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Description of Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

'LINE Webtoon's NO.1 Series, 'Noblesse'!

Internationally Renowned Masterpiece with 2.4 Billion Views!

Now in Mobile Idle RPG for the First Time Ever!

# Pre-Register and Receive Exclusive Gifts!

We will be issuing Free Giveaways as we reach certain number of Pre-Registrations!

Gifts include Gems, Summon Tickets, and Character that wins the First Place in Pre-Registration Poll!

# Crazy Action with Stylish Skill Effects!

Unleash Raizel's 'Blood Field' to Enemies!

Special Cutscenes featured when Characters use their Skills!

Just like in the Original Series! Now in Your Hands!

# High-Quality Idle RPG with Carefully Designed Progression!

Keep the Battle Going Anytime and Anywhere, even when you're Offline!

No More Grinding with Automatic Battle System!

Mobile Idle RPG at its fullest!

# Meet All Characters of 'Noblesse'!

Presenting Over 100 Characters within the Game from 12-Year Work of 'Noblesse!'

Join Now and Meet Raizel, Frankenstein, Muzaka and More!

▶ Contact us

- Feel free to contact us to cs.global.andromedagames@gmail.com about questions, error reports, and feedbacks.

- We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

※ Caution: Game data can be lost if you delete the game or change your device.

ⓒ ANDROMEDA GAMES Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.

™ NAVER WEBTOON™, WEBTOON™, LINE WEBTOON™ and WEBTOON logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved

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More Information Of Noblesse:Zero with WEBTOON™

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.10.0 Publish Date:2022-05-21 Developer:HEROESWALK

User Reviews


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Alexandria De Vore 2020-11-20

Fantastic!!! Love the graphics and the characters that are available. The game play is on the simple side, but fun none the less. I adore the fact that the characters are in chibi form. Everything about this game is awesome and well worth the wait. One small thing that I did notice that would have been helpful is if there had been a tutorial on where everything was and the such, but with enough exploring it\'s easy to find everything.
ShadowyMyths 2020-12-02

The game would be enjoyable if not for the crashing and freezing, which forces you to close the game, that randomly occurs while doing some tasks. It is most common in C-tower fights and in arena matches. The crashing and freezing is part of another problem, expended token and ticket events do not get refunded and you don\'t even get the failure reward after forcibly being ejected. Until these problems are I can\'t in good conscience give this app more than 4 stars.
Iliana Addams 2020-10-27

I can\'t tell you how much I internally screamed when I saw that this game was out. I\'ve been dying to play this ever since I pre-registered. This game could ask me for my first born and I would gladly give that up. Lol. I have loved the manga for almost a decade now and my dreams are coming true. Truly an amazing game, thank you so much.
Alyssa Jakielek 2021-01-09

Everything was fine until I lost my phone and installed it on my tablet. After that week\'s maintenance I was then locked out of the game. I tried emailing and haven\'t gotten any kind of reply, not even an automatic one....I was hoping that although my phone probably got stolen, I could still play my games...but now I\'m locked out and can\'t figure out why or get in touch with anyone. I had even spent money on stuff in the game, probably around 40$ or more. I have basically spent 40$ on a game I can\'t play... so it\'s fun, but something you\'re completely unaware of could get you locked out... I\'d change my review to 4 or 5 stars....but I literally cannot play the game, even after spending some money on it...
Lucky Bunneh 2020-11-01

I\'m really enjoying this game. It fun as well as easy and it doesn\'t force you to spend hours of your time playing it just to get ahead. So far the game is proving its worth the pre registration and install. The only problems I have with it are 1. the drop rate percentages in hero summon aren\'t the best and 2. which is jus my bias as a fan who reads Noblesse is that a favorite character of mine is not in the roster, weird since the character in question works so closely with Tao in the series.
Nezuko Chan 2020-11-10

I just got Rai and another event character although it took me 150 summons, it was worth it in the end😃 Their character range is good, although they should add Takeo😣The gameplay is fun and exciting, especially when receiving lots of rewards. And I\'ve noticed that in a review it says that the game gets boring overtime, however, there are other quests/missions to complete, and if so, they\'re offline plays, and u could come back later. Yes, the game lags quite often, but the game is still new.
J. Kayne 2020-12-17

Do NOT buy any of their in game purchases! I bought a monthly summoning ticket pack and I stopped receiving the tickets after just 4 days! I emailed them three times for help and couldn\'t get a single response back. Very sketchy!
Arthur Waller 2020-10-27

Absolutely amazing game, been waiting on this since i saw the anime. Not let down one bit. One add on idea Devs adding in a way to level characters through xp and sp without using it all or going tap by tap. Add in a multiplier 1x = 1 lvl 10x for 10 25x for 25 etc. I find myself having to tap on the lvl button way too often. Most of the time people won\'t want to use all or nearly all of their points on one character at a time. Overall fantastic work, keep it up boys and girls!
Emanuel Ifraimov 2021-01-04

This game is ok. It\'s pay to win and you can earn a lot of 5 stars fast but compared to someone who spends a lot of money on this game, you will most likely lose. I CANNOT seem to play this game on 4g unlimited LTE at all, and I say that because it tells me I can\'t connect to the server when I am outside using my data with full bars which makes me frustrated. The game is simple and later in the game it eventually becomes a bit more boring and more of a waiting game to do more stuff. Don\'t play
Ali Andrada 2020-10-29

Needs better translation. Game mechanics explanation sucks. When resetting game data you need to download something again which is absolutely slow for 32mb. Tried resetting more than 20 times for the best 3 draw and never got either raizel, muzaka or frank. The game is absolutely bland and only sells because of the manhwa fanbase. Newbies are not even pumped with so much rewards to bait them into playing the game. Pros: Game loading is fast and wont eat up your battery.