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Description of Nomad Sculpt

This is a trial version, there is only one in-app-purchase to unlock everything.

The limited features are:

- 1 undo/redo

- 1 layer

- project management (save/load/import/export)

- Sculpting tools

Clay, flatten, smooth, mask and many other brushes will let you shape your creation.

Need hard lines? you will also find some lasso/line/curve cutting tools.

- Stroke customization

Falloff, alphas, pencil pressure and other stroke parameters can be customized.

- Painting tools

Vertex painting with color, roughness and metalness.

You can easily manage all your material presets as well.

- Layers

Record your sculpting and painting operations in separate layers for easier iteration during the creation process.

Both the sculpting and painting changes are recorded.

- Multiresolution sculpting

Go back and forth between multiple resolution of your mesh for a flexible workflow.

- Voxel remeshing

Remesh quickly your mesh to get a uniform level of detail.

It can be used to quickly sketch a rough shape at the beginning of the creation process.

- Dynamic topology

Refine locally your mesh under your brush to get an automatic level of detail.

You can even keep your layers, as they will be automatically updated!

- Primitive shape

Cylinder, torus, triplanar voxel and other primitives can be used to quickly start new shape from scratch.

- PBR rendering

Beautiful PBR rendering by default, you can upload your HDRI environment.

You can always switch to matcap for a more standard shading for sculpting purposes.

- Files

Save and open glTF, OBJ and STL files.

Layers and PBR painting are only kept through GLTF files.

- Interface

Easy-to-use interface, designed for mobile experience.

There is also a lot of customization possible!

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More Information Of Nomad Sculpt

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:1.65 Publish Date:2021-12-03 Developer:Stéphane Ginier

User Reviews


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Charlie Hyduk 2021-01-09

I have had this app for around 2 days, and I have had no problem! Unlike many apps, the app is still useful in the free version, and I like that the full version (i purchased it) is a one time payment. I have tried so many apps, and this one was actually easy to use. Good for learning, and for professionals its good if you travel a lot. Overall great app.
Cory Haggard 2021-01-09

This app is fantastic. I have always wanted to learn more about 3D art and how to create it, and this lets me do that easily without having to sit at my PC. Finding an app of this caliber on Android tablets for once is a blessing! I jumped on purchasing it after playing with it briefly and I am really enjoying it. I highly recommend it for anyone looking at doing this type of art on Android or if you are interested in learning more.
Kenzie LaMar 2020-10-29

Amazing app. If you are an artist and want to sculpt on your phone this is where its at! Hard to belive I am using a sculpting app that has more features than zbrush 2.0 did when it released. Layers, multiple objects, dynamic sculpting tools, symmetry, voxel remesh, subd, texturing, rendering, many brushes and more. And on top of all that it feels great. Using my note 8 stylus it is like using my pc in the palm of my hand.
Mike Davidson 2020-10-06

This developer is a true genius. I mean WOW! The only thing this needs is keyboard shortcut intergration. A Hard surface modeler that is as functional as this app would be a no brainer buy for me. Hint hint.... No but truly, amazing app. I purchased within the first 10 minutes of using it and have no regrets, and it\'s a one off payment, no subscription. Thank you for that.
sheik mansoor 2020-11-22

Feature Request : Navigate with fingers simultaneously while sculpting with spen. Edit: But it would be a game changer if such limitations doesn\'t exist. I haven\'t used it much, but so far good. Its close to zbrush experience. Whenever you hit the limitations you have to remember this is an arm/android app thats competing with well established x86/pc software and its getting the work done. Changing rating to 5stars.
Matt Sargent 2021-01-20

This app is incredible. I don\'t usually write reviews or give ratings, but this app is worth every second I\'m spending on providing my opinion and every penny I spent on purchasing the full version. Bravo guys! Amazing! Thank you for making this, it was exactly what I was looking for but was beginning to think it couldn\'t exist for a mobile device. I\'m blown away by how fast I can create 3D objects that can be edited endlessly without slowing down. So awesome!
Omunall Illustrations 2021-02-08

Quite easily the only program android has that you should even consider using. I\'d love to see some tube extruder or even some kind of way to pose or rig, even just basic skeletal movement to fix in place, but outside of that, play with this. Buy it. Cheap and effective, play with th clay brush and enjoy what this has to offer. I sincerely hope to see this program move forward and be that one that really started it for android. It ain\'t running on an oldie but does on the S6 lite 🖤🧠🖤
Leilah Dunn 2021-02-27

I LOVE THIS APP! It was crazy affordable considering the amazing things I can sculpt on my phone. Resolution is awesome and zero lag! I allowed my 7 year old daughter to install it on her tablet and now she is sculpting some crazy stuff too! Love it!!!! **When people ask me what I\'m doing and I show them, they usually start looking in the app store for it. Good job! Wish all apps were this intuitive and functional!
Louis Vass 2020-11-24

Well this app is absolutely incredible! I\'ve been looking for an android sculpting app for years to use on the galaxy note phones to sketch out concepts on my phone while away from Zbrush on my desktop, this is such a massive jump up compared to other similar apps on android, I was so close to having to begrudgingly buy an iPad pro but with this app i can use my phone just how i wanted to! Really easy to use, fanastic depth of features! You\'ve done a fanatic job with this app, great work!
Astarte of the Silver Eyes 2021-02-14

This is a pretty great app. I love how I can play with the clay and make things I don\'t have the skill to make irl. However, I\'ve been having an issue (if it helps I\'m using the free version) where I can\'t keep any clay I add. It gets added on really pixelly and it smooths away back to the original blob of clay. Idk how to fix this but I think it only happens when I\'ve had the app open for a while, because it started ~3hrs after getting it yesterday but after closing it overnight it works fine.