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Description of Ninja’s Creed:3D Shooting Game

Ninja’s Creed is one of free fun 3D real sniper shooting games with various types of assassin weapons. You will feel a real powerful shooting experience and top great 3d graphics. You need to hide in shadow, secretly eliminate criminal gangs, disrupt underground deals, wipe our justice, and assassinate supreme leaders of the crime forces, become the archer shooting king of each region! Crush them all! It’s an epic fps shooter game that combines elements of Ninja assassin in 2022 and play for free. Begin your first person shooting action archery adventure, lock in target and end the evil with an arrow, wipe out injustice, become the invisible protector of the city! Be the hero and shooting king, you are skilled archery shooter!

📍 Gameplay:

● Track targets, disrupt underground deals and complete fun assassin missions

● Use the Eagle-eyed to lock target, sometimes you need to use strategy

● Help organization to eliminate enemies and gain your bounty

● Aim and shoot, eliminate criminal leaders and end evil with strategy

● Rule regions, protect citizens, and get the taxes you deserve

● Claim rewards, collect powerful weapons

● Unlock talent system, enhance archery skills

📍 Features:

● Free epic sniper action adventure games with archer shooter elements! You can play for free without any paying!

● Top cool game graphics, exquisite 3D characters and cool maps, shocking slow-motion shooting.

● Excellent popular game and level design, experience the real ninja archer’s & sniper career.

● The first person shooting games with smooth motion animation, bring you a non-stop action experience.

● A variety of powerful weapons are available to use, such as bows and arrows, crossbows, hidden weapon and so on, build your arsenal.

● Rich gameplay and modes, such as main story, hunting list, daily tasks, dominator, armed conflicts, bounty hunter and so on. You can't stop playing.

● Use Eagle-eyed will help you locking targets in missions.

● Unlock talent to enhance archery skills and improve assassin strength.

● Use strategy to eliminate evil gangs, wipe out injustice, survive and become archer king.

Development team perfectly combined a variety of elements such as ninja assassin, archery skills, archer weapons, action shooting, fps survival missions and then born this unique action archery assassin game! You can call it bow and arrow, assassin, cool fps action or casual game! It is easy to play, using the new arrow deceleration special effect technology, which gives you different shooting experience every time you shoot.

Ninja’s Creed is definitely the first person bow and arrow shooter action adventure game that you have been expected. As a ninja shooter, you not only need archery skills, but also get powerful weapons to improve your strength. We choose different weapon this time except for gun, though no guns in this popular shooting game, you can choose the suitable weapon among many different weapons. There are three types of weapons in game, bow, crossbow and hiddenweapon, try these weapons and upgrade them, choose the suitable one, kill the imposters among enemies, eliminate bosses as a bow master or ninja shooter! Please pay attention, you need to find strategy to wipe out bosses! Be careful for the imposter among your partners, Protect yourself, survive in missions! Selecting the right weapon in different tasks will help you complete the task faster! Aim your target, be the archer king! Start your adventure!

Experience this free and cool archery game now! Bring yourself into the role playing ninja game! Become the top dominator of these regions, guard the city and justice! Aim and shoot, crush them all!

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Contact us: contact@joyient.com

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More Information Of Ninja’s Creed:3D Shooting Game

lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.3.0 Publish Date:2022-01-09 Developer:707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games

User Reviews


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Terance Olivieri 2020-10-27

I love this game, the only thing I don\'t like is the many ads it haves, and how you have to pay real money to break the piggy bank, and I\'m on level three, and the ads have increased, the ads are to long, come on, 31 seconds ads? If you put shorter ads, and don\'t have to pay real money to break piggy bank, I\'ll give you five stars. Now all of a sudden, the game is cutting of when I start playing, please solve that problem ASAP
Boy Hoody 2020-10-01

Graphics are great, UI and loading are fast. But if it\'s about aiming WHY did you not enable movement during ADS. I mean how can I move to the small target if the aiming down doesn\'t allow me to move. You know what i mean, hopefully. First focus on the functionality rather than filling up the shop section. For what they are?! A lot of room for improvement. Will change the rating once I see it
Layne Delaney 2020-09-30

It is really hard to aim at your target. This bow is swinging way worse than a real one does. Kinda like hurding a goat with two sticks. Other than that the rest is just fine. There are other games out there that could take some notes from these guys, just gotta smooth out the aiming part. Moving the bow should be slow and steady. Some times it feels like the bow is \"stuck in the trees\" is exactly what it feels like. Cheers
Lionel 2020-12-23

This game is awesome. The grapics is very good, and the gameplay also. Only thing is a little not balanced: the ads. There are a ton of it, but luckylly the game can be played offline. This is the other very good point for the game. I would wonder, if we could turn the camera in the arsenal to look the character from it\'s back.
Mike Petras 2020-12-27

Problem with the game is the money funnel they create regarding weapons upgrades. There is always a point where the game will attempt to force you to pay money to continue. You would think their $5 per add run (which is a ton) would float their bills. Nope. Instead you stall when the game forces you to watch a ton of adds to upgrade your weapon, or pay a ridiculous amount of real money to do so. No thanks.
Randy Ray 2021-02-28

I have to give this game 5⭐\'S \" first and foremost the game is pretty interesting. I mean from the time I downloaded the game I was hooked. But literally it took me less than a couple weeks two had the game beaten That was definitely a bummer The game was a blast but it definitely needs to be a little bit more challenging side missions something. Just having 1 FFA online just isn\'t enough. And what\'s up with not being able to move It would be so much more fun if you could run..
Daniel Tay 2020-11-01

Can\'t progress any further beyond Japan. The game kept prompting no Internet connection when there is Internet connection. I tried downloading my old data, uninstalling and reinstalling it, and the problem only worsen. Now even some of the bows can\'t load. And I even tried deleting my old game file on \'Play Games\' and starting again, and it still resulted in the same thing. It ruin the entire experience for me.
Ayush AKA dKray 2020-12-18

Hey Dev team, awesome job and well done. I do mind the ads though. But can you guys add additional points or gems for rare shots (like eyeshots or heartshots or something), that\'d be really helpful in gaining currency ! Also can you guys add a cinematic for eagle view, so we see and focus on our enemy (as in Assassin\'s Creed Origins game, The Egypt one), that\'d also help you guys in getting more downloads and active players. And if that happens, also add a multiplayer function.
S Baker 2021-02-13

The initial game play is very good, better than a typical sniper-type game. I would give that part of the game 4 or 5 stars. HOWEVER, the PvP is terrible, unless you are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money there is no way to compete. The game needs to be much better balanced, so that you are competing against players of similar equipment. I recorded a PvP session, I was alive a total of less than 11 seconds, and even then hit opponents that were IMMUNE to damage. COMPLETELY UNBALANCED.
Keith Chick 2021-03-09

Come on where\'s Russia? Been waiting ages, where\'s Russia ? Com\'mon ! Waiting and waiting ,have you given up with the game ? Otherwise it\'s a good game , bow instead of a sniper rifle, crossbow for the other levels,and a hidden weapon for bonus stages, And good graphics , 4 out of 5, But as we have been waiting ,1 out of 5, It\'s not like you have anything to do being in lockdown !