2021-02-09

App working again, having checked the site it was due to maintenance, I wish that was made clear in app rather than it just giving me errors or saying I don\'t have an Internet connection... Good app when working ok, not the best could do with bug improvements like not showing my rig as offline when it\'s mining fine when I check it, hash rate chart looks wild in app, check desktop it\'s steady... Simple things that would be nice if they were fixed, also updates in app about maintenance!
Jon Ross 2020-09-04

Use simpleminingOS instead. If you are still using windows to mine with video cards you are going to have a bad time. Windows would constantly crash, updates would automatically install drivers that i didn\'t want... then the only solution to fix it would be to reinstall windows. I tried for 6 months until i finally found a linux based alternative that works flawlessly, simpleminingOS, and its VERY simple to setup.
Bilal Meah 2021-03-13

Cannot log in. Spent few days trying to log in to my account and every time I get an error message. \"Oops, something went wrong\", or \"missing or invalid email\" despite entering my email correctly. Didn\'t matter if it\'s typed in or copy pasted, it always gives an error
aRPGenius 2021-02-09

This is has been fantastic. I like being able to ch3ck if my rig is still up and running, and see my payouts come through. The app is not going to mine you bitcoin, it merely adds to the experience of the NiceHash Miner platform for compute mining or GPU mining. Very clean UI, very snappy. Overall 6/5 experience from NiceHash\'s services!