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Description of Ninja Assassin A Warrior's Tale

This Knight ninja samurai assassin game is based on "Ninja Arashi", who is a royal power shadow assassin hunter fight in an epic fighting adventure game. Let’s be a legendary best ninja warrior and start thrilling sword fighting adventure with bravery and courage. Push back all your fears because you are going to hunter fight with the deadliest enemies. Take your weapons and best ninja prepare yourself for extreme fighting adventure battlegrounds. Amazing levels, breathtaking royal power fighting adventure environments, traps and dangerous enemies give you a tough challenge to continue the thrilling shadow royal power hunter fight in epic combat games. It’s time to become the true best ninja arashi and start your new adventure of extreme offline fighting adventure in rpg adventure games.

A fascinating best ninja warrior game with elements of action, platforming and best ninja samurai fighting adventure in hazardous conditions. The main royal power character is a skilled samurai shadow assassin (A Real Brave Warrior) who went on a journey in order to save his wife from the clutches of the insidious demigod. And it would seem that he has little chance against a royal power creature. Get all your courage to face the fears and hunter fight like an amazing shadow hunter fight in rpg adventure games.

For a long time, Knight ninja arashi was a member of the Knight ninja samurai assassins clan engaged in constant battles with demons and other dangerous creatures. So the shadow assassin fighter has all the necessary knowledge and skills to not only overcome all obstacles and traps on the way, but also to defeat the villain. Show your best skills, let’s jump, flip and do some amazing stunts and be the ultimate Knight ninja warrior of epic assassin fights in rpg adventure games.

So don’t waste time! Download the epic fighting games and have unlimited fun from non stop extreme shadow fighting with dangerous evils. A shadow assassin fighter has lots of impressive weapons and powers to defeat the demons. Shadow Knight ninja assassins can also show impressive moves in the best ninja warrior games.

In this samurai assassin fighting games a shadow fighter has very dangerous demons to fight. Tons of challenging levels and deadly battle environments give you an extra dose of entertainment. Let’s unleash your samurai fighting abilities. Upgrade your skills and fight as a legendary samurai ninja warrior against the evil forces. This is an extraordinary action filled 3D adventure of shadow fighter combat games.

In this ninja assassin fighting games, a shadow ninja can use a variety of weapons, equipments to attack enemies. There are five different powerful hero characters to choose from for epic sword fighting in rpg adventure games.

So, prove yourself as a real warrior in rpg adventure games. Here, some exciting news for you in rpg adventure games. Now, Leaderboard is also available. Now the competition is more exciting in rpg adventure games.

So come on! Instal the ninja assassin games and fight to become the legend.


☆ 4 different maps + 1 Boss map with 55 levels to play

☆ Controls adjustments

☆ Easy to control movement

☆ Upgrade your character's skills

☆ Purchase costumes and disguises

☆ Challenge yourself with tough battles

☆ Be the best and submit your score.

☆The leaderboard is also available now

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More Information Of Ninja Assassin A Warrior's Tale

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:1.0.25 Publish Date:2022-01-16 Developer:Oracle Games Studio

User Reviews


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Kai Smith 2020-07-06

For me this is one of the best game i\'ve ever played! The graphics are so cool and realistic! The control\'s intactness and stability are precised. Movements of characters are real times. Tactics and obstacles are way based on a Samurai Assassin. An EPIC! Please, if you developers don\'t mind, just add a skill and more difficult stages. Thank you for this wonderful and interesting game! More Power!
Patera Crooms 2020-07-26

I like the game pksy so far(ive only played a few minutes so far). Ill reserve the last two stars to see how the skills ive gained will play out. Liking the traps and art work. I hope the story wont be rushed or brushed overanother star for responding plus when i played after i posted the voice over is hilarious(nicw touch) Ive gotten to the end of the game and i must say i am pleased with the overall results. The chalenges arewell balanced
Omer Dolovac 2020-09-23

For me the game didnt develop it got worse! I think the movement(gameplay) in \"Ninja Arashi\" was better and his (shadow body) looked better. The dragons look a bit too big. I was really looking forward to part 2 I replayed \"Ninja Arashi\" 2 or 3 times, i also think if you continue the story it would be more exciting. Ninja Arashi was 5☆ this one disappointing.
Gulfam Haider 2020-07-15

The Jump Controls dont work when we are in flying bridges that fall in a second to come back. Stage 3 level 9. It happened in previous stage as well on flying bridges. They dont give jump. Other then that the game is of Topper Level.
Soroush Khp 2020-08-09

I did not like it at all, you copied everything from ninja arashi, and even though you did not provide a good version, the graphics are much weaker than that game, you only changed the main character of the game, even the negative characters of the game did not change and They are exactly like that game ...
amit kashila 2020-12-19

Ninja arashi is better than this we are happy to see this game back after long time but we don\'t expect like this , we want arashi \'s shadow and controls all things are good but .if devlopers can change this to old arshi shadow it should be best for us. Thank you
ahmad fazeli shooshi 2020-12-08

Exact copy of Ninja Arachi. The controls are not working smoothly. But in the absence of the original, this one is a good alternative. Highly recommended.
Scott Alberts 2020-10-14

It\'s great to have the game back!!! My family and I have missed you. My wife, who normally doesn\'t play games like this, was enjoying the game! I love the updates. You have kept to the original style and sound. I still remember the themes and backgrounds!!! It has been a joy playing this game once more! Great job and keep up the great work!!!
Malachi Todd 2020-07-04

I had a very great time playing this game. Once i started playing, i didn\'t feel like leaving this game. I was feeling bored of playing other regular game and i came across this amazing game.I hope to play more of this kind of interesting games in the future. Whosoever has developed this game must be an adventurous, creative and brilliant. Graphics is excellent plus this game full of adventure. I would like to thank the developer of this game for creating such an amazing adventurous game.
Tamer Abou Seida 2020-08-03

This game is a complete ripoff of the original Ninja Arashi. Developer didn\'t even bother to change graphics, just copy / paste of the original game. You\'re better off downloading Arashi for a better gameplay experience.