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Description of Nirvana - Game of Life

Play this life simulation as a soul traveling from body to body through the cycle of life, all while experiencing everything life has to offer and trying to break the cycle in order to reach Nirvana. 

Make your decisions with a simple swipe mechanics in hundreds of life situations. Live as a:

+ Super Hero

+ Assassin

+ Super Star

+ Gangsta

+ Wizard

+ Rockemon Master

Maintain a balance between your needs (money, health, popularity, and happiness)

throughout your life. Each year you will have to make a seemingly random decision that

will affect your life:

+ Make friends

+ Get married

+ Have children

+ Choose your "Rockemon"

+ Break out of jail

+ and a lot more!

Beware as each choice can be your last one! Hurry up to gain as many experiences as you can, and ultimately, try to reach Nirvana. There are many ways to die, but you will always get another round with a new body to control.

Will you be able to defeat The Creator and break the cycle of life? Be careful, a lost soul is going to contact you and promise you a way out – will you trust her? 

*** How to Play Nirvana: Game of Life ***

- Click on the card and drag it slowly to the right or to the left without letting go - that way you will be able to read your choices.

- Release the card when you see the option you want to choose - keep in mind that it will affect the bars at the top, which you should keep balanced.

- If you reach the top or bottom of one of the bars you will die. Try to reach old age to reveal new hilarious cards and maybe even meet death himself.

- Try to complete achievements in order to unlock new and unique life experiences, such as superhero life, assassin life, and superstar life. They will also guide you to interesting stories, choices, and perks.

- Use your head - life can be tricky and surprising for a young soul, but an experienced soul learns from its mistakes.

* Stay tuned and don't miss updates of new content:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nirvanagameoflife/

Youtube - https://youtu.be/iwELOM8H7tA

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/goldtusksgames/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoldTusks_Games

Be advised: If you have any mental health conditions, you should know that this game might make you over-think your own life, so play with caution.

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:5.2.4 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:GoldTusks

User Reviews


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Alexandria donohoe 2019-12-19

Enjoy the game, however I bought the breath of life and it says it will save you from maximizing or minimizing your stats and it only does it once and that was very misleading and disappointing it also said it would remove all ads after purchase and it did not. It also says \"but for $0.99\" instead of Buy. Also would prefer it didn\'t swipe so easily as I\'ve accidentally swiped the wrong way several times.
Staylmate 2019-12-24

This game is very well done, the story is good and the simple controls of just swiping left and right are great. The only mistake I see is some typos here and there on about 5-10 of the cards, but there are 600+ so it doesn\'t make too big of a difference. Excellent game 👍
Sprszrbr 2019-02-15

It\'s one of those games, which require a bit practice before you get a hang of it. once you do, it\'s getting better and better. right now I adore it. the sheer balance of the choices makes it brilliant. its underlaying philosophy is amazing.
Poppi α 2019-12-31

Really fun! I saw GrayStillPlays try this game, and I wanted to give it a shot. That was a fantastic idea. Addictive, creative and fun gameplay, Nirvana gives me a feeling of freedom that no other game can give me. Thank you so much for making this game.
Nigel Nquande 2019-11-30

This game is well-designed & implemented. The dev clearly understands what makes Maxis\' \"The Sims\" games work and has packaged that core in an 8-bit like game that proves you don\'t need much in the way of graphics or story arcs to have a great game if the concept and implementation is solid. It\'s easy to learn but challenging to master. I feel that the dev is doing himself/herself a disservice by not asking for money upfront. My only criticism is that the life choices feel limited/repetitive.
TNT Gaming And Vlogs 2018-10-27

This is really awesome! I haven\'t yet seen a better life simulation game yet. I found a bug, where, sometimes the body parts would be in different places to the body, it\'s quite annoying. But I\'m still rating 5 stars \'Cause I love this darn game! I live the adult tidbits you throw in, but my kids love it too. Well done, creator, make more awesome games!
deku\'scrustytoe 2019-12-15

This game is such a creative take on a life simulator!!! There\'s endless possibilities and three endings, so its never really game over. The only downside is that you can\'t choose the name, but overall this game is AMAZING ❤❤❤
Rain Yip 2019-01-12

It\'s a good game… Except that i\'m currently stuck in a eternal loop. It happened after reaching the 750th year… When talking with the creator, no matter which direction I swipe, it\'ll always be the same two cards… I tried closing the game and it let me replay the last life, but then I ended up in the loop again.
Jason C 2020-05-02

Please help me I am experiencing a crash problem I can\'t even get started on the game and it totally sucks cuz it worked for me before in an older version. Please fix and I will rate it 5 stars because I just wanna play this game again😦😯. Edit: It works now sorry for long wait for reply haven\'t seen this in months😊.
some guy 89 2019-11-04

This game believe it or not is pretty hard because of how you have to balance your stats and to get to the ending you do need to grind a bit but it is simple,has plenty of scenarios and overall a good game