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Non-Stop Space Defense - Infinite Aliens Shooter



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Description of Non-Stop Space Defense - Infinite Aliens Shooter

"Space is a dangerous place—and every second, threats from beyond the stars get bigger… So your mission is to keep up with the infinite invaders and endless fun of this idle tower-defense game!

Endless waves of space invaders will clash with you nonstop on their mission to attack Earth. Command your spaceships to act as defense towers and shoot ‘em down as you gather Gold. Over time, your foes’ power will grow more epic, but laser guns aren’t free! You’ll need to spend that Gold to upgrade the attack power of your spaceships to overcome bigger and bigger challenges.

But no matter your strategy, even the most epic tower defense is eventually doomed, and the aliens will get through… But that’s just the beginning of this nonstop battlefield!

Whenever invaders slip through your idle tower defense, the challenge resets; but each tower defense upgrade remains. That means you’re free to keep building each tower to shoot aliens with endless power and handle even bigger aliens than before! You can even close the game and come back later to gather your Gold. See just how strong you can get, and how many of the infinite waves your tower defense can hold off!

So assemble your star force and launch your epic space mission now!


• Command your space fleet on a nonstop mission to free Earth from infinite invaders, and become the Hero of the Galaxy.

• Your spaceships shoot even while you’re idle, but you can add the power of strategy by tapping the invaders you most want to attack and shoot down.

• Enjoy the addictive fun as you’re free to customize your tower defense and upgrade it to shoot the aliens with more power and unlock epic new strategy options.

• Collect a fleet of 20 spaceships for you to command and upgrade, each with its own unique design.

• Unleash over 6 epic attack powers to help you shoot down the infinite invaders from space. You might find the endless strategy of the stars addictive!

• A unique neon art direction for the aliens, your epic fleet of spaceships, and the endless stream of laser power from the clash between them.

• A colourful UI with one touch command controls that casual idle strategy fans will love.

• Enjoyable laser sound effects that keep the nonstop idle action addictive.

• An addictive mix of tower defense, infinite space strategy, and classic arcade action.

• One touch lets you command all the epic action of your mission to free Earth from attack.

Perfect for fans of tower defense, infinite aliens, spaceships, endless strategy, addictive fun, nonstop idle games, being an epic hero of the galaxy, arcade game action, one touch controls, and casual experiences of any kind!


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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.1.2a Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:WHAT (games)

User Reviews


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Mini Crewmate 2019-02-08

Prestige levels are NOT HELPING. At wave 82, all shooters at level 97, prestige 3 (200x money), barely make 6 billion in 1 week idle (thats effectively 0 considering the cost for upgrades at shooter level 97). The same goes for all other prestige levels. It might seem like they are helping, but in the end they dont at all. The cost to upgrade the \"special\" attacks is a complete joke, most going over 80 billion at upgrade 6, with barely noticeable effects. 2 stars for almost no ads but thats all.
Shakir Faiyaz 2019-01-28

Holy jeez. My hand hurts. I can\'t stop. Nice game and the warning is on title. lol \"non-stop\". hahaha. Great graphics, great level up system. All done while hordes of enemies keep coming. Great one Devs. Thank you!
Edie Tobola 2019-01-26

First time I played this game, I was in awe. The moment I realised, that this is probably the first game that doesn\'t, in any way, bother you with forced/pop-up/on screen ads, that\'s the moment I knew the devs were thinking right. Yes there are of course options to watch ads, but for a reward. For example, if you die you can watch an ad to continue playing, this is not forced and dissappears in a couple of seconds. Other than that, this game is awesome, keep it up!
Dave Norman 2019-01-25

Almost good. One of the most disruptive and frustrating advertising experiences I\'ve ever had in any app. The gameplay is mindless repetition. No thought was given to the challenge, but plenty to power up. The concept has potential, but I don\'t think the developer does.
Coady Whitsel 2020-05-19

Ads, ads, ads. Ads. This is out of control anymore. People can\'t make simply a great game. They have to cram it full of ads. Ironic that this game is a idle clicker, and the ads appear whenever. That means while you\'re \"clicking\", you accidentally press on an ad. Therefore making them money. Sorry, but do something worth while. Maybe you wouldn\'t need ads.
Alfie Norris 2019-01-24

really enjoy able game. wish i could see my damage and speed output and a x2 or x4 timelasp speed tyoe thing cause after you prestige and your damge it good. does take little bit of time to get through the levels. but great game carry on
Billy Moore 2019-04-21

Just like any simple clicker game with resets, very simple and repetitive. Worst problem is the ads, they are EVERWHERE, you also need to watch ads to make any decent amount of progress or get any decent amount of money. It is hard to make progress in this game and the reset level gets higher every time you reset.
Jacob Pack 2019-04-01

Great Game. Although, note for future update; Statistics on damage and different abilitiy stats would be awesome and make for a better foundation for us players to build off of when deciding which powers and abilities to use in conjunction with each other. as well as which ones we like the most to choose from, which definitely will create a niche for players to dig into.
Simon Theberge 2019-01-30

At first I was pleased, I had a lot of fun as I did 2 prestige \"backs\" and reached wave 115. However, I got to a point where it is simply impossible to finish a single wave without \"dying\" , thus having to watch a add, which you are forced to do as you cant complete the wave without a revive, sometimes even two. I really feel like it is a way ensure you continuously watch adds. It just killed the fun.
Luke Johnson 2020-06-06

Freemium at its worst. Non-stop by name, but stops after every 30 seconds for ads. Had an advertisement when I opened the app, died and used an ad to revive, but when the 30 second ad finished, another ad started immediately afterwards, then completed the level about 15 seconds later and got another ad at the end. If you include the double resources ad, i had 5 adverts, totalling nearly 3 minutes, and 15 seconds of gameplay. Uninstalling this game. It looks fun, but you can\'t enjoy it!!